How To Create Your Own Language Learning App Like Duolingo

Language is something which unites a person, and in this world, there are more than 7000 languages which become a bridge for our communication. In ancient times hand gestures and signs were the ultimate languages for communication. Still, today we’re in an era where we have to master a language to get a job or connect with a specific person.

Creating an application requires tons of resources and a good team. When you’re about to make an application, you must plan on some essential things. Language is still a barrier for many people, so learning a language from an application can be a reliable source. Duolingo is a great example which fills the blank for learning a language. So let’s understand how you can create a language learning application like Duolingo.

An Introduction to Language Learning Application

A language learning application helps you to learn various languages, which plays a crucial part in your career and it opens up new opportunities for you. Also, learning new languages can be beneficial for your brain memory, and it helps you memorise things more efficiently.

There can be any reason to learn new languages. We’re witnessing a drastic change in companies focusing more on creating language learning applications which can be a great way to create value for people. Talking about language learning applications, Duolingo is one of the most successful platforms where people can learn several languages very interestingly.

What is Duolingo, and How Does it Operate?

Duolingo is an online-based language learning application which allows you to learn various languages for free. The application is introduced in a game style medium which makes it more accessible for people to learn any specific language. Duolingo covers the four mediums of language, which are reading, writing, listening and speaking. The application is used globally and can help you learn any specific language.

Duolingo lets you create an Avatar and allows you to learn the language while having fun and collecting amazing rewards. Duolingo has a wide variety for learning languages through games, and it works on a straightforward algorithm where you earn XP points for your time and gems to create a new Avatar and buy cosmetic upgrades.

Duolingo is a free application, but it runs ads, and to remove them, you can go for Duolingo plus, which offers unique features, unlimited hearts and different quizzes. Also, you get unlimited test outs on Duolingo Plus. There are more amazing features like these which can be accessed by paying $6.99 per month after a 14-day free trial. Let’s understand how you can create your language learning application like Duolingo.

Things to Understand Before Creating a Language Learning Application

Creating an application can be a hectic task, and there are several things you need to keep in mind while creating a language learning application.

1. Keep as Simple as You Can

Learning shouldn’t be a hectic process for your users, so the first and the most important thing is to use all the ways and methods to keep your learning straightforward and more convenient. Use every other format for learning. It can be video, audio, vocab and many more.

2. Give Directions for Ease

The second crucial element is to assure your user that everything is in his control. Maybe creating a chatbot, tips for the problem or contacting your support team can be a reliable option to get connected with the platform. Keep your services simple and convenient for the users.

3. Keep it Fun

Nobody likes learning restlessly for hours, and to an extent, your user will get bored by the methods you’ll be offering, so to encounter that, you can use gamification as an advantage to make it fun for users. Adding an exciting and competitive touch to your application can help your users enjoy the process. Giving incentives and unlocking achievements can be an exciting part for your user, and it will be easier to learn new languages thrillingly.

4. Engaging User Interface

One of the major mistakes people make while creating an application is the complex interface which leads to disturbance in use for the user. The application should be pleasant and not cluttered for the users. Keep It simple and user friendly to engage the audience and avoid offering unwanted things on the user interface. The application should be convenient to use.

5. Availability of an Application

The other central element is the availability of every device people use. The best part about Duolingo is that you can access it from the website on any device, so make sure you’re flexible with your availability which will help you reach an audience.

Elements and Features You Should Include While Creating an Application like Duolingo

The first thing is the doorway for people’s profiles to get them to sign in for your platform. Authorisation of your user shouldn’t be irritating, and you shouldn’t ask for a lot of data. You can ask to connect with social networks, which will make it easy for you to get your user’s data.

The second part is to fill out your user’s profile, for which you need to ask for personal information, a language they want to study, daily goal, time availability, how good they are with the language they want to learn and other details as well.

The third part is the learning mechanism, where Duolingo plays the best role; using every method, they can bring fun to the learning process. Use of texts, vocals, vocab and every other element is appropriately used to make sure the user is learning correctly, so you have to keep this in mind and use comprehensive data to provide the best learning possible for your user understanding.

To make it more interesting and exciting to learn, Duolingo has a reward mechanism where the learning process feels okay. They have brought gamification into the process, making the user feel like an achievement. The incentives and bonuses help them in accountability. The streaks, gems, crowns, and other rewards in the game engage your user to learn more.

The other is connecting with the community. By using Duolingo, you can join clubs or create one to communicate with other people, and along with that, Duolingo has a shop where you can purchase different things by trading your gems.

With all the features Duolingo has, the best part is offering a chatbot that connects with the user as it interacts with people and solves real-time issues, which can be a good feature you can look forward to. Also, the chatbot enhances the user experience and helps your users navigate through things.

How to Create an Application Like Duolingo

Analysis of the Platform

The first key element is to do a Business analysis to check the usability of an application and understand its relevance and need in the market. You have to obtain data about your platform and the competitors in the market.

It’s an essential part of going for business analysis as it will help your developer understand what you want to create and what your actual vision is. Understanding the little details and implementing them in your production can help you create something immense for your users.

Generate Content for Your Application

The most important thing is the value you’re going to provide to your audience. Examining and discussing that, you’ll need some tutors who can help you understand more about language learning and many more things as you can take their suggestions and apply them. The data and content of your application will be the most crucial element, so you need to take and focus on creating the best value for your users.

Design of Your Application

Now when you’re done with all types of things like features and other collected things now, you’ve to move to develop your application. Firstly the developer will create a prototype of your collected and expected features, a virtual representation of your work. You’ll get to understand the prototype, and then you can negotiate the type of platform you want to make.

When you’re convinced with the colour, font, scheme and every other thing for your platform, they’ll prepare for the final version of your application. After confirmation of essential items, the software engineer will look forward to implementing them. Design plays a crucial part as it helps you to keep your audience engaged. Colour, text, and every other element in the application should stand out and shouldn’t be disturbing to your cognition.

The Back End Development

The front end and back end development is the most crucial part where the front end is all about buttons and the user interfaces a user witness meanwhile the other one is back end development, where the overall action takes place. Languages like HTML, CSS, and javascript are used for front end development, and on the back-end, there’s a process for every click you make to get an inevitable outcome.

When you’re working on the back end development, there’s a stack of technology which should be wisely chosen, and you should focus on the latest technology bringing excellent functions and features to your users. Using the latest technology can enhance your UI, and developers nowadays are more familiar with it, and they can bring these technologies to you through the API.


Creating an application comes with huge expenses, a good team, and many more elements. We represented to you some of the essential things you should focus on while creating an application. We hope this post was valuable and helpful for your creation.

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