Why is Social Media Optimization Important and How Should it be Done

Social Media

Social Media Optimization Important, In today’s date even children as young as 6 years old are on Facebook, and why wouldn’t they be. Social media has taken over the world in a jiffy. To take an example, in a few years there would be about 2 billion people on Facebook itself. Other social media handles such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram etc. also have a whole lot of people using them. People are sitting all day watching memes, feeding themselves content and that is something that the digital marketers have noticed. So, just as SEO’s importance began to become shaky, the importance of SMO (Social Media Optimisation) started to rise. Digital marketers started their own ways to go about it and started making out the most of social media.

In today’s date, social signals have become extremely important. People have become very much aware of the technological advancements and they themselves check and recheck the facts before investing in any product or service. Social media helps as a platform where people can actually review the products and services that they are going to avail. Not just that, using social media the brands that are selling their products can maintain cordial relations with their audience. There are a whole number of options using which these companies can better interact with their audience as, be it them commenting on the company’s posts, giving them feedback and suggestions, all these techniques help to know and understand the demands and requests of their audience.

Basic Tricks to Optimise Business via Social Media


Use Good Quality Content

Quality Content

As important as it is to see that the content that you write is original, it is equally important to see to it that everything that you write about is written in a manner that is suitable for that social media platform. Example: if someone would be writing for Twitter, he would write in a very different manner than someone would if they were to write for Facebook. Also, you need to keep things interesting. No one comes online on social media to get bored, they want to get entertained and that is your job. Write quirky content in an interesting manner, and do concentrate on the flow of your writing. Make sure that you don’t use a lot of technical words.



Designing part is extremely important in terms of seeing what the website or the blog is about. you need to make sure that whatever they are writing about has a really cool design to it, apart from that you also need to see that there is not just textual content in the document but it is also supported with video as well as infographic content as they have a better retention power as well as get more shares. You become famous you just have to do what the audience wants and be honest with them.

Go Social

Go Social

Going social is extremely important as duh! You are on social media. You need to go all out and popularise one social media platform with your handle or account on the other one. Ask your followers to like, share a comment and subscribe and eventually you will become famous.

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