Successful Productivity Improvement Case from Top HR Leaders

HR management is very much appreciated today. It includes the processes implemented for training, knowledge transfer, management (motivation), retention, hiring employees in accordance with the needs of the company. Human resources management involves finding a balance between, on the one hand, the needs of the company in terms of profiles, skills, staff and, on the other – the qualifications, expectations, and aspirations of employees.

Most Productive HR Practices

Traditional HR tasks are solved in different ways depending on the scope of the company, its scale, regional specifics, and the characteristics of the company itself as a place of work. In recent decades, new approaches and tools have appeared that make it possible to build classic human resource guidelines most efficiently in accordance with the general strategy of the company. Below we will consider how HR can improve productivity, what can HR do to improve employee engagement and maintain productivity. Moreover, we will provide you with 7 of the most successful human resource best practices.

Selection and Attraction

The development of new recruitment technologies, the growing importance of social media, a clear positioning of the employer in the labor market is the main trends in working with an external HR brand. Recruitment and communication with candidates are becoming more automated, fast, and virtual thanks to modern information instruments such as webpage unblocker and so on. That is why today, it is very important to correctly identify and broadcast the unique advantages of the employer and, of course, involve the best employees (who can unblock any websites, offer unique ideas, etc.).

In 2018-2019, IKEA created a project, the essence of which was to attract employees to create a team, to encourage them to recommend the company to friends, relatives, and acquaintances. The employee told his friend about the vacancies of the company, how to use a webpage unblocker; the friend filled out a questionnaire, had an interview, and got a job. As a result of the project, the number of employed employees under the program was 591. According to the Randstad Award 2019, “IKEA brand awareness reached 85% (fifth place in the top 10 most recognizable international companies), which indicates the effectiveness of the strategy”.


An internal HR management should start with an adaptation program for new employees. It is one of the best human resource practices. During the adaptation period, the new employee assesses his expectations with the real work environment.

In 2017, the company FM Logistic developed the “Integration of New Employees” program, which allowed newcomers to study the basics of the company’s activities, learn how to unblock any websites, how to provide the best services, etc. According to David Jones, the HR manager of the company, the program allowed to “reduce the rate of employee turnover in the first half of the year by 1.8%; help newcomers become part of the company culture, including through building cross-functional connections”.

Innovative Employee Ideas

It is difficult to overestimate the role of new ideas generated by company employees. They allow not only to unblock any website free, optimize business processes, and reduce costs, but also to launch new products and areas of work.

In 2016, Nokian Tires launched an innovative program aimed at optimization of business processes in all areas by encouraging new ideas and rationalization proposals. Employees offered suggestions on how to unblock any websites, and why it is so important for business optimization. The attention was focused on free applications. Their advantage is that they can be download quickly. Moreover, online usage is also possible. As a result, the executives concluded that services, such as VeePN, are very useful for the modern company.

William Robertson (the company`s HR manager) mentioned that the “economic effect of the implemented rationalization proposals during the project amounted to 34.9 thousand dollars: 12.6 thousand in 2016, 22.3 thousand in 2017”.

Education and Development

The best companies, even in difficult economic times, try to keep the budget for training and development of employees, and if necessary, reduce it – find effective solutions that allow maintaining the required level and volume of training at lower costs.

Thus, answering the question “How do you calculate productivity?”, John Wilson (the HR manager of Pfizer) indicated that “the personnel training project had a significant impact on the motivation and retention of employees: during the last year, not a single program participant left the company”. And 30% of office workers said they highly appreciate this initiative of the organization and would like to take part in the next course. Thanks to these best hr practices, the company’s revenues increase significantly every year.

Internal Communications

The best employers always strive to convey as much information as possible to all employees and get feedback, ideas, and suggestions from them on how to unblock any website free, how to increase the revenue, what methods should be used, etc.

During the period of consolidation of the divisions of the international retail chain SocieteGenerale, the establishment of cross-cultural cooperation between the employees of the group became especially relevant. To make communication as effective as possible, best hr practices were used, and seminars on intercultural interaction were organized. Thanks to the competition, it was possible to increase the level of interaction between the group’s divisions, as well as strengthen the corporate identity of employees.


The transformation of the motivation system, the search for new tools, especially effective solutions for non-material incentives, always come up sharply in a difficult economic situation.

Consider a productivity example: the crisis hit the company i-Free unexpectedly. To maintain the position in the market, it was necessary to consolidate all forces while reducing costs, maintaining the values of the organization and the team. It was decided to act in the following directions: raising the awareness of employees about the state of affairs; analytics, feedback, and control.

Oliver Smith, the company`s HR manager, further noted that “revenues for the first three quarters of 2020 grew by 20% compared to the same period in 2019”.

Corporate Culture and Values

The corporate culture of a company is a system of formal and informal rules, norms of behavior, attitudes, and values that determine the relationship of employees with customers, colleagues, and management. Thanks to thoughtful human resource guidelines for its formalization and promotion, the company can increase its competitiveness in the market.

Taking this into account, the HR managers of the Amway company launched the project “From Values to Engagement” in 2015. At the end of the project, Amway President Doug DeVos indicated that “it really supported a global strategy focused on innovative business development and strengthening Amway’s reputation through understanding, awareness, and acceptance of the company’s values by employees”.

Thus, awareness of the value of HR and prudent management of this resource is really a key component to leadership among competitors.

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