How or Why You Need to Use Video Email in Your Marketing

Email is still one of the most efficient and famous advertising techniques, whether you believe in it or not. How could advertisers create an email much more compelling and interacting? One apparent solution is to share relevant content. Tons of emails are disregarded, routed to trash, or removed daily.

Embed a video in your email is a terrific approach to get your audience’s notice. We’ll demonstrate to you how to incorporate video in email to improve your email marketing performance and provide you with practical suggestions on how to email videos appropriately in this article.

Why Should You Use Video in Your Email Marketing?

Why Should You Use Video in Your Email Marketing

Email marketing has evolved considerably in recent years. We currently have better marketing tactics and higher click-through rates because of multimedia. According to a 2015 analysis by Forrester Research, including clips in the email could boost click-through rates by two to three times. It implies more excellent email leads the creation and a better chance of turning those prospects into revenue.

Attract the Viewer’s attention

A video is the most effective way to get consumers’ attention. While they may decide to skim through the content of your email, video could capture their attention and pique their interest. It could likewise have an effective influence on people’s thoughts.

Pay Special Attention to Visual Learners

Because they are delicacies for visual learners, videos offer a distinct benefit over regular email newsletters. Consider include instructional videos in your email marketing initiatives if you have them.

Mobile Devices Have Arrived

Customer behaviour is crucial to marketing. Mobile devices have expanded dramatically in the previous two years, considerably increasing accessibility to movies, and it is just another motivation to utilize this media.

It’s Going Viral

There’s always the possibility that the recipient will adore your video and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media platform. Why should you pass up the opportunity to go viral?

How to Use Videos in Emails

How to Use Videos in Emails

Integrating video into email is the first element to learn regarding video email advertising. The attached videos aren’t supported by several major email carriers, such as Google, Yahoo, and Outlook on Windows, resulting in bad customer experiences for several of your customers.

However, some solutions might help you bring your video to your public and even inspire your email list to visit your website. Here are two of the most common (and easiest) methods for including videos in your email for all of your subscribers to enjoy.

Option 1: Utilize a GIF

The first solution is to make a GIF of your video with a call to action like “click to watch complete video” to entice members to view the entire movie, regardless of where it is kept. It might be on YouTube, Vimeo, or even your business’s Facebook page.

Perform these instructions to make a GIF:
  • Locate the URL of the video you wish to utilize and copy it.
  • To change the video to a GIF, utilize a programme like IMG Flip. To download the video, paste the URL.
  • Cut your GIF in whatever way you desire.
  • Save your GIF to your computer.
  • You could now paste the GIF into the email’s body.

Option 2: UtilizeUtilize a Static Picture with a Video Redirect

A still picture with a “play” icon is another approach to entice viewers to click on a video. The objective is for viewers to click on the picture, which would take them to the URL where your clip may be found.

This is how you do it:
  • Take a screenshot of the video you’re watching. The “play” button will appear on the screen if you are timing it correctly. If not, proceed to step 2.
  • You could create a “play” button for your picture if it doesn’t already have one. To effortlessly attach any form of the play button to your image, utilize a service like Add Play Button to Photo.
  • Include the picture in the content of your email and include a hyperlink to the video’s URL.
  • That concludes our discussion. Whenever anyone hits the picture, they’ll take them to your official site, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or wherever else the video is kept.

Videos are a flexible form of material that may use for various reasons. You could incorporate video in emails to engage customers, acquire them, and reduce churn as follows:

A Brief Overview

UtilizeUtilize a short video at the start of your project to welcome your prospects or congratulate your customers for selecting your item or offering, and offer it to them in an engaging way that will encourage them to learn more about it.


More than a static screenshot, providing a step-by-step video tutorial would assist your clients. Create a voiceover video showing how to get the most out of your good or service to make onboarding simpler, extra enjoyable, and entertaining.

Content Should be Supported

If your business or service is complicated, onboarding material alone may not be sufficient. Design movies that creatively, humorously, and informatively describe certain functionalities or address particular difficulties your customers have. It is necessary for lowering the turnover rates.


Testimonials are a great way to learn more about what people have to say about

Video testimonials from actual customers discussing your product will help you convert more customers. It is not necessary for these to be flawless, planned remarks. Ask your most devoted customers if they’d want to participate in such videos and allow them to communicate their true feelings. Above all else, prospective customers appreciate the truth.

Nurtured Content

Create video lessons, product evaluations, Q&As, expert interviews, and other resources to assist your customers in getting better at what they do. A standard option is to take a video course, and this would demonstrate your degree of experience and convince the customer that you care about their success.

Humanizing Content

Interviews with teammates, seminars, vlogs, and other hilarious viral content can help your future and present customers see you as a human rather than a cold corporate machine. User connections and material interaction grow as a result of these videos.

Strategies to Utilize Video in Email Marketing that Work:

Strategies to Utilize Video in Email Marketing that Work

Customized Emails:

Customized emails usually make your readers feel unique, and including a video in one is like the cherry on the pie. Consider using your backlog of video material on your website to your benefit by delivering tailored emails. You will almost certainly enhance CTR, create a stronger connection with the consumer, and boost video views by doing so.

Event Promotion:

Have your lens active at all times. Make sure that each gathering and function that your firm throws is well-publicized well-publicized. Create a video archive of all internal and external events and distribute it to your subscribers. Readers will be much more familiar with and experience a member of your corporation’s working atmosphere due to this. It also increases their enthusiasm for your business’s activities, which leads to increased interaction and, in turn, user-generated information for you.

Use a Video in the Subject Line:

The subject line determines whether or not a client will open your email. As a result, design your subject line enticing enough for recipients to open the email. Consider including emojis in your subject line to make your email more inviting and pique recipients’ enthusiasm in opening it. Include the video after the email to encourage your readers to study the entire message and genuinely comprehend the video.

Product Marketing:

Visuals are more appealing to our eyes than text. As a result, showing a video of your product rather than just word specifications has much more influence. Make a demonstration video demonstrating how your item would fit into your Viewer’s lifestyle to pique enthusiasm in your service. Send them these videos through email. This builds your connection with customers by making them believe that their subscription is beneficial. It can also maintain the goods fresh in your consumers’ thoughts.


It’s possible that sending subscribers planned newsletters without videos would be deemed ineffective. A newsletter with a video integrated into it, on the other hand, might help your company. There are various methods to add videos in newsletters to make them more successful. Newsletter video embeds could help video-heavy organizations by enabling subscribers to catch up on material they might have overlooked.

Get Involved in Your Community:

Embedding video in email impacts your client relationship and keeps your audience interested from start to finish. According to the study, 64% of buyers buy things after showing a video that describes them. This demonstrates the value of videos in marketing. The video enables a company to engage with its subscriber group freshly daily. Now that viewers are familiar with your corporation, they are more likely to be involved in videos that require their involvement because they are further along in their purchasing journey. A CTA, such as a coupon for a special offer or a vote for future content, is generally included in these films.


Email marketing is unquestionably an excellent technique for interacting with consumers. Whenever you include videos in the mix, you have different levels of interaction and sales potential.

As a result, if you want to create a splash with your email campaign, now is the time to do so!

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