25 Best Responsive Tumblr Themes for 2019

Tumblr theme

Tumblr is a micro-blogging site which was introduced in 2007 to let people post their content including images, multimedia files and other short-form content. Apart from this content posting facility, Tumblr also offer social networking features which allow people to follow other blogs and explore other similar content published by others related to their niches.

Dashboard is the main section of Tumblr, where we can check other blog’s updates and also add content to our blog and from here; we can like and add other’s content on to our blog, as well as add links, quotes, text posts, images, and videos. You can also change and customize the theme of your blog as per your requirements. There is plethora of Tumblr themes available online, so we have compiled a list 25 beautiful responsive Tumblr themes for you to choose from.

Here we have showcased, themes for writers and authors, Portfolio themes, business themes, image-based themes for creative professionals – All these responsive Tumblr themes are professionally designed, offers many features and look great on all devices.

Foto tumblr theme

 Mari – Responsive Grid Tumblr Theme


Craftista Tumblr Theme


 Flow tumblr theme

Fable tumblr theme

Wedding Tumblr Theme

 Elinor Tumblr Theme

Columns tumblr theme

Other Mood

Uptown Tumblr Theme

Grid Meter theme

Light Meter Theme

Virna Tumblr Theme

Newta Tumblr Theme

Creator tumblr theme

 Pin Meter Theme

Mosaik tumblr theme

 Interlace Tumblr Theme

Pixelate Tumblr Theme

Two – Premium Tumblr Theme

PERSONA – Tumblr Theme

Winter Tumblr Theme

WriteMeter Theme

Written by Steve Davis
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