Challenges and Obstacles to Expect When Opening a Small Business

Opening a small business, or any kind of business for that matter, has its share of obstacles and problems associated with it. At times, it depends on the business you wish to venture into. There are so many obstacles associated with different types of businesses. When starting a business, always check if it is competitive. Usually, a business that isn’t competitive can struggle to take off.

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Common Challenges and Obstacles

There are unique challenges associated with small businesses that much bigger business owners may never experience. We will outline a few below to give you an idea of what smaller businesses go through.

Government Laws and Regulations

Every year, the government seems to tighten rules and regulations of having a business. The most common type of regulations recently are those concerning the environment. Different acts are being drawn up, such as the clean air act that forces you to remove air pollutants. Also, businesses are being encouraged to use more environmentally friendly materials for their products. Although this is not bad, it can pose a challenge to business owners passing inspections.

Lack of Funding

Sometimes as a first-time small business owner, it can be extremely hard to find funding or investors. Typically people don’t want to put money into a new business because the risk of it failing is too high. Hence why smaller businesses find it hard to keep up with overheads and expenses.

Trouble Finding the Right Employees

A business starting up can have a hard time finding the right employees for the job. More experienced employees want to be associated with much bigger and more stable companies. In the end, smaller businesses have no choice but to hire inexperienced employees that won’t deliver the proper services. This can also be down to having a small budget when starting out.

Poor Advertising

Most small businesses, when starting up, won’t have any funds for advertising. Advertising can be very expensive, yet it is essential to create awareness of a product faster. The internet has options that can advertise without breaking the bank. Most times, smaller businesses don’t utilise these because commonly, the business owner does everything and may be overwhelmed by the amount of work he has to do.


The obstacles and challenges faced by small businesses are different from those faced by bigger businesses. Some of the challenges we have mentioned in this article are smaller or present no obstacles for larger corporations.

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