How Can You Post to Instagram on Mac 2022

Instagram is an amazing tool for sharing images with the world. It can also be used to market a brand via social media. Transferring content to your iPhone can be a hassle, especially if it’s being used for marketing purposes. We’ll show you how to use your Mac to post to Instagram.

How Can You Upload to Instagram From Mac?

We’ll say it now since the last paragraph contained a spoiler. It’s not an easy task. Instagram is a mobile-first platform, so it doesn’t care much about allowing you to post from a computer. You can’t access your Insta feed from a Mac via a browser. We need a solution. We have it!

Using Mac’s Web Browser How can I post to Instagram

This option is easy to use and free from needing to install anything or change settings. It has become much easier with the addition of posting tools to

It used to take more steps before would accept uploaded photos. It’s also known as “spoofing the user agents.” This trick fools into believing you are accessing it from a mobile device, not your Mac. The website will then show the mobile version, which is different from the layout and features it offers on desktop computers. This is crucial because the post feature was only available in the mobile version until recently.

After years of resistance, Instagram recently introduced new tools that allow you to skip this step. You can now post directly from your Mac via a standard desktop browser. No plugins or tricks are required.

You’ll now see an upload icon at the top of Instagram when you log in to Instagram using Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. It’s not the camera symbol-it’s a square that has a plus sign. It’s not very obvious, but it’s still there. It will only be visible if you are logged in to your account.

This method is not able to do everything. You can’t post Reels and Stories, for instance. You can, however, upload photos and videos, including multiples, to your Instagram account.

Instructions to Post Photos and Videos

You will need an app such as Grids or IM+ to upload to Instagram on Mac. Both apps allow you to upload photos and videos directly onto Instagram. Grids can also publish Stories and carousels. IM+ is a superpower that connects to many social networks, including Facebook, Zoom and Twitter, Facebook Messengers, Skype, Whatsapp, and Skype.

Luminar is an app that allows you to create stunning Instagram photos. Even if Instagram is just for fun, it’s very convenient to be able to post directly on your Mac.

The Instagram apps we’ll be discussing allow you to switch between accounts, comments, tags, and more. How to use Grids or IM+ to post to Instagram from Mac

To Instagram From Mac How Can You Upload Photos?

Grids is a simple Instagram uploader that you can use for all of your accounts.

  • Open Setapp> Grids >> Install and Open the App
  • In Grids, log in to your Instagram account and add multiple accounts
  • You’ll be taken to the Instagram account that looks amazing in Grids.
  • Click the plus button to post a photo.
  • It’s as easy as that: adjust the size, add captions, and location, tag people, and hit the share button.
  • You can either fit the uploaded content in a square frame or keep it the original size. Learn more about Instagram sizes and dimensions here.

IM+ allows you to combine all your social media networks and messages into one interface. These are the steps to post to your Instagram account via IM+.

  • Open Setapp> Install IM+ > open the app
  • Log in to IM+
  • To create a new post, click the plus button.
  • Click on the photo that you wish to share, then click Open.
  • To Instagram from Mac how can I upload the video

Uploading photos is the same thing as uploading images. To find a video, click the plus button in Grids. Browse the target folder on your PC. Mac Instagram users will love not having to transfer their videos to their iPhones to upload to IG.

These are two important things to keep in mind when you select and prepare your videos for upload to Instagram from a desktop:

Uploading Large Videos Can Take Longer (duh).

Instagram allows videos for up to one minute. If your video is longer, you can trim it before uploading.

How to Upload Instagram Stories on Mac Using Grids

Grids are unique in that you can post Stories. It’s something that no other desktop app or web version does. This is how you can upload photos and videos directly to Stories on Mac.

  • Like on mobile, click your profile photo from your Instagram feed or account page.
  • To upload a photo/video, click the plus button.
  • Add notes, custom text, emojis, and tags to your document.
  • Send to > Your Story.

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most important social media channels, whether you are a professional photographer or a casual photographer. It has the highest average engagement rate among all major social media channels, even higher than Facebook or Twitter. This is a goldmine for opportunities. Instagram is a great place to promote your brand to professionals. If you are a hobbyist photographer, you can still get your work seen by many people. A percentage of these visitors will convert to sales.

However, serious photographers can find it a real headache to use Instagram as a mobile-only application. Even if your Instagram camera is the best, you still have to send your photos to your computer and your phone. This can be tedious, especially if your Instagram account has a lot of photos. There are many effective solutions. These are all easier than others. It depends on your work, but they beat uploading to Instagram from your phone.

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