How to Get Podcast Sponsors? : Best 7 Ways to Get Sponsors to Your Podcast

How to Get Podcast Sponsors

Nowadays, Podcast episodes are said to be a good source of knowledge, information as well as entertainment on various topics in just one click. This collection of episodes in the form of audio files helps to enjoy various ongoing topics like stories, interviews, speeches, etc. through the internet.

If you have started such a podcast of your own then you must have to monetize it for some income generation. To be honest, making a podcast is not an easy task; it takes so much time, editing, recording, publishing, etc. So for all these efforts if you get some pay then it helps you to create more such podcasts.

The most common way to monetize podcasts is with the help of sponsorship. Sponsors help you to monetize your podcast episodes for their business benefits and your income generation. Sponsors may be brands, products, service related companies, marketing companies or many others. To gather such sponsors to your podcast seriously needs a good amount of listeners. If you have a lot of listeners then it’s much easier to get sponsors with products related to your content.

What is Podcast Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a kind of deal or agreement. A podcast sponsorship is nothing but the kind of agreement with business brand, products. This agreement gives income in exchange for product advertisement, service advertisement which have to be published in your podcast so that the company gets customers, and you get income as simple as that.

Here are some points which help you on How to get sponsors for your podcast? So, take a look at it.

Talking about sponsorship there is a clear thing that you have to understand, there is no direct way to get sponsors from brands. But have some various things by using which you can get your potential sponsors.

I. Cost per acquisition (CPA)

Cost per acquisition (CPA) is the sales numbers or a quantity of sales, sign ups of business that is generated from your podcast ad. As the number of sales increases, the CPA rate increases. This works like the referral income or referral bonus. If you have a lot of active listeners then this will give you an opportunity to earn more from it.

For this purpose, you can tell your listeners about your sponsored product. Give them a positive review about the product then provide them a buying or referral link having some discount with use of your referral code. Along with referral links you can also provide them with affiliate links for some products. All these methods will provide a passive income from your podcast so try it.

II. Cost Per Mille (CPM)

Cost per mille (CPM) is the cost that is paid by sponsors to you on your podcast downloads, views, impressions. CPM is also considered for your social media posts according to views, likes per post.

CPM agreements include a certain fixed amount for 1000 views or impressions. Sometimes a sponsor will offer you a good amount per ad you are putting into your podcast so this will be a good option for you.

III. Sponsorship Rates or Pricing

For the sponsorship pricing or rate, there are no specific standards. The sponsorship pricing of your podcast totally depends upon your potential or active listeners. But the estimated earning for CPA is about 20$-30$ per sign up, product sale, etc. Also for CPM is 20$-25$ per 1000 views, listens, impressions, etc. If your podcast has CPA and CPM nearly equal then there may be a chance of renewed sponsorship.

Ad spotting also plays an important role in deciding the price of your sponsorship. There are three terms regarding ad spotting. If an ad is placed at the starting of a podcast then it is called pre roll, if it is placed middle of the podcast then called mid roll and if placed at the last or end of the podcast then called as post roll. Main spots are pre and mid rolls for which sponsors offer about 20$-30$.

Generally pre rolls cost less than mid rolls because of time and the listener’s interest. Pre rolls are only 30 secs and the mid rolls last upto 60 secs and more. Pre rolls are directly placed at the face of the podcast so people usually neglect it but the mid rolls have a lot of public concentration as it is placed at the core and important part of the podcast.

IV. Creating a Sponsorship Presentation

You can create your show presentation for sponsorship. This will help you to get sponsors in a professional manner. Presentation must have all the aspects of your show along with its reach, potential listeners and the pricing. Provide proper pitch of your show to your sponsors.

Start with a suitable ‘Title’ which has your logo or business design. Then add the ‘About us’ section having podcast format, length, active listeners and much more. Whenever you provide listeners information then don’t forget to provide your statistics about downloads, impressions, statistics about active listeners. After that, add your standard pricing. You can add your team photos along with these.

V. Finding Potential Sponsors

For an independent podcaster it becomes easy to find potential sponsors. No matter if you are a regular podcaster or a specific podcaster there is always a chance to get sponsorship from around your podcast subject. You can try for sponsors who relate to your podcast subject. If the product or service of the sponsor relates to your podcast then feel free to contact them.

Also you can discuss it with your other creator friends, some good listeners to get perfect advice. Try to get sponsors that have the products that relate perfectly with your potential listeners.

VI. Do Email to Potential Sponsors

Whenever you get ready with your pricing, presentation, now it’s time to compose a professional email for your sponsors. As this email will be the first impression of your show so read all its parts before actual editing.

You have to introduce yourself and your show properly covering all aspects. As a host of the show you can introduce yourself. For the subject you can provide your podcast subject so that they will be interested in promoting their products on your show.

After a proper introduction then you can describe your show’s core part. Mention show length, topics, subject of matter. Also provide your show analytics about the impressions, downloads, potential listeners, etc this is for giving them information about your good listeners, audience.

VII. Update Your Emails Time to Time

Sending an email for the first time about sponsorship that’s not the end. It is necessary to update your sponsors from time to time. There is the possibility that your first mail will not be received or collected in the inbox without being seen. So, send follow-up emails timely to get their mind towards your show. Don’t be in a hurry to send a follow-up email, give time of week after sending first mail. Also tell them that your show is open for them to work with it.


Podcasts are an effective way to connect with active listeners. Due to its widespread audience you can sell, advertise, make people aware about various businesses and help them to grow along with your podcast. Lots of businesses need podcast shows as much as podcasters need them, so be tension free just communicate with sponsors properly and confidentiality and the success is yours.

Written by Arnaud Gilbert
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