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Google plus(+) is going to close in April this year

The news is surely going to move some SEO people as they have been using Google plus(+) for the various stuff. It is now confirmed that Google has finally decided to shut down it’s another failed social media platform probably in April 2019. Orkut and now Google plus(+) was launched to control and take over the audiences using Facebook and other social media, but it is not false to say that Google has placed a consecutive second attempt which has failed to grab people’s attention.

The main reasons behind this decision are said to be the firstly, it has an API design discrepancy which exposes private user data, and secondly, user sessions hardly last long for 5 or less than 5 seconds, and the usage and engagement is at the lower rate as compared to other social media platforms.

Google plus(+) was launched in 2011, and it was guaranteed by many of the experts that it will become famous more than other social media platforms. The security breach was discovered and the remedial actions were taken immediately in March 2018. An analysis was placed in order to check the actual effect due to flawed API designing which was leading to user’s private data exposure. As a result of this analysis, 500,000 Google plus(+) accounts were affected, due to designing. It is assured by Google that, no such evidence is found till now where the private information of any user is misused.

Another update from Google is they are going to keep the enterprise version of Google intact, rather adding some advanced features for business purposes. The shutting down period will last long for 10 months and probably will complete in April this year. Also, the access is going to become a limited one for the users using Gmail on Android devices, which means that no call logs or SMS permissions will be sent on Android devices.

The requested permission will be shown one at a time on android apps, to make you aware of what permission you are actually giving rather than showing all the permissions on the single screen. Just for an instance, a user demands the calendar entries and drive documents at the same time, and then Google will show only one window at a time and not the other.

The actual reason behind shutting down Google plus(+) was a security breach and the low engagement of users which was the result of the analysis which was launched early last year. Viewers do not find it interesting or comfortable to use Google + or even share any information on the same. As compared to Facebook and other social media platforms, Google plus(+) was consistently being at the lower side of usage due to it’s not so appealing look and not secured API designs.

It was revealed by Google that no such incident has happened where the private information of the user are misused by anybody, but it is also the truth on the other hand, that almost 500,000 user profiles were exposed due to the bad API designs. The security breach was cleared and auctioned immediately, and fortunately, Google was successful in doing that.

It is quite exciting to know, what is going to be Google’s next comeback after shutting down its Orkut and now Google plus(+) social media platform. It is important to see that whether Google succeeds in taking down other giant social media platforms like Facebook or not. It is a big relief for some businesses as the enterprise is going to be live with some added features. Fingers crossed for the Google’s next creation.


Google has decided to shut down Google to avoid any such incidences in the future and to maintain the position and reputation in the market. Of course, Google is not yet ready to reveal the actual fact behind shutting down its social media platform after Orkut; it is going to be the giant step from Google after shutting down Orkut. In order to keep the reputation on the toes and make the private information of the people safer, Google has specified the period of 10 months, which is going to be the wind-up period for consumers, which will probably complete in April 2019.

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