How To Create Photoshop Text Styles?

How To Create Photoshop Text Styles


Photoshop has brightened and glamoured the world for the last three decades. In fact, it has changed the world we see today with its brilliant text effect. Just add a few textures and colors and play with the lines; you will be able to create something new.

For most people reading this article, Photoshop has been the go-to place for any kind of editing.

Its impact has embarked since the rise of digital photography and social media. When the first version of Photoshop was launched, it had only a few basic edition features.

Fast forward to 2022, with its latest version, 23.3.2, it has a plethora of the latest tools for web designers, concept artists, graphic designers, and photo manipulators.

Photoshop is the most popular software when we think about editing. However, despite being a popular software in use, many people still consider it to be one of the most complicated software.

The reason why they consider it to be complex software is because of its advanced features. Today, we will take you through this guide and will teach you how to create Photoshop text styles.

How Photoshop Has Changed The World Of Graphic Design

Before Photoshop was introduced to the market, the digital photo manipulation industry relied on skillful staff and expensive machinery for the production of high-quality images.

However, with Photoshop, people were able to lift heavy workloads and limitations. As a result, it has brought many significant changes to conventional photography.

Before the age of Photoshop, digital images cost mammoth amounts and the companies. To reduce the cost, companies were heavily relying on outsourcing.

The popularity of Photoshop rose to the point that people started using its name as a synonym for high-quality digital images. Whenever someone sees a high-quality image, the first thing that comes to their mind – Probably it has been Photoshopped.

The Co-creator, John Knolls, was working at the Industrial Light And Magic. This was the company that was behind Star Wars.

It was this time when he and his brothers created Photoshop software. When the software was introduced in the market, the film industry was the first to adopt photoshop.

Previously, advertisers used to make changes by hand. Photoshop introduced tools that have made advertising an easy job with easy to create content software.

Finally, with the rising social media use and viral content, Photoshop has made it possible for users to create content in the blink of an eye.

What Are Photoshop Text Styles?

Photoshop Text Style, or you can even say Effects, lets you add different colors, shapes, textures, and other variations to the texts.

Text styles shouldn’t be confused with special effects. You must know that special effects mean adding shadow, 3D, lighting, depth, and adding different shapes. And yes, they are definitely not the same as Microsoft and HTML stylesheets.

Text styles in Photoshop are much more accurate, creative, and elaborate than just normal styles in other programs. If you want your text to have that lively feeling, Photoshop is the place you need to go.

How To Create Photoshop Text Styles?

If you are using Photoshop, you can use different types of text on various projects.

For instance, you can add appealing text messages on your posters, invitation cards, images, holiday cards, etc. As long as you have a digital image, you can create different versions of it.

In fact, with the right guidance, you will be able to customize the text to suit your needs. Follow the steps to create innovative Photoshop text styles.

Step 1: Open The Text Effect

We need to open the text style in Photoshop to use it. There are a couple of ways to do it. We can open the file directly on photoshop or open and load it through the graphic and layer style.

Open Photoshop and navigate to where all your files are saved. Next, navigate through the files and select the files you need. Depending on the types of files you have selected, you will have one or more text effect to choose from.

For instance, if we are talking about the layer panel, each folder contains a different variation of text effects.

Step 2: Modify The Text

The text in the file can easily be modified using the Horizontal Type tool. You simply need to select the text you want or type the text and change the font.

If you experience any warning signs while using different fonts, it is most likely that the original file has not been installed. When you experience a warning sign, just click on OK.

Step 3: Import The Text Effect Through Graphic Style

You can also add your text effects by going to the style panel by clicking on the small menu at the right top corner.

Clicking the main menu, you will open a different list of options. Navigate through the list to import styles. Next, you can select the folder where you have saved the effects.

The best part is that you can place the .asl file inside the style folder in photoshop. You can find the folder by going to Application > Adobe Photoshop > Presents > Style.

Step 4: Import The Text Effect Through Layer Style

The text style can also be imported using the Layer Style panel. Just double-click the thumbnail to open the panel.

The style tab will open. Look for the small gear at the right corner of the window. Click the small gear to open the menu and choose an import file.

Now, Modify The Text Effect

After importing the text effect, you can use that text style on your text. However, if you want to experiment with a different texture, you can try modifying it.

Double click on the layer thumbnail to access the layer style and adjust the values used for different tabs. This will help get the right size of your text.

The size is really important here. Some textures need the right size to bloom completely. So, ensure that you are using the right size for the right text style.

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