Some Of The Best Free Apps For Your Personal Use

There are many advantages of the recent mobile technology. But the best is you can get the information you desire at the least possible time. The technology has made rapid strides and how? It seems like a dream. When the computers came, they assayed a new era of filtering data. Then came the internet to change the traditional method of receiving knowledge. The mobiles made their mark in communication technology, and 2016 was regarded as the year of apps. Now, at present in 2018, the impact of apps is even going strong with every company trying to design an app to catch the eye of the competitive market.

In this article, you are going to get information on some free apps.

One of the major strengths of Android is its system. In the store, you get access to millions of apps. You can download the app of your choice, but hey! There are two types. One is free and for the another type, you have to make a minimum payment. In comparison, if you want the best features in an app, then you better settle for the premium fees.

But, in the world of make a payment and avail the features, there are few apps that do not cost a dime. This article gives you the rare opportunity to stock on free stuff. So kindly gear up your socks –

Google Opinion Rewards

One of the free apps. Yes, you made the right guess. You can find it in the Google Play Store. You can download the app and then install it. During opening the app, you will receive notifications in the form of questions. You gain credits when answering surveys. Want to expand your collection of apps? You can buy some using the same gained credits. Wait! Read the full article before downloading this app. There are more freebies in store.


Free app for free coupons. You can browse for coupons for products or services. You can take the same with you during the shopping tours. Agreed, it does not have coupons to cater to your every whims and fancies, but you can make a saving if smart.

You also get the option to track the used coupons, get notified on instant deals and many more. Not a bad design. You do not lose a rupee, but gain some for downloading this app.

Imgur and Giphy

The two words sound like pet names of monkeys, but in fact, they are databases of images. IF you want to find little facts, funny GIFs as well entertainment, you got the app.

Google Maps and Waze

The name says it all. Both the apps are for navigation. The former one (Maps) will give information on turn-by-turn directions and other stuffs.
By the second one, Waze, you can check the traffic. It is pure fun too. Both the apps get regular updates as well new features.


The motto of the app is hidden in the name. Password. You can use the app as a password manager. A locker app, you can store sensitive information such as login details for websites, locker numbers for your suitcases etc. This app is simple and friendly to use for your mobile.


No, this app does not retrieve information in a second, but it can help you make the best video. You can take a video, and inculcate some additional stuff to make it more interesting. It is dull when compared to PC apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut. But for mobiles, it works surprisingly well.


Once again, you are wrong. This app does not set alarms to wake you up in the morning. But you can design lists, share jobs to your team members, delegate the tasks and get reminders for your future tasks. You can use the app for family purposes.


The name sounds pretty near to a Japanese Samurai sword, but the real use is different. Do you want the best wallpapers, notification tones and ringtones as well alarms? Then this app is perfect. You can find more than you seek in various genres such as fantasy, funny and mainstream.


In recent times, and that too in 2017, every company worth its salt in the market, have an app. This technological innovation can make your life easier. You just have to know how to make the maximum use in the device it is installed.

Has this article missed other free apps? Please feel free to drop a review in the comments section.

Written by Steve Davis
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