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There are numerous strategies that help to lead a blog to success, but without doubt, the content is king and in it, we should focus most of our efforts.

Choose theme and keywords

The first thing we must do to write an article is to select the topic on which we want to deal with, which usually must be linked to the keywords with which we try to position ourselves in Internet search engines.

We must ask ourselves, with what keywords do we want to be found? The first thing is to have the theme and the second is to take into account the keywords, then we can write the article.


The title is the perfect bait to attract readers, so it is a very important element in the article.

Through the title, people will determine if your article deserves the time to be read. Your headline should communicate the main purpose of your post. It must be brief, catchy and honest (do not promise what you can not give). Your title should incite curiosity, with this you will have half the way gained for the reader to read your article.

The objective is to reach the emotional part of the subconscious of the people that makes them interested in your reading and remember an intelligent title is good, but it will not necessarily help people find your article when they search, so be sure to include the appropriate keywords in the title.

The beginning of the post

Now, if we write a spectacular title, but then we start with the wrong foot post, do you think we will win the attention of the reader?

In a movie you can attract us the title, but if the beginning of the first scene does not manage to hook us, it is very likely that we desist to see it and change channels, the same happens with the user who enters one of your articles.

Be original

One of the best lessons I have learned as a blogger is that people are attracted to other people who express what they think, who have something unique to say and better if they say it in a creative, fresh and unusual way. If you say the same thing that others say and in the same way, it is very likely that your content will be ignored. Dare to be original, lose the fear of what they will say.

Is there a representative image that you can use to leave an impression on the reader?

Blogs are becoming increasingly visual. To attract attention in your message, you must find a striking image that communicates the central idea of your article. Our brain does not usually remember words … but we do process and record images much better.

Get a good image to represent your content, in this way you will leave a better impression on your readers. Also adding alternative text to the image can help with SEO.

Oh, and if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth more than a million!
Here is a link to an article on our blog where we recommend 9 free photo websites for commercial use.

Short paragraphs

If the paragraph is very long, the words will mix in the mind of the reader and it will be hard to read, so it will quickly leave the paragraph to get ahead in the content.

The content value correctly formatted

People do not read online content in the same way they read it in other media. Online readers tend to scan all the content. It is for this reason that I recommend placing “visual cues” in your posts to attract your attention to the most important points. You’ll see that readers will stay submerged in your content for longer.

Visual cues that you can use to highlight your content

• Lists: In a world surrounded by lists: the purchase, the pending tasks, the goals for the new year, the gifts for Christmas, it is not surprising that we should also apply this technique in our articles. It is easier for readers to assimilate the instructional contents when they are presented in points of a list.

• Formats: Use bold, capital letters, italics, underline, and emphasize points. Also, consider changing the font size, color and style to map your main points.

• Subtitles: Use subtitles within the article to subdivide your content into themes, as I have done in this article, highlighting them in blue.

Important rules for writing articles

Write 100% unique content don’t use rewrite content.

• Number of words: An adequate range of words is between 500 and 900 words.

•Number of keywords: The article must be based on 3 or 4 main keywords for which we want the article to be positioned. Those 3 words or key phrases are the ones that will be highlighted in bold throughout the text. In addition there must be one of those keywords in the title. The keywords must be repeated in the text by putting them as subtitles within a sentence.

• Copy scape: All items must be checked in

Plagiarism-checker to verify that the content is not duplicated. Each article must be unique and never published on the Internet.

• Unique content: Another factor to consider when we think of “good content” is whether this content is “unique”
With a blog being created every second and with blogs practically of all the topics that you can imagine, the great challenge for bloggers is to build a blog that stands out among the majority.

• Correction of grammatical errors and spelling: A fundamental practice is to make a good review of grammar and spelling, so there are no errors.

• Content style: informative, original, interesting, entertaining, and with a touch of humor.

I hope you have an excellent experience writing your articles with quality, but if it costs you a lot of work or you do not have time to do it, do not worry, you can get in touch with Soluciones4Web and we will generate all the content for your company’s blog or your deal. If you have any questions, write to us or leave us a comment, we will respond with pleasure.

Greetings, and may the Success be with you!

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