How to Know If You Have Been Blocked From Instagram?

How to Know If You Have Been Blocked From Instagram

Fortunately, they are not notified whenever someone is blocked on Instagram or any other social media platform. Imagine the shock and anguish if you got a notice that said, “XYZ has blocked you.” Ouch!

However, there are times when we suspect somebody has banned us, mainly when their photos and stories disappear from our Instagram account. Does this imply that you’ve been blocked?

Probably not. The person’s account may have been terminated, or they may have stopped posting on Instagram. So, how can you find out whether you’ve been blocked? A person might have blocked you for a variety of factors. Individuals might block others to safeguard themselves, but it can be difficult to tell if somebody has blocked you on Instagram.

Whatever the case may be, you might be unsure whether someone has blocked you or closed their account. Everyone already knows numerous tools available on the Internet for growing an Instagram account or learning about other topics such as block status or unfollowing. However, there are a few convenient and straightforward methods to determine if somebody has blocked you.

So, we’ll put your interest to rest while we assist you in deciphering the block affair.

How Do You Tell if Somebody on Instagram Has Blocked You?

In general, Instagram will not allow you to access any details regarding the individual who has barred you, including their posts, followers, or ability to find them on the platform. As a result, it appears to be a desert when you look at the profile.

When somebody blocks you on Instagram, their likes, comments, and direct messages (DMs) vanish. When you open their profile, you’ll notice that there are no posts yet and that User Not Found is shown. They also disappear from your list of followers and followers.

Search on Instagram

To find out if somebody has blocked you, perform a fast search for their profile. You have not been blocked if the profile is public, and you can access their posts. If you see the message “This Account is Private” on your profile for private accounts, you have not been blocked. Send the person a request to follow them so you can see what they’re sharing.

If you see a person’s profile and the number of posts they’ve shared, but the postings don’t appear in the display area, they’ve blocked you from seeing their images.

Check Your Messages

If you’ve been blocked, Instagram will hide any past message threads you’ve had with this individual for both of you, so recheck your direct messages if you have any doubts. You’re in the clear if you can still see your chat. If this is not the case, you may have been blocked.

Check group messages that you both have in common to see whether their name displays to see if the individual has deactivated or cancelled their account. They have blocked you if you can still see them as participants in the group but not elsewhere else.

Check Your Profile

Instagram does not delete past comments or tags from your profile, even if someone blocks you. Click their profile if you can’t find them after searching but still see their remark on your post. If the link brings you to their page where you could see their post count without any photographs in the display, you’ve been blocked, much like the first approach.

Use a Browser to Search

In any internet browser, go to to see everyone’s Instagram profile. Replace “username” with the authentic account of the individual you are looking for if you know it. You would receive an error notice that says, “Sorry, this page isn’t available” if you are logged in, indicating that you have been blocked.

It’s conceivable that your account has been removed or disabled; to make sure this isn’t the case, log out of your account and conduct your search in an incognito browser. If you can view the profile, you have been blocked. If not, the account is most likely no longer active.

Follow Them Again

If you have access to this person’s profile, see if you could follow them. You won’t be able to follow them if you’ve been blocked. A short tap of the “Follow” button would not work, and you would be able to see the switch but not press it. They would not be notified that you attempted to contact them.

Switch to a Different Instagram Account or Device

The simplest method is to confirm from a different account. If you have a second account, look it up yourself or have a good friend do it. If things appear in order on the other account, you have been blocked.

It’s critical to consider why you’ve been barred if you’ve realised you’ve been blocked. People don’t usually block other individuals without a cause, so while it may be difficult to accept, consider what may have caused this. Did you say something disrespectful or improper? Perhaps something that has caused them pain or a group of people they identify with? The Internet is eternal, and a screen does not function as a barrier between you and the real world.

How Can I tell if Somebody on Instagram Has Blocked Me?

Have you ever wondered why one of your contacts blocked you? What happens when we hit a snag? We shall discuss it in this message.

Although you can’t be confident that your phone number has been banned by someone else, there are a few methods to explain your uncertainty. If you find yourself in a circumstance where you feel blocked, follow these steps:

Contact Last Seen

This is the most straightforward method of application. Search for the last contact you saw in the chatbox. You will no longer be able to see a contact’s last seen or online status in the chatbox if you are blocked.

No Changes to Your Profile Photo

If one of your phone numbers blocks you, the contact’s display photo would never change to you; it would remain the same before you were banned.

No messages were received via contact.

Any messages sent to a blocked contact would always show one checkmark, indicating that it was sent successfully, but it will never turn to two marks, meaning that the contact would never get it.


WhatsApp customers can opt-out of receiving messages from whomever they wish. If you see all of the above symptoms for a contact, it’s possible that the user is blocking you, and you must stay away from them.

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