How to Install WordPress Themes

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Let’s go through step by step procedure on How to install an attractive WordPress theme on your brand new blog or website.

Having a great WordPress theme is essential to impress and convert random visitors into loyal customers/readers.

How to Pick Out the Best WordPress Theme for Your Website?

Impressive design and Great user experience are important factors you should take into account while choosing the Best WordPress theme for your website.

The impressive design of your website will impress the visitor and build brand authority on the first visit

Great User Experience will help your visitor to navigate and access the content they want to read or purchase without any hassle. It will reduce the bounce rate and increase the dwell time of the website.

Procedure to Pick out Best WordPress Theme for Your Website:

  • List out the top website/ blogs in the niche
  • Select Top 5 best website with attractive design
  • Go to
  • Copy and Paste the URL of the website you like in the search bar and Click on Experience of the magic of TD
  • The tool will show the Theme used in the website along with links.

Another Method to Find the Best WordPress Theme

  • Login in to your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to the Appearance section
  • Click on Themes, it will you to the theme section where you find installed themes on your WordPress
  • By default, WordPress comes with Twenty Fourteen theme
  • Click on Add theme which appears on the right side of your current theme. It will show you the WordPress theme directory.
  • In the WordPress theme directory, you will find the best themes for your website.
  • Go through the Themes you like and click preview to see how they look in Real-time.
  • If you don’t know to How to select themes for your website niche. Use the Feature Filter option available on top of the theme list to filter themes based on your requirements.
  • Under Feature Filter, you will find options to filter themes based on theme look, the purpose of the website like education, corporate, etc.
  • Once you select the perfect theme for your website or blog, click on the Install
  • Within 5- 10 minutes, your website will cater to the Best theme for your readers.

In case you are not satisfied with WordPress directory themes., We have shortlisted Best Themes available online. Please scroll through the list.

Best WordPress Themes for Your Website or Blog

To assist you, we shortlisted the Best multi-purpose WordPress themes for your blog. Please have a look

1. Astra Theme:

Theme Astra is one of the Best multi-purpose WordPress themes which fits with all types of websites from Personal blog to business website.

Benefits of Astra Themes
  • SEO Optimised
  • Best Color themes
  • Available with pre-built templates
  • Available with control to select Color, Typography, and style of the theme.

2. Divi:

Divi is a simplified page manufacturer. You can assemble any sort of site, for example, eCommerce webpage, individual blog, Landing page, and so on,

Top Internet Marketer are using DIVI theme on their website or blog

Benefits of Divi:
  • Drag and drop
  • Available with Front end builder
  • 100’s of pre-built templates
  • You can build custom themes from scratch
  • Mobile Friendly

3. Ultra:

Ultra is a super adaptable WordPress subject viable with a wide range of sites.
It will look wonderful on all device screens.

Benefits of Ultra:
  • Available with Drag and Drop facility
  • Mobile responsive
  • Multipurpose theme
  • Unlimited Layout choices

4. Ocean WP:

Ocean WP is a free WordPress theme with wonderful features and compatible with any type of website.

Benefits of Ocean WP:
  • Free of Cost
  • Multiple Layout options
  • Two Navigation menus
  • Custom logo Support

5. Parallax WordPress Theme:

It is a free WordPress theme with an advanced jazzy look. It is a multi-purpose template which fits a wide range of sites.

The parallax effect helps you to create a highly engaging home page.

Benefits of Parallax WordPress theme:
  • Custom widgets
  • Unique look
  • Page templates
  • Contact form
  • Multiple layout options
  • Social Media Integration

How to Set up or Install WordPress Themes by Uploading a Zip File?

After purchasing or downloading your favorite theme as Zip files. Follow the below instructions to install WordPress theme on your website

  • Open WordPress Dashboard of your website
  • Click on Themes inside the Appearance section
  • It will redirect to the window with currently installed themes
  • Click on the Upload button which is at top of the window screen
  • You will get redirected to a window with a zip file upload option
  • Tap your mouse pointer on choose file and select the theme you want to install
  • After uploading the zip file, Tap on Install
  • You will get notified on the page, after the successful installation of the theme.
  • Tap on Activate With your mouse pointer to use the theme on your WordPress

Now your WordPress website appears like an activated WordPress Theme.

If you have a child theme along with a Parent theme, install it like a parent theme.

How to Set up WordPress Themes Through FTP?

It is difficult to install WordPress themes with large sizes with the above-mentioned method, you have to use the FTP method to install themes with huge files.

Let’s see How to do that-

  1. Download and install an FTP client on your WordPress.
  2. Create an FTP account for the particular website with your hosting provider
  3. Download the compressed version of the WordPress theme and extract the file to your local device
  4. Through FTP, find the root folder of the WordPress site
  5. Go to WordPress content folder inside the root folder
  6. Open Themes folder inside the content folder
  7. Upload the unzipped theme files into the theme folder.
  8. Go to the theme section in the WordPress dashboard and Tap activate to your favorite theme.

In this manner, you can install your favorite theme on your WordPress blog

You can introduce as many themes as you need, but it will reduce the site performance. So it is better to delete all the unused WordPress themes.

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