How to Reactivate a Suspended Twitter Account

Twitter is a microblogging platform founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Evan Williams and Noah Glass. It’s an American social networking platform where you’re free to create blogs and share your thoughts. Twitter also works as a news source where people share their thoughts and provide information about specific events.

Twitter is an application used by millions of people daily, and it gives you space and a source to share whatever you love. Also, it can help you to find like-minded people. With the evolution of social networks, people started using platforms for work as the media made it easy and accessible to find jobs and promote things on Twitter.

The idea behind starting Twitter is to let people share their thoughts with groups of people and to let people share short messages like sending messages. In this post, we’ll help you reactivate your suspended account and how you can get that back but before that, let’s understand things to prevent suspension of your Twitter account.

Why is Your Account Suspended?

A Twitter account can be suspended for any reason like fake account information, violating Twitter rules, posting spam on Twitter or presenting abusive behavior that can lead to account suspension. Also, if someone hacks your account, then there are chances of Twitter suspending your account to keep your account safe.

Twitter accounts can be quickly recovered by following the steps we’ll tell you in this blog. There are consequences of your actions, so it depends on the reason whether your account is suspended for violating rules or for suspicious activity.

How to Reactivate an Account Suspended for Suspicious Activity

With the account suspension, twitter can also help you recover your account by following particular steps to look out for the steps to fix a suspended twitter account.

  • Step 1: First, you’ve to visit on your browser or the mobile app and log in.
  • Step 2: If your account is suspended for suspicious activity, you’ll get to see notifications like your account is locked, and you need to confirm your details to start it. In the login section, you’ve to provide essential information to reactivate your account, which is your phone or email, username and password
  • Step 3: As per the instructions, you’ve to enter every detail about your account and due to suspension, you have to confirm your identity.
  • Step 4: To confirm your identity, you must enter your email or phone number. There will be a hint about your account email or phone number.
  • Step 5: Enter your email or phone number, which is linked to your Twitter account in the section according to the instructions and submit it.
  • Step 6: By submitting your number or email linked with your Twitter account, you’ll get a code on your email or phone number. Check spam mail and the promotion folder to get the code.
  • Step 7: Enter the code you’ve received on your linked number or email and submit it.
  • Step 8: After submission, you’ll get an option to change your password, and you’ve to enter the old password and new password and confirm.

By these steps, you can quickly fix your suspended Twitter account and reactivate it. If your account was suspended for security concerns, you need to change your password.

How to Reactivate my Suspended Twitter Account for Violating Rules?

Violating rules means making abusive and engaging abusive behavior to other accounts; this can be the ultimate reason for your Twitter suspension. To reactivate, follow these steps.

For violating rules, your Twitter account will not be accessed fully, and Twitter will allow you only to tweet or retweet and not let you like any other tweets. Also, if your account is suspended for violating rules, only your followers can see your past tweets and retweets.

  • Step 1: First, you’ve to visit and log in to on your browser or the mobile app.
  • Step 2: After login, you’ll see a notice about limited access and also get to know the appeal option where you can counter Twitter for your suspension and appeal for reactivation, but if you’re okay with limited use, then you can quickly go for it.
  • Step 3: If you get an option for verifying your account, then make sure you verify it. With limited access, if you’re able to delete all the tweets and retweets which are violating Twitter rules, then make sure you do it.
  • Step 4: To get the suspended account back, you need to raise an appeal if it’s unfair or an error by Twitter. All you need to do is visit And fill out a form provided by Twitter.
  • Step 5: First, you have to log in using the username and password, which is on the right corner, and after that, you have to use the drop-down menu and tell where you are facing this issue. Select the issue you’re facing or something correlated with your problem.
  • Step 6: You need to describe your problem in the description box and politely explain and appeal your issue. Explain the suspension and why it’s unfair.
  • Step 7: Put your username and email and verify it. You’ve to make sure that the username is correct and the email id is linked with the Twitter account you want to unsuspend.
  • Step 8: You can add a number if you want, which is an optional part and submit your request.
  • Step 9: After the submission, you can communicate with the authority through your mail.

Things to Understand:

Explain the general issue in the description and try to convince them about the unsuspension. Don’t use unnecessary words, and don’t become redundant. Please keep it polite and straightforward.

Make sure you enter the correct e-mail ID, which is linked to your Twitter account, as it’s the only source to communicate with them.

After the submission, you’ll get the mail about your appeal, which the Twitter authority will entertain.


In this post, we’ve shared details about the reactivation of a suspended Twitter account. We hope you liked this post and learned everything about the reactivation of your suspended Twitter account.

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