Best Online Jamming Software For You in 2023

Singing a soulful song is a kind of artistic work which needs a lot of hard work, practice, skills and knowledge. Life of a musician is not that simple, they can’t always depend upon concerts for their living.

The pandemic situation made musicians’ lives much tougher. if you’re a musician then you were better known about the difficulties you faced. Now the things are coming back on the tracks, but if something happens again in future then what.

Don’t worry, here we have gathered some excellent jamming softwares for you. By using these softwares you are able to join your band partners from anywhere you want. These softwares are specifically designed for jamming purposes.

Using these softwares you can easily join, collaborate and perform your music works with your music partners. So not wasting much time, have a look at the following 10 best online jamming softwares.


Zencaster is one of the jamming software. It is a perfect tool for online jamming purposes. It provides music quality similar to studio quality. Here is no compromise with music quality. This software doesn’t need any kind of downloads, uploads. Just join your team and stream live using zencastr. This software is supported by the cloud.

Zencastr Features:
  • Download easily
  • Studio quality sound recording
  • HD video recording
  • Inbuilt VOIP and footnotes along with chat options
  • Soundboard for live editing
  • Automated post production
  • Secured cloud backup
  • Easy to use
Zencastr Pricing:
  • Its free for personal use but only limited access granted
  • Professional plan cost $20/month, all features are accessible
More About Zencastr:
  • If you want free software for personal use then this is best for you
  • All features are excellent
  • Try it once, free trial of 14 days are given for new users


Jamkazam is said to be a powerful tool for jamming. You can record your performances and broadcast as well. It supports youtube so your performance can be made live on channel. Besides jamming tools, it also serves various things like music teaching, performance recording, music editing etc. For your music assistance there were more than 4000 songs.

Jamkazam Features:
  • Music learning options
  • Remote music rehearsals
  • Concert broadcast options
  • 4000+ songs for music assistance
Jamkazam Pricing:
  • Free Plan = $0.00/month
  • Silver Plan = $4.99/month
  • Gold Plan =$9.99/month
  • Platinum Plan = $19.99/month
More About Jamkazam:
  • It is widely used jamming software
  • Have good features
  • Jam blaster helps to boost the audio sound recording quality


Jammr is another jamming tool made for musicians to collaborate and perform online concerts. It makes communication easy and works around the globe, no matter where you live. VSTS (virtual instruments) are used for recording and sound making purposes. It’s ad free and very simple to use. Its plugin is freely available and effective. It’s open to the public.

Jammr Features:
  • Electric, software instruments, vocals, acoustic options are available
  • Private, public sessions
  • Share and listen your jam
  • Instrumental plugins are available
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac
Jammr Pricing:
  • Free for public sessions but have limited access to Features
  • Premium plan =$9.99/month in which obtain all its features
More About Jammr:
  • 14 days free trial for premium
  • Improves music playing
  • You can learn new styles
  • Jam anytime


Jamulus helps musicians to participate in live sessions in real time. It has its own server that helps users to collect and use data. This software is supported by all kinds of operating systems. Recorded data is mixed up and sent to the users in very less time. This is good software with all useful features.

Jamulus Features:
  • Play, jam, collaboration, join Music sessions online
  • Get high quality, low latency sound
  • Remote music sessions
  • Both public and private sessions
Jamulus Pricing:
  • Free to use software
More About Jamulus:
  • Easy to use
  • Free of cost
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • It works perfectly


Its another jamming software used by many musicians. It helps musicians connect with them online. It is an open source software that serves good for jamming. Jamtaba also serves along other jamming softwares to assist in live music sessions.

Jamtaba Feature:
  • Play music around the world
  • Connect all musicians at a time
  • Play, mix, chat options are given
  • Available as standalone software for VST, AU plugin
  • Supported by windows, Linux, Mac
Jamtaba Pricing:
  • Free to use
More About Jamtaba:
  • All versions are available
  • Connect people from far distance


NINJAM is an open source, GPL licensed software that assists musicians in live jamming. It helps musicians to connect from different places at the same time. Users are able to record, hear and modify music in real time using the NINJAM tool. This software allows users to use more than one instrument. After proper recording it helps to compress the files and maintain its quality as original.

NINJAM Features:
  • Live jamming
  • Real time jamming
  • Record, mix music
  • Sound quality is maintained
NINJAM Pricing:
  • Free to use
More About NINJAM:
  • It’s absolutely free
  • Its available for Windows, Mac and Linux


It’s good jamming software. You can share your jam with audiences. It is a standalone app which is available for Windows, Mac and Android. Share your tunes with others. This software offers thousands of tracks including all kinds of tunes, music.

Jamzone Features:
  • Thousands of predefined tracks
  • More than 50 thousands of new tracks every month
  • Multitrack console
  • Pitch as well as tempo control
  • Real time chords
  • Loops are inbuilt
  • It’s designed for stage performances
Jamzone Pricing:
  • Its free to use for the free songs present in it
  • Only pay for songs that are not available in free songs section
More About Jamzone:
  • Available for Mac, iOS and Android apps
  • Good for music education
  • Multi instruments support


This software also serves as the jamming software. It is useful for music aspirants to begin with. Anybody can work on music composition, audio, radio production using this software. Multiple participants can join at the same time and do recording and live performances.

Cleanfeed Features:
  • Inbuilt recording feature
  • Can connect multiple participants
  • High quality audio recording
  • Multitrack recording
  • Invite control features
  • Includes all kind of studio tools
  • Multiple sources available
  • Works as the channel mixer
  • High nitrates
  • Options for aux outputs
Cleanfeed Pricing:
  • Its standard plan is free
  • Its pro plan cost $34/month
More About Cleanfeed:
  • Its standard version is free to use
  • Trusted by so many great brands


Soundjack is another effective jamming software for musicians. This is quite different from others. While connected through LAN, it can be used for peer to peer and server connection. In real-time jamming musicians can talk to each other. Soundjack seems complicated for new users, using it for a long time helps to know it better. You can take help of the software instructions for rapid learning.

Soundjack Features:
  • Provide quality as well as latency parameters
  • Works in p2p streaming mode
  • Good for communication in between performances
Soundjack Pricing:
  • Its free to use software
More About Soundjack:
  • Good software for jamming
  • Parameters are relevant to sound quality and latency
  • Trusted by some good brands


This is another jamming software that serves most in the pandemic period. Musicians use this tool for connecting with other musicians for collaboration and for performance. Its appearance is like an old music player but works better. It supports both Windows and Mac.

Jacktrip Features:
  • Its music labs helpful for virtual studio, for music rehearsals, etc
  • Tools are very effective
  • Audio jack connections
  • Low latency channels
  • Supports innovative framework and education through its community
Jacktrip Pricing:
  • Basic Plan =$10/per month
  • Standard Plan =$25/per month
  • Premium Plan =$50/per month
  • Auditorium Plan =$100/per month
  • Concert Hall Plan =$250/per month
More About This App:
  • Good software for jamming
  • Trusted by various brands

Wrapping up

Hopefully, now you know about the 10 best online jamming softwares specially for musicians. Go to these softwares and select your own tool for the profession so that no such situation creates a problem for you. Thanks for being with us throughout this useful content.

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