How To Get Visitors To Your WordPress Website Through Good Digital Marketing

You don’t need a lesson in digital marketing from a college. What you need is a lot of experience in the digital marketing field. Many of the articles you read online are written by people who did their research on Google, who also did their research on Google, and so forth until all the articles say the same thing. If you truly want to learn all the secrets of digital marketing, then do it yourself and learn from experience. Above all, do it with a very limited budget. Do it with little money, and you will see how quickly your budget can evaporate, and also, you will learn how to stretch each penny to get the most value possible for your money.

Use Affiliate Advertising

If you are a little bit cautious about affiliate advertising, especially after looking at how the platforms present themselves, then start out with Google Ads. Use their system to create simple text ads. From here, you learn a few valuable lessons about how paying more per day doesn’t mean better quality results. It also acts as in introduction into the world of affiliate advertising.

The reason affiliate advertising is so effective is because the online systems are set up to ensure they are so successful. You can market your content all day on Facebook, but you won’t get a fraction of the traction that you will with the Facebook boost function. The truth is that if you want traffic to your website, you have to pay for it. The trick is to build such a good reputation with the people who visit, and to grow your brand so successfully that over the years you can veer away from social media and rely a little more on other forms of advertising and promotion.

Making Sure Your Website Functions As Perfectly As Possible

You can tell the world that your theme park is amazing, but if they arrive to find a swamp, then they are not going to rave about it to their friends. If you have a cheap and nasty website, it is not going to help drive traffic to your website. People who visit will feel duped and won’t tell others how great you are, and the people who visit will never return again, so make sure your website runs as perfectly as possible. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated, just have a company like go through the website and make it as efficient, reliable, consistent and professional looking as possible.

Do it Offline

Some of the most guerrilla methods for drawing online attention have been done offline. The fact is that there are limitless opportunities for getting people to your website and to your social media profiles in the offline world. From using projectors to display your adverts on the side of a building, to placing up posters with your URL and QR code on them.

What’s more, get in touch with people you know and have them promotion your website for you. There are probably things you can do for them in return. They don’t even need to work hard. They can post on Facebook about how great your website is, or they can do a quick short on Rumble to tell people that they use your stuff.

Pay Other People to Do It For You

The sad fact is that many marketing companies are going to scam you in some way or another. Look at it from the marketing company’s point of view. They can use your budget to create an organic, well made, thoughtful, creative and brand-friendly campaign that probably won’t demonstrate any positive effects for around six months.

Or, a scammer marketing company can charge you a fraction of the price, and buy clicks, likes, followers, reviews, etc., from Chinese click mills and schedule them so it looks as if the attention is growing exponentially. Then, when you stop paying them, the traffic goes away and you go running back to the scammer company.

Instead of paying money to marketing companies, run competitions, offers or just plain pay other people to spread the good word about your company. The tricky part is knowing where to find them, but the truth is there are plenty of Facebook groups and comment sections where you can recruit people. Just make sure you set things up so people don’t think you are trying to run a scam.

Make it very clear that you are trying your best to promote your website, you are not paying much, but you are paying for any help people can give. Doing this, in the correct way, will pay off far more than paying a huge fee to a marketing company where 80% of your wage goes to the marketing “Genius’s” salary.

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