Do you know what are the best platforms to share your experiences, connect with old pals and be updated with the latest memes? It’s nothing else but the social media networks. The other benefits include the instant news prior they get out officially on newspapers and television. But they need responsible use. The comfort with which anyone can access our personal information is a risk that must be considered.

Harassment, unwanted advertising, illicit use of personal information … If we are not careful we can be exposed to undesirable behaviors. But against the general perception, it is not difficult to protect our profiles to avoid problems. On the contrary, it is only necessary to be a little cautious and configure our options as we show you below:

Turn off the option to share your photos

Instagram has a very interesting option that makes it possible to visualize the diffusion of our contents allowing them to be shared by other people. However, some people may be interested in using their profile as an album open to the public but more personal use. By configuring this field we can prevent our photos from being sent to other users through a message.

To change the option to share images and stories we just have to access the options section. There, within the configuration of the story, you will find the “allow sharing” feature. Unset.

Activate manual label approval

Instagram has an interesting function through which it is possible to tag people who appear in a photo. Everyone can make use of this feature so that when we are “marked” by a friend, that photo will also appear in our profile under the tagged images section. But not everyone wants these photos to appear on their Instagram page.

And is that, although some friends remember fondly the step by the institute, that life experience has been able to leave images that we might not want to keep in our profile … However much they insist.

While anyone can tag us (unless we have it blocked), it is possible to prevent the photos in which we are tagged from appearing on our profile. To do this you just have to mark that they are added manually instead of automatically. In this way, Instagram will ask us for permission to publish the photos in which we leave tagged in our profile.

Hide the location of the photos

Instagram allows you to point to the place where a photo was taken. While this is an optional feature, there are people who may want to avoid it altogether. To avoid that Instagram can access our location we must enter the Android configuration (and not the application), search for GPS access permissions and disable Instagram.

It is also possible to eliminate the geographical referencing of an already published photograph. You just have to edit it manually and delete the location field. Never again will our followers know where we are (or have been).

The most drastic option: make your profile private

This is the most drastic option. And possibly the least used of Instagram, but there are always people who do not want to share their best moments and trivia with the entire network of networks but only with their closest group of friends. For them, there is the option to create a private account.

Available in the options of the application, Instagram allows you to configure any account as private (and return it later to its public status if desired). In this way only the people you approve can see your profile, thus avoiding curious looks. You will not gain many followers, but you will be sure to always be surrounded by your contacts. And only of them.

As a digital marketing expert, I have been using these features on my Alligator & Crocodile Logo Design client’s website.

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