Kickass Proxy Sites to Unblock the Kickass Torrent Website

Kickass Proxy

Before you know about Kickass Proxy it is important to know about the site Kickass torrents. It is basically a website that plays a role in providing the user with online directories. These online directories are for magnet links and torrent files. The files come under the category of downloads and peer-to-peer file sharing through the protocol of BitTorrent. The origin of Kickass torrent was in the year 2008 and it gains its popularity at the end of the year 2018. However, the U.S seized the domain in the year of 2016 and its stuff shut down the server. It is not illegal to download files on this site but still some of the files were copyright.

Kickass Proxy is known as the site which can provide access for Kickass torrent to the people. There are many countries which block these sites but you can use these file with the help of proxies. Proxies play a role that changes your location of browsing and so you can use it without the tension that someone might block you. So it is not unsafe to use KAT proxy.

Why are the Kickass Torrent Sites Blocked?

The main reason behind the blocking of the torrent site is the copyright of some materials which users download. Blocking can be done by the Government while accessing KAT depending on the location that you are living in. This may be due to the copyright laws which an ISP enforces. The blocking of access by the ISP may also be because they know that you will be using bandwidth which is substantial for downloading the content you want. One of the most frustrating things which one may experience is that sometimes it becomes unreachable or disappears.

However, stop worrying as there are many ways of downloading your favorite torrent file. One of them may be by using a VPN. VPN plays an enormous role in changing your current location and helps you to access the site which is having a ban in your country. Try to spoof to the location which gives permission in accessing the site. Tor can also be another way of surfing through this website. Tor is a communication software that plays a role in helping the user for surfing through these websites. The main role of Tor is to work on the nodes of the internet and redirect internet traffic between the nodes. Tor does this redirecting in order to hide the identity of the user along with their location. Tor also plays a role in preventing spying and analyzing the traffic.

However, the easiest and simple way to get your favorite torrent files is to go to the web for proxy or mirror sites. The main work of these sites is to provide you with the replication of the content that you are wishing for downloading.

How Does a Kickass Proxy Site Work?


Kickass torrent Proxy

Anyone can enjoy accessing the kickass proxy site without any kind of logins or registrations. The engine being a better one, it provides the user with a good range of powers. With the banning of the torrent websites, kickass torrent started changing the name of their domains. However, because of the arresting of owner can be the last domain after Worrying is not an option as there are many other alternatives also like the use of VPN or proxy sites.

The main work of a proxy site is to act as an intermediate between the network your having and the site. The proxy site basically allows the user to accessing the website in an indirect manner. Accessing the website in an indirect manner does not allow the website to see your IP address. The appearance will be like as if you are establishing the connection to the proxy and not the website’s end.

Why Use a Kickass Proxy Site?

It is very important to keep in mind that you can never unblock any kickass instead all you have to is that you will have to go to the proxy sites. Going through the proxy sites will provide you with torrent files. For downloading torrent files all you have to do is that you just have to use the proxy sites of Kickass. This use of Kickass proxy sites will help you in offering a large number of magnet links as well as torrent sites from where you can download your favorite content without any kind of worries.

List of Best Kickass Proxy Sites – 100% Working

Kickass Proxy List
Working FastYes FastYes FastYes FastYes FastYes (Not for USA)YesVery FastYes FastYes FastYes

These were few Kickass proxy lists which can be beneficial for everyone to download their favorite media, software, or other things. There are some internet service providers who can monitor your activity when you are going through certain websites. Torrent hackers top this list when going through kickass mirror sites. So it is essential that you install a VPN which will enable you to maintain your secrecy. No one can monitor when you are using kickass torrent mirror sites. Some kickass proxy 2020 sites are given below which will help you to go to the link directly without any kind of problem.

Top 5 Alternatives of Kickass Torrent

Kickass Alternatives

The top 5 alternatives of kickass torrent for downloading your favorite movie, software and any other media are:

RARBG: It Is a torrent site that is very useful in providing magnet links and torrent files for peer-to-peer file sharing with the help of using the protocol of Bit torrent. It comes under the notation of one of the best torrent sites for downloading files. There are around 16 countries that block it. So it can be a good Kickass torrent proxy.

1337x: It is also a Kickasstorrent proxy site where one can download torrent files and magnet links. It is known as the third most popular website. The working of its own search function is very good. It helps you in looking at the exact torrent files for you. It is generally on the deep web.

Lime torrent: It is the fourth largest site for torrent. More than 10 million active torrents are there in its search engine. It is having a good media library and is very easy to use. So this userfriendly site serves as the Kickasstorrent proxy

The Pirate Bay: It can be known as the digital content which has software and media. With the help of this site, one can easily download as well as contribute torrent files and magnet links. These are basically torrent files and magnet links for peer-to-peer file sharing with the help of using the protocol of Bit torrent. This site comes under recommendation as one of the top torrent sites.

YTS: The creators of Yify torrents and YTS are the same. The main purpose of this site is to download movies in HD. After the shutting down of Yify torrents, there are many sites of kickass mirror which is running and also having huge traffic. So these were top kickass alternative sites.


Kickass Proxy & mirror sites are safe to use and you can use it for numerous time and no one will block you. There are countries like the UK which ban many torrent sites. So these kickass proxy UK sites can be helpful when you are going through these sites staying in the UK. The legacy of kickass torrent is holding its continuation. It is impossible to let people know about the future condition but for the time being it is doing great.

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