How to Build an Online Gambling Affiliate Website

The recent growth of the worldwide iGaming industry opens a new online business opportunity for you or your team. Enter the online gambling affiliate website.

Once you learn to implement and run such a platform, you are set down the road for success. However, the initial steps require you to have a basic grasp of the industry, platforms, and featured products.

That is where we, expert contributors with a history in the iGaming market, come in. You will find out how to build an online gambling affiliate website, run it properly, and carve a place for your affiliate business in the scene. You’ll learn how to get ahead of the curve from behind the curtain.

The Current iGaming Market

Before finding out how to build an online gambling affiliate website, you must learn what the platform servers to its customers.

Online casinos act as business to customer services hosting various gambling software. The games are, in turn, created by specialised developers.


Companies running an online casino are referred to as operators. An operator can run several platforms of this kind. Depending on the company, the interface and logistics implementations may be developed in-house. However, most often, online casinos will outsource development entirely or purchase readymade turn-key solutions. In the latter case, you are dealing with a white label.


Regardless of whether they are developers or operators, iGaming companies require licensing. The accreditation will depend on their role in the niche, as well as the area of activity. While some licensors, like the Malta Gaming Authority, are recognised by various jurisdictions, certain markets, such as the British one, require some specific national license.

The main differentiating factors for gambling sites will be the quality of provided services and the industry-specific promotional content. The latter is the main tool for popularising a platform among new customers.

The Role of an Online Gambling Affiliate Website

A remote casino cannot depend on the reach of its marketing efforts, especially given the constant expansion of the market. This is where you come in and capitalise on the platform’s advertisement requirements.

Let’s take as a model who is an iGaming affiliate site that works as promotional and platform aggregators for a specific remote gambling market. Your main area of content and expertise will be the iGaming industry specifics and standards, as well as the functioning of casino bonuses.

Customers will expect to find promotions on your site; they also want to communicate their specifics comprehensively. Hence, the online gambling affiliate market adopted a specific approach to their advertising.

Reviews: The Bread and Butter of an Online Gambling Affiliate Website

The largest chunk of your content and activity will be represented by redacting user-friendly reviews for affiliated platforms and hosted promotions. Although your objective is essentially ad-centred, your approach should hinge on the perceived obscurity of the iGaming market.

While reviewing platforms and communicating promotions will be the basis of your profitable activity, you will have to diversify your content once you set up your platform.

Additional Content: Online Gambling Affiliate Website as Authority

iGaming presupposes that customers will lose funds while interacting with provided products. Thus, it becomes prone to uncertainty and distrust towards active companies. More so, clear information becomes valuable as it will differentiate between lost funds and service quality on the customer side.

When thinking about how to build an online gambling affiliate website, count informative content among your priorities. While compiling and providing it will be more time consuming than directly advertising a product, your educational pieces will ensure a dedicated reader base.

How to Build an Online Gambling Affiliate Website

Start your activity by signing up on an affiliate network, like Matching Visions. Once you strike a deal, you will start receiving tracking links. They will essentially track the number of registrations and overall activity of customers that accessed the platform via the link.

Thus, an online casino will understand what your reach and the effect of your marketing practices were. Affiliated companies will calculate your commissions accordingly.

Commission Types
  • Cost per acquisition – you receive a fixed commission per depositing player. Standard: £125-£400 per customer.
  • Revenue share – you get a margin out of what a player spends on the platform. Standard: 25%-50%.
  • Hybrid deals – it is a combination of the two options. You get a fixed commission and the percentage per loss.
Create Your Website

This step is like all other online businesses’ inception. Find a worthwhile web hosting service, establish, and obtain your domain. Now, you must devise your actual website. The easiest way to create a platform and host your content will be via WordPress. Once you settle on a theme, implementation will come easy, although possibly being time-consuming.

Essential Templates

Make sure to create at least four basic templates for your online gambling affiliate website:

  1. Homepage template – this will act as your main page for accessing the rest of the content.
  2. Subpage template – you will format all the ranking pages in this type. Thus, the subpage template will be the most important for your online gambling affiliate website.
  3. Blog template – it will serve for redacting articles and other similar entries. While they will not attract revenue, you wish to populate them with internal links. When your blog articles rank, they will redirect users to marketing pages.
  4. Blank template – you will use it for any other section that does not fall in the last three categories.
    You may require other templates suited for your approach the online gambling affiliate website marketing.

Adopt a Marketing Strategy

  • Search Engine Optimisation: by targeting specific keywords, you aim for organic growth. While difficult to implement, its activity does not suppose additional costs.
  • Pay Per Click: after building your platform, you place monetary bids on keywords. While you will be featured in the first Google, the approach is expensive.
  • Email Marketing: you establish a database of potential customers and send them offers via email. Email marketing is simple and cheap but acquiring the list of users may prove difficult.
  • Social Media Marketing: you aim to build a community of like-minded members on social media and advertise your affiliate websites through this facet.

The best practice will suppose using a mixed approach.

1. Start by Writing and Optimising Your Content

Search engine optimisation is the cheapest and safest route to starting. Note that your online gambling affiliate website will butt heads with larger platforms. However, once you master SEO basics, your organic growth will bring revenue at minimum cost while also allowing your site to flourish.
While no one knows the Google algorithm, one thing is clear: organic and unaggressive growth is a pro.
Recommended SEO Tools

  • Semrush – 50+ SEO Tools.
  • Ahrefs – an extensive SEO tool.
  • SeoBook – Free Option.
2. Build a Database for Email Marketing

Once you gain a footing in the niche, urge your readers to subscribe to a newsletter. You will be able to build an email database. As such, you will be able to go into email marketing.

An online gambling affiliate website worth subscribing to will have a constant flow of content and offers. It will additionally need to adhere to the ever-changing search engine changes implemented by Google.
Thus, your SEO efforts will never really stop, as you will constantly need to add and optimise your pages.

3. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

One more way of gaining a wider reach is by fully utilising social media platforms. While your approach here should be restrained and professional, feel free to provide posts that incite interest in your domain.
Your platforms of choice will greatly depend on the market share you are aiming at, but sites like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter are safe bets.

4. Use Pay Per Click When in Need

Pay per click affiliation will require you to purchase traffic and convert it to more than it cost you. If your natural traffic does not suffice, pay per click strategies may boost your online gambling affiliate website on the market.

However, you should see this as a business decision. Note that you must attempt to make a profit off your purchase. Additionally, you will go against the operators themselves, as their platforms rank on the relevant keywords.

We see it as a late-game decision. It also requires in-depth knowledge of online and social media paid marketing.

Make Your Online Gambling Affiliate Website Last

Once you have figured out how to build an online gambling affiliate website, you need to upkeep and grow it.

SEO tools will be your friends from here on. The Google algorithm is never set in stone, nor does it ever sleep. Thus, a large chunk of your professional activity will represent going back and re-optimising your content. To overcome competition and rank, you will also need to pursue different approaches with your online gambling affiliate website.


You will also need to have other domains linking to yours. This event will happen once you share relevant and well-structured content. Naturally, there are easier ways to get backlinks, but they suppose additional expenses.

All in all, knowing how to build an online gambling affiliate website will not guarantee success. Your place in the iGaming market will only be warranted by your effort, creativity, and expertise.

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