What is Laravel and 7 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers for Any Job

Having a modern-looking website that is easy to maintain is not an easy task. Something has to happen in the background. And this secret magician is Laravel. But before you hire dedicated Laravel developer, you need to know what the framework is all about, how to hire Laravel programmers for any job and where to find Laravel programmers for hire.

What is Laravel?

What is Laravel

Before you hire Laravel developer, let alone hire expert Laravel developer, you need to understand what this is all about.

Laravel is an open-source, hence free PHP framework that allows you to manage your website’s content and code with ease. With a complete ecosystem of compatible packages and extensions, Laravel’s popularity has grown rapidly over the last several years, with many developers adopting it as their framework of choice.

Reasons for Using Laravel

There are over 720 thousand websites running live which are built on Laravel. And for a reason. Let’s see the main benefits of the framework:

1. It’s simple and Efficient

As the most popular PHP framework around, Laravel’s popularity allows developers to get started right away and write code without having to learn everything from scratch. It’s built with a lot of good documentation and it’s easy to use, which means that building an entire site can take just a few days — as opposed to weeks or months.

2. It has Brilliant Security

It has Brilliant Security

Laravel offers top-quality security features that are incredibly easy to implement. The framework uses a bcrypt hashing algorithm to never save users’ passwords anywhere in the database, and it also keeps track of whether a login attempt is successful or not. Its user authentication and restricted access features are equally effective, which helps keep companies and their customers secure from malicious attacks.

3. Better Performance of the Website

Laravel is a powerful PHP framework that makes website development easier than it could be otherwise. In addition to making it easier for developers to create applications, Laravel does offer certain features that are great for making a site faster and more SEO-friendly. Specifically, caching and databases work in tandem with the framework to deliver top-notch performance in a clean, easy-to-use package.

4. Traffic Capabilities

traffic capabilities - Laravel

As your business increases in size, so will the traffic to your website. A website built on Laravel will be able to handle this traffic better than other frameworks because of its unique message queue system. This means that website tasks can be delayed until a later time, allowing for more efficient processing times and a lower risk of crashing your site. Being able to control specific tasks also allows for lower hosting fees in the long term.

5. API Friendly

Laravel is a great platform for integrations because of its clean, well-documented APIs for integration. It includes a robust database layer and authentication system that allows third-party tools to fit seamlessly into an application without the need for additional code. This not only cuts down on development time but also helps keep your software lean and reliable.

6. Simple Website Maintenance

Simple website maintenance - Laravel

Maintaining a Laravel website is easier than maintaining a WordPress site. (WordPress uses PHP files, which are not as clearly separated from one another as in Laravel). Because of its clear structure, you can add or remove functionality without worrying about breaking the entire system. This is especially useful when hiring new developers as they can easily pick up where your original developers left off.

7. Maturity

Laravel is a well-known framework that has been around for quite some time. This year marked its decade on the market. This means that there are plenty of developers who have experience using the framework, so you know that your project will be of high quality. It’s also one of the more mature frameworks, which means that it won’t have as many bugs or issues as new frameworks do.


If you hire Laravel programmers, that might be one of the most thoughtful decisions you may take today. The platform has been established as one of the best on the market. It comes with multiple functionalities, but where it excels the most is its maturity and long-term scalability that not many other frameworks could offer.

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