Can Video Gaming Help Solve World Problems?

Video Game

The world we live in today is the world of the technology where every usual thing is blended with technology to make it more fun, easy and relaxing for the human use. Similar is the case with the games. With the mix of technology with games, people have invented video gaming, which is an essential part of any kid’s refreshment today. A research done in the US shows that an average kid spends up to 6.3 hours in gaming every single week. This research was carried out in 2013 and before that, the average number of hours spent playing video games was 5.3 per week in 2012. If your kid is complaining about online video games loading slowly, then you should look for Cable and Internet Providers your area.

Many people suggest that video gaming actually affects the brain of the kids. They further suggest that video gaming can be used to aware the kids about the issues going on in the real world and we can even expect solutions from kids in return. You can read more about video games here. Is it actually true? Can video gaming really help us solve the real world problems?

Research Data

According to a research, which was carried out in the US, video gaming actually helps kids learn more and at a quick pace. Two professionals joined hands in 2016 to research more on the topic and build games that can spread awareness about climate issues. To read their awesome work you can click here. Some diehard video game lovers like to play for about 20 hours each week.

There is no specific way of playing video games. People like to play video games on their smartphones, tablets, laptops or even on different websites. Video games are created for people belonging to different interest groups. You can find fighting, problem-solving, hunting, adventurous, cooking, and many other types of video games in the market. Around 44% of the people around the globe take time out of their busy schedules to play video games. Despite of a large number of video games that already exist in the world, new video games keep hitting the market every now and then.

Brain Power

Whenever your kid is playing a video game, he might seem far from the real world and deeply absorbed in his virtual world. Many of the parents actually worry about their kids when they see their kids dedicated to their video games this much. But a research shows that video games increase the brain activity of the player hence making him or her analyze the situation at a faster pace and make decisions at the right time.

Moreover, video games that are played in form of groups teach kids to work in groups with collaboration towards achieving a greater good. While your kid gets involved in the game, he believes he is actually inside the game and so anything bad or good that is happening inside the game makes your kid move too. These movements improve your kid’s motor skills and vision.

Reduced Stress

With the stressful routines, we have these days, every one of us needs a bit of a break and some way to kill the clouds of the stress that surrounds us. Playing the video games is a great way people can drop the stress off their shoulders. A study shows that people who are stressed out play better than the players who are in a relaxed mood. According to the same study, a good drop was observed in the stress and frustration level of people after they play video games.

Further digging in the results of the experiment showed that people not only felt relieved but their mood escalated from angry to happy within a few minutes after playing the video games. To read more about this interesting study you can click here. If you feel frustrated because of the low speed of your internet connection, then get the internet connection from optimum offers in your area.


The question “Can video games help solve real-world problems?” has been in the air for a long time. To get the answer to this question University of Washington’s Center for Game Science developed a game in 2008 by the name of Foldit. This game challenged human minds to predict the protein’s structure and then make a new one after that. The main idea behind making this game was to find the structure of the AIDs protein in monkeys to begin working on the treatment.

This problem was holding down the scientists for 10 years but after the release of the game, the problem was solved in just 10 days by the world’s best video gamers. Jane McGonigal is a game researcher and she believes that gaming community of the world can actually play a building role towards solving the messiest real-world problems. The complexity of the video games have already sharpened the minds of the gamers and we need is to give them the real world problems in the suit of a video game and they will solve the problem in just a few days.

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