123Movies is very much popular among people who love to stream movies online. In your home country, it may be illegal to stream a movie with the help of 123movies. Several alternatives are available for that country so that they can enjoy streaming movies online. “GoStream”, GoMovies”, “123movieshub” and “MeMovies” are some of the names of 123movies. In March 2018 the original website of 123movies was taken down but the copy of the site even exists now and is even accessible with the help of online mirrors.

According to Google Trends 123Movies are very much popular still now and this service of the stream is also in high demand. The law-enforcement agencies around the world are keeping their eye on the service or sites that are providing streaming services that are copyright content for free.

123Movies Proxy/Mirror Site List (November 2021 – 101% Working)

123movies Proxy

123Movies Proxy List
1 123movies.wiki Very Fast On Online
1 www.123movies.work Very Fast On Online
1 w-123movies.com Very Fast On Online
1 la123movies.com Very Fast On Online
1 movies123.tel Very Fast On Online
2 123movies.com Very Fast On Online
3 1-123movies.com Very Fast On Online
4 123movies4u.vip Very Fast On Online
5 123moviesfree.world Very Fast On Online
6 123movies.unblockninja.com Very Fast On Online
7 123movie-gdn.dev Very Fast On Online
8 watch123movies.ch Very Fast On Online
9 https://123moviefree.sc/home/ Very Fast On Online
10 https://ww.123moviesfree.ws/home/ Very Fast On Online
11 https://123movieslife.net/ Very Fast On Online
12 https://123moviesgofree.ga/home/ Very Fast On Online
13 https://ww59.123movies.tips/home/ Very Fast On Online
14 https://ww.123moviesfree.live/home/ Fast On Online
15 https://to123movies.me/0123movies/ Fast On Online
16 https://123moviesgo.ga/home/ Fast On Online
17 https://ww1.123movies.online/ Average On Online
18 https://123moviesjr.cc/123movies Average On Online

Alternatives of 123movies:


This torrent site is considered to be one of the most popular torrent sites. It is possible to retrieve data from multiple search engines of torrent and then come up with a large database of the torrent in front of you. This torrent comes up with movies, games, TV shows, applications, and a lot of things. In most countries, torrent sites are blocked so while downloading any movie you need to be careful. So you need to make sure that your device has a proper VPN and antivirus to keep away all the malware, and viruses from your device.


As the majority of the torrent sites are blocked in most countries so the users find it hard to find a stable torrent site. In the year 2017 Torrent9 was one of the best torrent sites. You will even get a lot of proxy and mirror sites on Torrent9. Where, you can even get all the TV shows, Documentaries, and movies. It’s very easy to download in your net meditation. There are many options to choose from to find what you like. VPN is a must along with you need an antivirus so that your device is safe from all the virus sites or malware.


This is also one of the torrent sites where you can download and stream for free. Streaming movies is one of the popular ways to enjoy free time. Here the consumers can get free file hosting and can get a lot of movies and the latest TV shows.


This is mainly a piracy site where people mainly come to watch the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and other language movies. With the help of this website, a lot of people can enjoy the latest released movies in HD quality. Most of the people who love watching the latest movie go for this site as none of the torrent websites can provide this type of latest content in HD quality. This type of website is banned in a lot of countries so you have to remember this.


The website allows the users to use the website for free so there is no need to pay for any subscription charge. With the help of this website, you not only stream the movies but you can even download them easily and see them with your friends and family. The user interface of this website is very smooth and even very convenient for the users. From this platform, you can even get dual audio films. All these features that are offered by this website help in attracting a more potential audience. You can even get different formats like HD, 1080p, 720p, and 360p from where you can choose.


This service was mainly created in the year 2018. The site comes with some links on its homepage that will help in getting proper service. People can easily find different movies or the latest series free of cost and can even download them. For using this type of site you must have good quality VPN and an Antivirus as this will help in saving your device from any type of malware.


This is mainly a tormenting and downloading brand of website that mainly offers many shows that you can find in different apps. There is no need to pay or subscribe to the website and it is very much popular among the population.

Fmovies is mainly a torrent site so this means that some of the users put it there so that others can download TV shows, Movies, and different other media. in this type of site you will not get any type of pop-ups or even a warning. No torrent sites are safe as in most of the countries these types of sites are banned. For safe download and streaming on this kind of site, it is very much needed that you have a branded antivirus and a proper.


This site is one of the biggest online websites for downloading some of the free movies from Hollywood and TV shows. This helps the users to download or stream any movie in just one click for free. In most of the country, Gomovies are banned due to copyright issues. This type of site doesn’t even come up with their content as they mostly come up with the content that has copyright. There are so many mirror sites available on the internet of Gomovies but you will get all the latest series and movies as you want. People who are interested in online streaming don’t have to submit any personal details so there is no much tension.


It is one of the popular websites for watching movies and even TV series. Here the consumers will get good quality videos and come with a variety of movies such as drama, comedy, and action. This is one of the best packages for people who love online streaming and it’s all for free. You can download the movies for free. People from different countries can use this platform and can get the latest movie for free. The website even comes with a user-friendly interface and good quality pictures, the movies can be downloaded without any restriction. On the website, you will get very few ads and pop-ups that means there is less chance of disturbance during streaming movies.


Here you will find good quality content that you want to watch alone or with a group of people. Vumoo is also free and there is no need of sharing any personal details for sign-in. you will get a good collection of documentaries, and movies. While you are planning to use Vumoo you must have a VPN and high-quality antivirus as this will help in saving your device from any type of problem or virus.

What is 123movies?

The people who mainly operate this site are from Vietnam but it consists of top Bollywood, and Hollywood movies. Not only that, on this site you will even find a lot of movies formed in a lot of different languages. All this makes this site popular among the people who love to stream sites for binge-watching. In this type of website, you will not even find any type of irritating ads and pop-ups that cuts the concentration of the viewers. all of this feature helps in making 123movies best for streaming high-quality movies online.

This website was mainly launched by some of the people from the country of Vietnam who started uploading Hollywood movies. After all of them, they even started uploading movies and TV shows of a different language that started attracting a lot of people all around the world. It became popular as it did not ask for any personal information from the individuals and there was no need to sign in.

Steps to Access 123movies:

Access or Unblock 123movies

You may be aware that 123Movies is blocked in certain countries. But the people from the countries where 123Movies sites are legal have to follow some of the steps to stay safe on the site so follow the below steps to access the 123movies.

  1. Your devices must have good quality antivirus software and a VPN.
  2. Make sure that the mirror site you are using is safe to use or you can even google it by 123movies mirror. There are many options here.
  3. When you select the 123movies mirror from the option, if there is some malware then the antivirus will help in protecting your device.

This is one of the reasons that your device must have good quality VPN and antivirus software.

123movies is one of the sites where most people can watch their favorite movies or TV shows for free online. The site comes up with verities language with HD quality content to offer the users the best experience. The owner of this website even leaks the movies that are latest and yet to be launched in the theatre.

How to Download Movies from 123movies?

This website is known for providing the best-pirated movies or TV shows from different movie fields like Hollywood, Bollywood of different languages like Malayalam, Tamil, etc. people can find all the popular movies on this site for free. A movie downloading site, it has one of the fastest growth rates in the market. Below are some of the steps that will help in downloading movies or TV shows from the 123movies website:

  • First, you have to choose the Url of the website and then visit the home page.
  • Here you have to click on the title button and this will help in taking you to the page where you will find all your favorite movies and TV shows.
  • Then you have to click on the download link once you have selected the movie you want to watch.
  • Choose the video quality and the location where you want the movie to be saved.

All these steps will help in streaming the movie you want to for free of cost. In a lot of countries, this type of movie download is illegal so you must have a proper VPN and antivirus in your

How Does 123movies Work?

People love to watch the latest movie and popular TV series online mostly on movie streaming sites. Across the world, 123movies have huge popularity and people love this site a lot. There are so many movie streaming websites that most people have seen. 123movies is very much popular among a lot of people and most of them access this website as they can get all the content in one place. This website helps in satisfying the needs of all content consumers. But it is even very important for the consumers to know that 123movies websites don’t come up with their content; they put the content from the other source, which is the main illegal way.

When you want to find or download a movie or a series you first need to click on the website link. You can search for a movie or TV series by entering its name in the search bar. As this website doesn’t come up with its content then it simplifies and redirects the users to other sources that mainly don’t work legally. One of the best things about the 123movies is that it is way easier to access as it doesn’t demand any personal information for creating any new account or any login details.

Some people warn against using the movie streaming site as a type of site that can even lead to stealing the confidential information of the users and can even lead to illegitimate purposes. But this kind of streaming site even helps movie lovers to stream their favorite content freely.

What Makes 123movies Special?

There are so many websites that come up with free movies for you. You will get to see high-quality movies on this website and will even get the option of HD for the latest movies too. 123movies are considered as one of the best options when it comes to online streaming for free, there is much reason that is mentioned below.

  • The website comes with a lot of variety when it comes to movies and series. Not only that, they come up with different languages, which even includes Bollywood and Hollywood. In just a click you will get the opportunity to see all the latest movies.
  • The qualities of the movies are very high and mostly serve HD movies. You will even get an option from where you can choose as per your internet conveniences such as 360p, 1080p, and 720p. In this way, you can enjoy the best movies in HD quality in a different language.
  • Most people love this website as there is no interruption when they watch the movie such as no pop-ups and ads. All this helps it to be easy to operate. There is no need of sharing any personal details when you sign in to the website. So this website is considered safe for downloading.
  • In the library of this website, you will get a lot of variety of movies and all are for free. The website not only comes in one or two languages but you will find the movies in different languages too. The website comes up with a lot of advantages. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need the best company VPN and antivirus that will help to keep all the unwanted hackers out of your device.

Is 123Movies Dangerous to Use?

As in many countries, 123movies are illegal as it comes with copyright content free of cost. If it is not allowed in your country then you must have a VPN and an Antivirus in your devices so that it can help in saving you from any legal activities. When looking at the safety of a site such as 123Movies it is very hard to come up with a conclusion of yes or no for safety. There are several factors where most of them are controlled by the people hosting the website.

There is a high chance that you will not get to see 123movies official website online. The only way to access its database is through the alternatives that are known as the mirror of the websites that are even known as a mirror. This type of site is mainly hosted and controlled by the third party where they don’t have to be involved with the original site. So this even means that there can be no quality control. The owner of this mirror site can even inject the site with harmful malware that can even track some of your data.

As there are so many copies of the same sites that are available, it is even very hard to say which one is safe and which one is not. You can even find some of the mirror sites that are safe to use and some of them are not. One of the best ways to protect you from all of this is by using the right antivirus and VPN software.

What is the Safest Way to Watch 123Movies?

There are a lot of countries where 123movies is not at all allowed. But there are several countries where these types of streaming services are allowed. In the countries where these types of things are allowed it’s very important to protect yourself from viruses, prying eyes, and even malicious website hosts if you are using a 123movies mirror.

When using this type of website your system must have antivirus and VPN protection so that it can protect the device and data. You will get so many popular VPNs that will help your system to be protected from any virus or malware. VPN helps in hiding the internet and streaming activities from the internet service providers and the government.

When using the VPN and antivirus software it was ensured that you have adequately protected against the spying websites and the malware admins. There are a very small number of countries where you will find copyright content downloading is allowed or they don’t have any problem. When using a streaming service like 123Movies VPN will help in making you anonymous and then prevent you from any legal activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans. 123movies comes up with copyright content without any person this can cause a huge loss in the film industry. This type of website is banned in a lot of countries as 123movies don’t come up with their content.
Ans. As you know in most of the country sites like this are banned. As 123movies don’t come up with their content they provide the content that is having copyright issues. The official site has been taken down as it contains all the copyright issue content. For downloading any type of movie or TV show you will need a VPN and antivirus on your device.
Ans. There are so many websites that you will find with the same domain, and name on the internet. So you must be aware of this type of website as they can even try to steal some of your banking and personal information. As 123movies is available as a website so there is no need to download any app for even a tool. A lot of websites even come up with the same name but with unwanted virus or malware that is not a good thing. While you are using this type of website you must always have an antivirus and a VPN.
Ans. The first thing you need to do is to find the privacy and security option. Then you have to select an option of “content settings” after that notification. In each suspicious URL click on the three dots then click on the block or remove.
Ans. In India, piracy is considered illegal. Even in the USA and many other countries, this type of pirated site is not allowed. The government of India has banned sites like 123movies, TamilRockers, and many more. After taking so many steps by the government they have failed to stop the leak of the movies on such a type of website.
Ans. Steps that will help in removing all the viruses from Safari.
  • You need to click on preference once you visit the Safari menu.
  • Then select the extension.
  • Then find 123movies and another extension that you think looks suspicious.
  • After this click on the uninstall button so that it can get removed from your device.
Ans. If you stay in one of those countries where pirate websites are illegal and banned in those countries. The pirated website doesn’t have any legal licenses for this type of content that they offer on their website. So this can cause a lot of problems for the website and even for the people who are downloading it. To keep yourself on the safe side you need to have a proper VPN and antivirus.
Ans. Yes, you can, but 123movies is considered illegal as it comes up with copyright-protected content without any permission. So in many countries visiting a site like this is illegal and it may even cause a problem.
Ans. You will get a lot of mirror websites of 123movies on the internet but it can even come up with a lot of trouble. The best alternative of this site is Gomovies as it even comes up with various genres which even include movies, biographies, horror flicks, etc.

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