What Are The Most Used Social Networks in The World

Social networks control a lot of our life; as human beings, we tend to communicate and make connections. We are social animals and are made for sharing, evolving and growing. Social networks are one of the most significant sources for human relationships and social interactions.

Social networks are a beautiful part of our life, and it’s a part of our daily lifestyle. There are billions of people who use social media daily as it’s an essential need for the world. Apart from social interactions, you can experience different things on these platforms.

When we talk about social networks, there are only social connections and updates of a person’s life. People follow and become friends with each other to know what they’re doing. These platforms were constructed for different purposes, but the ultimate cause was to connect people digitally. This post will look down to the most used social networks and why people use them.

An Introduction to Social Networks

Social networks are Internet-based applications or websites that avail users to connect people online. Many social networks help users to keep up with people they know. Still, over time, the evolution of these social networks directs us to a whole new world of opportunities where everything is socially based, and it has become a part of our lifestyle.

The evolution of technology has given rise to many things, and social networks are one. As a result of technology, we’re using smartphones and these excellent platforms, which are essential in today’s life. Social media platforms keep us hooked, so there are 4.70 billion users who use them daily. Social media networks like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok and LinkedIn are among the most used social sites where people connect and share content.

The best part about these platforms is the transparency of their usage; it’s accessible and viable, which makes them one of the most used social networks; every forum has its features and advantages, these platforms are appreciated globally and an essential element in people’s life. We’ll understand why people use social networks and what are the most used social networks globally?

Why Do We Use Social Networks?

As we’ve told you, social networks are a part of our lifestyle now, but now the dimensions of them have changed. Facebook was made for Harvard students to communicate and connect with people. Instagram was made for photo sharing, and WhatsApp was created for messaging, but these days people use them for work purposes as well, and now they are one of the most prominent mediums for communication.

In today’s time, we use social networks for business, work, expressing ourselves, communicating, learning, entertainment, growth and every other thing. You can find work, entertain yourself, learn something, work on your business, find a job, share your opinions and thoughts. There are different things you can do while being on social media as it offers tons of things to its users. Social networks are a gateway for another world and the best things for the generation.

A person growing up with this stuff will find opportunities around him. Also, social networks have a lot to offer you. It’s just your call that you’re gaining or losing from it. Let’s understand the most extensive social networks globally and why they are used.

1. Facebook

The first application which used to be a social networking website started by Mark Zuckerberg was Facebook. Facebook was a social networking website. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook for Harvard University students by which they can share photos with their friends, and by the time it expanded. Facebook is the most used social network globally, with 2.5 billion monthly users. It is the most prominent social platform which is used globally. Approx 3 billion people operate Facebook, and it is the most extensive social network. Recently Facebook was changed to Meta, where Mark will be bringing the metaverse.

2. WhatsApp

The second most used social network is WhatsApp which is used for messaging created by Jan koum and Brian Acton, owned by Facebook now. WhatsApp is only used for messaging sharing photos, videos, and documents. The application is viable to use, and it’s one of the biggest platforms for individual chats. WhatsApp allows its users to chat individually. All you need is the number of a person, and you can easily chat with them online from any corner of the world. There are 2 billion people who use WhatsApp daily.

3. Instagram

Another platform owned by Facebook and one of the most used social networks is Instagram, created by Kevin Systrom Mike Krieger for the photo-sharing experience. By that time, it became one of the sensational platforms. Instagram allows its users to share anything they want. It’s a platform to share photos and videos and share your thoughts on them. By using Instagram filters, you can click pictures and shoot videos. Instagram is also a place where users can chat, make video calls and become a creator or use it for business. There are different things you can do by using this platform. Instagram has 500 million active users, and more than 1 billion people use it.

4. Twitter

Twitter is a social network platform where people interact with each other. The ultimate goal of the application is to give space to people’s thoughts, and everyone can present their opinion. It’s a microblogging platform where you can tweet about anything you want and create threads, and express yourself. Twitter is also one of the most used social networks as people use it to share thoughts and information. Along with this, you can share photos and videos.

5. LinkedIn

With some fantastic social networks, LinkedIn also manages to be in more significant dimensions as it’s the best app for social interaction with like-minded people. LinkedIn allows its users to share anything they also want. It’s an excellent application to find jobs and make connections. Creating your network and being a part of communities can be quickly done through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn also helps you to find work and connect with like-minded people. LinkedIn is also the best way to share thoughts and share information. LinkedIn allows you to create opportunities, and you can easily find jobs of your interest.

Snapchat and Tiktok are also among the best social networks people are using. They are a growing platform that is used by millions of people daily. Also, these applications are used to chat individually and share photos and videos with people you’re friends with; Tik Tok is used to create short videos and follow your favourite creators.


Social networks are one of the best places to share thoughts and learn something new. Also, these applications can help you with your business and work. We hope you like this post and receive valuable information from it.

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