25 Features Every Business Website Should Have [Infographic]

Today, we are presenting an Infographic that summarizes the main design ingredients that should be present on a business website. This Infographic has been designed by the team at UK Web Host Review.

Often designers missed these 25 features showcased on this Infographic and I’m yet to notice any designer forget to add logo on its website. However having an awful logo appears to be ever well-liked.

Major Design Elements Needed for a New Website Project [Infographic]

Written by Steve Davis
Steve Davis is a versatile and experienced technology writer who has written about the latest trends in technology for the past 9 years. Working as a Digital Marketer in a agency based in London, he overlooks the day-to-day updates and editing of the website. He is passionate about and loves to investigate and write about Digital Marketing, future of gaming, the PC revolution, Blockchain, IT management, the evolution of the internet.