How Can You Benefit by Making Use of Electric Heating Technology

‘Heat’ is necessary for our daily life. In this era, we can’t survive without using heat. Our daily needs completely depend upon the use of heat such as morning refreshing tea to late night delicious dinner every work is the use of heat.

It is not only necessary for domestic purposes but also for commercial works. Many huge industries like metal, steel, scrap, etc depend on heat. So heat is the fundamental thing for us.

What is Electric Heating Technology?

It is a process in which the form of electric energy is changed into heat. This electrical energy is directly converted into heat energy. It is carried out by creating resistance to the flow of electric current.

Physics Behind Electric Heating Technology:

Consider that an electric current flows through a wire or conductor. At the time of flowing there causes a resistance between the electrons which are in the flow. This resistance is denoted by ‘R’ in ohms and the current is denoted by ‘I’.

The complete circuit equation is H = I2R.

Let’s Discuss How the Heat Transfer Works:

Simply, heat is transferred from high temperature to low temperature. The various modes that occur in heat transfer are conduction, convection, and radiation.

  • Conduction: In conduction one molecule of a substance gets heated and then another molecule near to first is heated and this process goes on and on. The conduction rate depends upon the temperature gradient.
  • Convection: convection mode of heat transfer is used for low-temperature heating. The heating element is used for this purpose. The air surrounded by the element gets heated and hot air heats cool air around it. This process goes on and on. The hot air through the element takes the place of cold air. Convection is found in electric heating equipment such as room heaters.
  • This model is also seen in water heaters. In such devices, water molecules are heated by elements, and heated water takes the place of cool water molecules and this transfer is carried out until all molecules are heated up. Convection depends on the temperature of the heating element and the surface of the water tank.
  • Radiation: radiation is the type of heat transfer in which the target substance is heated up without heating the surrounding molecules. It is an effective mode of heat transfer. It is given by Stefan’s law

Stefan’s law is,

Stefan's law is,

What are the Different Methods of Electric Heating Technology?

Electric heating technology is classified as,

  1. High-frequency heating
  2. Power frequency heating
High-Frequency Heating:

It is further divided as follows,

  • Dielectric heating
  • Conduction heating
Power Frequency Heating:

It is further divided as follows,

  • Arc heating
  • Resistance heating

What are the Various Applications of Electric Heating Technology?

Domestic Applications of Electric Heating Technology:
  • Electric cloth irons
  • Electric tea or coffee makers
  • Electric cooking utensils
  • Dryers, hot air dryers
  • Toasters, stoves, ovens, etc
  • Water heaters
  • Room heaters
Industrial Applications of Electric Heating Technology:
  • Melting purposes
  • Metal purification
  • Enamel coating to metals
  • Glass molding, Glass items making
  • Metal separations

Let’s Get to Know, Benefits of Electric Heating Technology:

Electric Heating Technology is Safe

Electric heating is safer than all the other heating technologies. The problem comes with its installation. If the appliance is properly installed then there is no risk of life. If the installation is not done properly, wires are kept open then it will cause a severe risk of life.

Furnaces and stoves can burst or cause leakages but in the case of electric heating technology, all situations can be ignored. Pollution is the main concern when using wooden furnaces. Using an electric furnace we can avoid such life-threatening risks. Carbon monoxide leakage is another risk that can simply be avoided by using electric heating technology. Electric heating appliances can withstand continuous heating. This is also good for us.

Electric Heating Technology is Environment Friendly

This is a known fact that all kinds of heat generation technologies cause pollution except electric heating. It is safe for human beings as well as for the environment. Exposure to various harmful gases in the air is the biggest factor that causes harm to the environment.

Combustible fuels like fossil fuels, crude oils, and petroleum are all pollution-causing substances that can be eliminated by using electric heating technology. Overall it is the best alternative for heating.

It is Inexpensive

The electric heating system is cost-effective. All its costs are much less than other traditional heating systems. There is no need for any maintenance cost, just a one-time investment is necessary while it’s installed. For new homes, there are various methods of placing heating units. Also, there are readymade heating devices available in the market for instant installation.

It is effective against the use of energy. It uses 100% of energy, unlike other energy-wasting devices. It consumes energy and provides very effective heating.

Provides Better Comfort

Electric heating technology helps to make life comfortable. During winter months such appliances are used for making rooms warm. If our dinner got cooled then the heater will help to make it warm again. So in this way these devices that work on electric heating technology help us make our life comfortable.

There are a variety of heaters available in the market. Many of them can instantly drop the temperature or raise it instantly. Some of them have inbuilt thermometer sensors. These digital sensors intelligently adjust the temperature of rooms. Such devices help to maintain room temperature. Overall it provides better comfort as compared to other heating technologies.

Why Switch Electric Heating Technology From Traditional Technology?

Simply, this technology is safe, easy to use, cost-effective, has no regular maintenance, no pollution, no harm to the environment, can be used continuously, etc. So it is the best option over other systems of heating.


Today, the electric heating system is preferred in so many industries. Homes are in the way of complete electric appliance use. Although it is good, it has some pros and cons. Cons are temporary and can be neglected. If you’re thinking of switching to electric heating technology then instead of the time stick to it. Using electric technology makes our natural pollution free.

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