Best 5 Cloud Migration Strategies: Choosing the Right Cloud Platform for Your Data

Cloud Migration Strategies

Every digital platform has its life cycle. This life cycle goes on improving and incrementing following a lot of steps. According to business scenarios, these digital platforms are updated timely. It also has a work limit, at a certain limit the software is unable to handle its workload resulting in the software being obsolete.

Are you facing the same thing with your software, digital platforms? Then don’t worry, migration with the cloud is the only solution for your problem. So let’s get to know various migration strategies, it’s importance, choosing the right cloud platform, and much more.

In this article, you will get an idea about various migration strategies, the perfect platform for the cloud. Know the ideas and get your best.

Get to know about Cloud migration and its benefits

Cloud migration saves your data platform in many ways as well as prevents the data platform from being obsolete. Not only is data obsolete but also it helps to maintain data centers, change software licensing software migration strategy.

Nowadays, very few companies invest in these cloud migration strategies. These companies are strictly bound to the security standards followed by data, rules, and regulations for benefits from the cloud known as manageability, flexibility, scalability, cost optimization, resilience, and much more.

Going through cloud migration with so many offers doesn’t mean your workload is automatically managed or achieved. The fact is your cost of optimization will increase by using some of the strategies so you have to pay attention to it. To avoid this situation of cost optimization then you have to go for the right approach.

To know the optimal migration strategy?

Based on the specifics of the data platform an optimal migration strategy is chosen. The considered specifications are the data source age, technology business requirements, futuristic map for the management of data, organizational statics, etc.

The top 5 cloud migration strategies are as follows


Rehosting means the lifting and the shifting method. In this method, you have to lift your various applications, data from the premise and shift that data to the cloud.


Refactoring involves the migration over the cloud with some of the changes in optimization, legacy infrastructure, and with the Cloud. Within the cloud services, you can adopt the PaaS cloud services. Refactoring proved to be a beneficial strategy for developers. Developers can keep on experimenting and be able to take advantage of it.


In this strategy of revising you have to modify the code, core as well as architecture. This strategy is used only before the migration. Revising can convert applications, customize them, and properly fit them into the cloud. Revising is the work of outsourcing and needs the in-house technical team to handle it.


As the headline suggests to us, it simply means the rebuilding or re-architecture of the various applications, data platforms, and digital platforms. It helps us when the ongoing framework of the application does not suit the needs of the businesses and rejects the technology.


This is the replacement migration strategy in which the unfit, unsuitable, discarded applications are replaced by the new one. Applications that are unable to adjust the Cloud environment are also replaced by this strategy. In this process, Saas application development plays an important role.

Get to know the Cloud migration process

The cloud migration process has well-defined steps. All cloud migration processes are the same but it changes with the business size and the infrastructure of the businesses.

Steps of Cloud migration process

Requirement priorities

This is the first step, before the start, you must consider the size of the organization. Consider the business needs like cloud expectations, service requirements, security.

Looking for the best Cloud service provider

Join the best Cloud platforms available in the market. Choose your own by comparison. Consider the storage, price, flexibilities, reach.

Choose Cloud migration styles

Choosing one of the best Cloud migration styles is necessary. There are types of styles like hybrid cloud, single Cloud, multiple clouds. Choose your best Cloud migration style according to your business.

Choose Cloud migration tools

Choose your Cloud migration tools by searching in the market. You can choose the Cloud services provider. By analyzing various parameters finalize the best Cloud migration tool.

Application and data migration

Depending upon the migration strategies now you can move directly to the cloud migration process. You can hire a developer or IT expert for this purpose.

Cloud management and security

Cloud management and security is the most important part of Cloud. Proper maintenance, the health of the cloud is also necessary. Continuously read the performance and observe the changes. Analyze the parameters and add on with a better management system.

Cloud migration tools

Organizations are not prepared for a lot of Cloud. In this process, migration cloud tools help you a lot. These tools also help your organization in effectiveness and speed.

Some of the migration tools are

Open source migration tools

Open source migration tools are free of cost, free for everyone. These tools are customizable for organization or business requirements.

Saas migration tools

Saas migration tools are known as software as tools are like the anchors of the Cloud and applications. These tools help us to transfer the data safely and securely. Saas tools are user-friendly and automated.

Batch processing tools

These tools are used primarily. Batch processing tools are used to transfer a large amount of data. These are automated work tools.

Some of the best batch processing tools are
  • Google cloud platform services
  • Amazon Web services
  • Microsoft Azure


Scrolling through all the content now you can choose your desired cloud storage platform, cloud migration tools, migration strategies, and so on. No matter whether you have an organization or a small business this article is useful for you.

Cloud storage is now a must for every business or organization to get the service and keep your software or digital, Data platform updated. Use the cloud services for better running of your business software.

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