Promote Training Internally In Your Organization

Having a suitable employee training and development programme in place enables an organisation to develop a skilled and competent workforce. Trained employees perform better as they achieve a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities. This boosts their confidence and enhances not only their performance but also the performance of the organisation as a whole. However, despite these benefits, many managers fail to implement training and development programmes in their organisations. The main reason behind such a failure is poor or no attempts being made to entice employees and get them on board.

Even the world’s best training and development programme will not work if the employee participation rate is low. Thus its time for organisations to realise that it is important to not only develop a comprehensive programme but also to encourage employees to participate in it

Therefore, in this blog, we will enlist the best practices to promote training internally in your organisation.

1. Put technology at work

The unexpected coronavirus outbreak has replaced the age-old offline mode of working with the online mode. This has resulted in employees being stuck to their phones and laptops 24*7. In such a scenario, the idea of spending additional hours on these systems just to go through long and boring training sessions won’t be appealing to your employees.

However, with eLearning systems such as Adobe Captivate, etc, you can offer them a more interactive and engaging training experience. These systems come with various gamification features like badges, leaderboard and rewards that turn learning into fun. Such experience is bound to make them more participative and eager to learn.

2. Mapping out goals and objectives

For any successful endeavour, it is important that you map out the goals and objectives that you aim to achieve. The same is true when it comes to promoting your training and development programmes. When advertising new training or learning solution to employees, you need accurate and measurable goals to act as the foundation as well as the key performance indicators of your strategy.

These predetermined objectives will help you not only in choosing the right course of action but also in communicating appropriate material and content to your employees.

3. Identify your audience

HR and L&D departments design different types of employee training programmes or learning solutions. Some of them are directed towards benefiting the entire workforce in general while a few may be directed towards bridging specific performance gaps. Even though it is true that every training can benefit every employee you must mark out your target audience when promoting your programme. This will help you in identifying the right motivators and pain points of your learners. Using the same, you can devise a much effective promotion strategy and get your employees to enrol in large numbers.

4. Incentivise the training

Rewards and incentives are proven ways of influencing employee behaviour at the workplace. It should come as no surprise that the same is true for training programmes as well. There are countless incentives that you can offer to motivate employees to get trained and improve their skills. In the case of online training, gamification features like leaderboard, badges upon completing a certain course or level, etc can be effective. Offline version of the same can be in the form of a star-board in your office, redeemable gift coupons, etc

However, such incentives should be picked and directed towards cultivating a culture of learning, as opposed to simply using them as means of increasing enrolment rates for a specific course.

Conclusion: To sum it all up, promoting your training and development programme, and enticing your employees to enrol from them, can be a little complicated. Fortunately, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to overcome such a situation. However, as an HR or L&D manager, one should always keep exploring and try to develop strategies that are tailored to better suit the specific needs of his/her organisation.

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