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Facebook Tips and Tricks

Below-mentioned are some of the useful tips which can be helpful in using a Facebook in a perfect manner. There are many more which can be utilized to make Facebook your promotional platform as well.

Facebook is the one that allows you to make new friends or gets you in touch with your old buddies, family, and relatives as well. Apart from just connecting with people, Facebook is a platform that can be utilized for business development and many other social media marketing purposes. Here, we have gathered some of the best tricks and tips that are surely going to help you for the same.

1. Scheduling the Facebook updates regularly

It can be said that one of the tricks for using Facebook, scheduling the updates is possible by utilizing it. There are various tips and tricks that are associated with managing updates on a regular basis.

2. You can have a setting to tell that you are online

If you are an introvert person and do not want anybody to see that you are online, and then one can have the setting in Facebook for the same, such as your previous partner or your parents for some or other reason.

3. You can turn Facebook language into Pirate English

Instead of doing any modding or just downloading, you can easily change your profile to a pirate’s page, if you have bored of seeing the same language on Facebook for a longer time. This trick can be easily implemented in that case.

4. You can easily download photos of your friend from Facebook

There is a tip shown below which can be used in the scenario, where you are willing to watch the photos of one of your friends but do not wish to let them know about it. So, in that case, you can directly download them, by using this tip.

5. The photos linked with your friends profile can be found out

You must have gotten the idea behind by the title itself; you can get the information about the photos which was previously linked with your friend’s profile on the Facebook using this effective trick. Try it once and check the results.

6. One can post on the multiple groups on Facebook at a time

You can try to this trick at least in the case, where you are a member of multiple groups on Facebook and wish to post on multiple groups at a time. Usually, it seems difficult, but not with this trick.

7. Posting Fake update on your Facebook wall

Posting a fake update on Facebook to trick your friends for some time is possible using this trick, the post is sure to make your friends surprise for some time to have little fun.

8. It is possible now to auto-like your friends post, rather all

Now using this trick you can easily make the likes to the post and photos uploaded by your friends. It is the fact that, when you start following any of your friends, you start following his profile as well. So you can easily like each and every post of them with this trick.

9. Posting a blank status on the wall

You can now make your friends and followers surprised by posting a blank post on your Facebook wall. People will become startled and try to find out where is the post. It is quite a unique trick.

10. Doing any Fake conversation with any of your friends

You can prank anyone by using this trick. One can easily have a fake conversation with anybody on Facebook, with the owner of Facebook as well and have some fun with them and also the will enjoy it for sure.

11. Stopping auto Facebook video playing

Some people may find playing the automatic videos on Facebook is quite a data consuming and a battery consuming as well. A trick can be used to make the auto play mode stop on Facebook.

12. Activation of Auto-comments on the posts

Auto-posting is not every time the correct option as it is possible that it may look like a spam or something. But this trick is quite useful in certain situations. You can find it easy to auto-post it using this trick.

13. Giving an invitation to all of your friends on your page

This trick is sure to help you out, if you are working on your new page or promoting a page, you can easily invite all your friends on the page with the trick.

14. Accepting many friend requests at the same time

You are going to like this trick for sure if you are having many friend requests and you wish to confirm them at a time. Now, it is possible to make more friends on Facebook in a lesser amount of time.

15. Faking the mobile device

Now it is possible to get your friends attention by the following tip. You can easily prank your friends to turn their heads to your profile. You can make it done using any phone. One can even use this trick from iPhone as well.

16. Any Facebook videos can be downloaded

By utilizing this trick, now one can easily download any video from Facebook. Sometimes, there are some videos we find very interesting and wish to watch them again and again. This trick is surely going to help you in that case.

17. Option is available for two-factor authentication

Your privacy is your right, and of course, it is totally one’s own decision of how to add it or remove it according to certain circumstances. By using this trick, you can have an accurate privacy settings. And it can be said that you are moving forward to have it in future as well.

18. To Check who has visited your Facebook profile

By using a simple trick, one can easily keep a track of those people who have been continuously following your profile. You can use this trick though it is not commissioned by Facebook itself.

19. Utilizing Facebook as a Windows App

Now, Facebook has officially announced its App which can be downloaded in Windows 8.1 and its above versions. By using this app, one can easily keep a perfect watch on the Facebook profile.

20. Deleting all the Facebook messages at the same time

It is always beneficial to delete all the unwanted messages if you trust in a cleaned and neat Facebook account. By using this trick, now you can easily delete all your unwanted Facebook messages on a regular basis.

21. Using a different Facebook theme

It is obvious that one can become bored using the same thing for a longer time. This trick will work in the scenario, where you want some change after a certain period of time. You can easily change the typical blue theme of Facebook to some attractive and appealing theme with this trick.

22. Tracking the last login location of the profile

It is possible that someone may log in to your account in your absence to disturb your profile. So, you can easily keep a track of your login from any location. It is important to keep a track of it if the person logging in is not you and it is some another person at some other location as well.

23. New feed can be customized and improved

This tip will help you to make the news feeds properly over the time. As a human being, it is obvious that some things need to change or updated as time passes. News feeds are sometimes boring of they are one and the same. This trick helps in getting the accurate news feeds again.

24. Verification of your Facebook page

If you own a page and you want more and more people to visit it, then this tip will help you. You can now verify your Facebook page and get it done by Facebook itself. Viewers are going to increase for sure.

25. Blocking the unwanted invites

This tip can be used to block some of the notifications which are unwanted and not of your use at all. Many times, there are some notifications of games and application played or used by your friends. You can now block them easily using this trick.

26. You can unfollow a friend without losing a contact using this trick

You can keep your friendship by using this trick on Facebook by just blocking a friend with his or her update or notifications. You just need to unfollow a person you do not wish to follow anymore or for some time.

27. Getting login alerts

Everyone is concerned about the safety of the account and it is very important in order to keep it safe from any spammer or an unauthorized person. This trick helps in keeping an eye on the account logins time to time.

28. Using secret Emojis from Facebook

There is some secret emojis available on Facebook which can be used to have some fun or those can be used to surprise your friends on Facebook.



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