Programming Languages of the Future

Depending on which source you consult and how you count variations, there are somewhere between 245 and 700 different computer programming languages. That’s a lot of languages. Indeed, it’s more languages than any one person could learn effectively in a lifetime. So how should you choose which languages to learn? Especially for beginners, it can be a confusing question. You don’t want to waste time and resources learning a language that you might never use in real life, nor do you want to ignore a language that might become useful or even critical later on.

That’s why in this article we’re going to take a look at the top ten languages of the future that are most likely to become important in the coming years. After all, everyone knows the fundamental languages like C++, but what will you need to know to help develop the programs of the future? Here’s our list composed along with coding experts from Assignment Core programming homework service.


Don’t confuse Java with the also popular JavaScript. Java is a major player in the world of object-oriented, interpretive programming languages. It was the first to allow you to write code and then run that code anywhere. Java is an ideal language for writing programs both large and small, and it is adaptable enough to power web-based and mobile applications on one hand and enterprise-level applications on the other.


Python is expected to grow into one of the most used and most essential programming languages since it is currently the language being learned most around the world. It is a simple language, often considered elegant in its construction. Because of this, Python is often considered the easiest programming language to learn. Python is extensively utilized in machine learning and deep learning, data science, math, and related fields. Because of its combination of simplicity and power, it allows the development process to be streamlined.


Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript is current the most utilized language in the world and it is expected to maintain its dominance across web and mobile platforms for the foreseeable future. It is best suited for developing interactive and feature-rich applications for the web but is also appropriate for a range of other software applications across platforms and modalities. You can find JavaScript in servers, browsers, micro-controllers, and many other places.

R Language

The R language is extremely popular in the data analysis and machine learning worlds. When it comes to evaluating, analyzing, and manipulating data, R is the most frequent choice among those working in artificial intelligence. R is also beneficial for those looking to create print-ready materials that feature mathematical formulae and equations. R is readily adaptable and can be applied equally to general purpose programming and machine learning. If you are thinking of joining the analytics division of a company or organization, R is the language choice for you.


Swift has displaced Objective-C as the preferred language for iOS development. According to recent surveys, Swift is one of the fastest-growing languages in terms of interest, as a growing number of programmers are learning the language and utilizing it. A relatively new language, dating back to 2014, Swift is quick to learn and easy to master. It’s stability and security make it ideal for Apple iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.


The Go programming language is yet another relatively recent language. Its syntax is concise and easy to master, and its fast compilation has made it popular with several major streaming brands and online services, including SoundCloud, Google, and Netflix. Because of its association with prestige brands, programmers with Go language skills can often command a premium salary.


The PHP language had its heyday a while back, but it still runs some of the world’s biggest sites, including WordPress and Facebook. Because of its widespread use across the internet, PHP will remain a major force for years to come, even as it loses market share to other languages. On the server side, PHP remains dominant, with more than 80% of websites running on it on the backend.


Intended as an improved version of the C language, C++ is great for cloud computing and gaming. It has many compilers and libraries to help with solutions to nearly any programming problem. But C++ has a major downside: It’s one of the hardest languages to learn.


Kotlin is one of the more recent languages, released in 2015, but its simpler and cleaner code has helped it to gain on Java. Because Kotlin is easier to learn, it has been named the official language of Android.


Typescript is a superscript of JavaScript designed to extend its capabilities and is expected to supplant JavaScript in popularity in the near future.

Once you’ve made a choice to study a language, you will likely take a course or include the study as part of a degree program. You may find that you need help with your coding homework assignments. If that occurs, you may find that it can help to pay someone to do your homework. All you need to do is to buy online programming help from a service like Assignment Core. Doing so will help you to see the right way to approach your assignment and also can give you extra time by relieving some of the homework burden so you can focus on your studies.

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