What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a well-known entertainment website, for streaming movies, series, TV shows, etc. for both Hollywood and Bollywood. As an online consumer, you can watch your favorite entertainment programs and movies free of cost. Putlocker.com was a legitimate website. It has a good customer base which is spread worldwide.

The best thing which made Putlocker popular in no time is that it has an enormous index from which you can choose movies released a year back also you can choose movies which are the latest releases. All this content is available for your perusal free of cost.

Also, other websites of a similar kind will not offer you unlimited access to entertainment content without a hefty fee involved. Whereas Putlocker offers you a good entertainment experience free of cost. In today’s time, there is hardly any website which offers content free of cost also has a massive range of content on entertainment.

Putlocker.com was a UK based website which was launched in the year 2011. Though it gained popularity among the people globally in very less time. Due to a piracy threat reported against it. Putlocker.com was forced to shut down.

Putlocker website has rich content related to entertainment and provides global access to over 1.6 million people worldwide. A report published by Motion Pictures association led to the shutdown of the Putlocker website by court order to avoid piracy issues. However, considering the large fan base Putlocker still manages to operate under proxy websites.

Putlocker Proxy & Mirror Site List (February 2022):

Putlocker Proxy & Mirror Sites

Putlocker website has proxy and mirror websites which are a replication of the original Putlocker website which was banned due to leaked content. These sites actually aim to continue the legacy of the original Putlocker website. Consumers enjoy the latest shows, Putlocker movies, and free Putlocker content on these websites with the same quality always.

Putlocker Proxies
1 ww5.putlocker.vip Online On Very Fast
2 w5.putlocker.to Online On Very Fast
3 putlocker.me Online On Very Fast
4 putlockers.net Online On Very Fast
5 putlockerfree.net Online On Very Fast
6 putlockers.co Online On Very Fast
7 putlocker.today Online On Very Fast
8 putlocker.to Online On Very Fast
9 putlocker.how Online On Very Fast
10 putlockers.fm Online On Very Fast
11 123putlocker.io Online On Very Fast
12 putlocker.blue Online On Very Fast
13 putlockers.fm Online On Very Fast
14 putlockers.tf Online On Very Fast
15 Putlockersfm.com Online On Average
16 Putlockerstoworld.com Offline On Average
17 Putlockertv.to Offline On Average
18 Putlocker-m.net Offline On Slow
19 Putlockers.mn Offline On Slow

Alternative Websites to Putlocker:

Putlocker Alternatives

Putlocker is a well-known and popular website, however, due to piracy-related issues the website has always been in news for the wrong reasons. Hence consumers of the Putlocker website can switch to other better alternatives to enjoy their quest of movies in a better way.



Hulu offers an extensive list of TV shows and movies; many traditional TV networks have chosen Hulu as their online streaming partner. You can purchase a monthly membership of Hulu for $5.99 if you purchase a combo pack you can purchase ESPN and Disney + at $14.99 per month. Hulu allows a consumer to view content from both Disney and sports on the same website.

Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is a well-known service which provides you the content of traditional television via an app-based service. It provides you access to live content and allows you to record TV shows and movies through a DVR service. You can create your own customized packages at a price of $ 20 per month. You can add channels at $5 per month on the website.


Youtube.com started as a platform to view video content for Vloggers. Now provides you traditional TV content movies on rent or free of cost. What you don’t find on other websites you will find on Youtube.com. A monthly charge of $ 49.99 you can view a range of 70 channels on Youtube.com.



HBO Max is a new stream app which brings to you HBO and Warner media content. HBO max offers an exclusive range of online content for entertainment for its viewers.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an app-based service with content available with advertisements. The only drawback of Pluto TV is you cannot skip the ad content.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

This website offers movies and tv shows after incurring a monthly rental of 12.99. This is one of the best websites to watch movies at your convenience. The yearly rental is $119 per year.



Netflix is another platform where you can get access to movies, TV series and shows etc. it does charge an annual subscription to provide you access to the content available on this platform.



Hotstar.com is a platform that allows you to view content in all genres TV series, web series, movies, news, and other later content. You can also keep your kids entertained with Disney bouquets of content.

Key Features of Putlocker:

Putlocker offers a wide range of features, consumers can select genre, language, and also make a choice of the file size being downloaded. Movies, Web series, drama, action, and comedy movies are categories from which a consumer can choose what he would like to watch.

  • It has an attractive home page, Putlocker has created its popularity and a good impression in the minds of the consumer only because of an attractive homepage. This homepage has teasers which attract consumers to use the website.
  • The Putlocker website offers a vast library to choose from, you can get movies and series you wish to watch. You will be able to get old movies and TV shows along with new movies and TV shows without investing any monetary value.
  • Putlocker is a user-friendly website, The website provides easy accessibility to consumers.
  • All movies, TV shows, and web series can be watched in subtitles. With the Putlocker website, you can watch movies in any language you like.
  • It has a clear and easy interface.
  • It is available in all languages worldwide
  • It supports higher quality in the streaming of entertainment content.
  • Website crashes are avoided in the long term.

Features and categories in Putlocker:

There are numerous features in the Putlocker website, you can access entertainment content from videos and movies, series, from any language and genre. It provides you free movie content. It also provides you movies in Putlocker HD which is the high definition feature. Drama, action movies, horror and comedy film and TV shows can be downloaded free of cost and it can be viewed at any point in time.

  • Putlocker has divided its content into different categories.
  • If you are fond of horror movies you can choose from the horror film category, all content here is available in Putlocker HD quality. Once you are viewing the content in this category you will be glued to your seat.
  • Putlocker movie collection is vast even in the Hindi language. Old Hindi classics and action thriller movies also some of the best adventurous movies are available in the Putlocker Hindi category.
  • You can also view old classic comedy movies on the site. Putlocker has an extensive collection of comedy movies to choose from.
  • You can also watch comedy and drama movies on Putlocker.
  • Everyone has a liking towards thriller movies, Putlocker movie library offers you a wide choice of thriller movies to choose from.
  • Putlocker movies also allow you to keep your kids entertained. You can choose from a wide choice of kid movies to keep kids of all ages entertained.
  • You can also watch sports and science fiction movies on Putlocker.
  • There is also the most recommended category. This category allows you to watch a good movie which is most popular and a top-rated movie to be watched.

Movies Leaked by Putlocker Website:

Though Putlocker is a very popular site, it is also in the news for leaking movies and TV shows. The most recent Putlocker movie leaked by the website is Wonder Woman in the year 2017. It was an action and war movie which was leaked by the Putlocker website.

Putlocker is famous for its illegal work as well, in the past, it has released many illegal movies like the wrong turn, Captain America- The First Avenger, the Lion King and Get out. These are some of the popular Putlocker movies that have been leaked. Movies, TV series, and most recommended movies all in the English language were uploaded on the website in an illegal way.

Precautions while using sites like Putlocker:

You can use a VPN that helps you to keep your IP address and data encrypted. While sending and receiving any information. It safeguards your device from any malware and viruses that will be harmful to your device.
You can use an adblocker to block similar sites like putlocker, avoid clicking on unsecured links so that you are safeguarded from viruses and other threats. Many countries have blocked similar sites to avoid piracy and cyber threat issues. Use a web browser that provides you online security from viruses. Avoid clicking on ads which may direct you to similar websites. These precautions are helpful while using similar sites like putlocker.

How did Putlocker Emerge?

Putlocker.com was created in the year 2012, with a clear idea to make entertainment content such as Bollywood, Hollywood movies, TV shows, and movies of Indian regional languages. Also sports content such as WWE matches and cricket matches. The online streaming of content was made available to users to resolve the issues related to piracy. Within only a month’s time, the subscribers rose to 90,000 + subscribers.

When does Putlocker release a movie?

The Putlocker website works hand in hand with the theatrical release of the movie. The moment the movie is released in the theatre at the same time Putlocker uploads the movie in Putlocker HD format on the website.

Do you think watching movies and shows in a downloaded format is illegal?

If movie-related content is available on convenience people will completely stop going to theatres to watch movies and enjoy the cinematic experience properly hence yes it is illegal to watch downloaded movies and shows. However, once the movie or shows are removed from theatres then this content is made available to the movie enthusiasts for viewing in the future.

What is Putlocker Reddit?

The Putlocker Reddit is an online website which provides the latest news related to entertainment websites in the form of news articles or videos etc. It provides news related to the new features added to the website and announcements related to the website are given on Putlocker Reddit.

Conclusion: This article discusses the putlocker website in detail. Further, it also discussed how the Putlocker website gained popularity and what kind of content is streamed online on the Putlocker website. Putlocker was the most widely used website but it was always in the news due to piracy activities which showcased movies online and other copyrighted content before it was released.

Putlocker Website Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans. Yes, Putlocker is an illegal website, it has been banned by the UK government also in different countries due to the piracy issues and providing illegal access to users for copyrighted content.
Ans. Putlocker allows you to download free Putlocker movie content and shows at your convenience however it is not protected well from cyber threats and viruses. Hence it is advisable to use the website with a VPN and antivirus software to safeguard your device. However despite the threat people still maintain a loyal fan base for the website that offers Putlocker HD content for your perusal.
Ans. You can access the Putlocker website from the below URL which is www.putlocker.com whenever you wish to watch movies or web series on the website.
Ans. The new name of Putlocker is a new updated URL which is Putlocker.ch which was made active for users in the year 2016 in the month of November.
Ans. Putlocker websites have been shut down because their safety was questionable and a lot of pirated content was uploaded on these sites. So in countries such as the UK, the US, and Australia these websites were shut down. Some of the Putlocker websites that went through the shutdown phase were Putlocker plus, Putlocker today, Putlocker tv, Putlocker movies etc.
Ans. Putlocker website is a free website that also allows users to watch movies and television shows in a downloaded format. But it can cause viruses and malware in your device. So it is not protected from viruses.
Ans. No, you cannot go to jail for watching movies online, yes film companies can legally sue websites for leaking movies prior to their release on the website. Unless and until it is an online stream authorized partner of the film company.
Ans. Putlocker has faced many criminal charges over the years due to its involvement in releasing pirated content. It was sued by Motion pictures and Belgium entertainment for its growing popularity and in no time it had become the most used website for viewing pirated content.
Ans. Putlocker is a legitimate website, this is subjected to where you live. If you live in the US, UK, and Australia then it is not legal because these countries have banned this website due to piracy issues. This website allows all sorts of advertisements to be a part of the website. This leads to the transmission of viruses and other malware onto your device through the website.
Ans. It was launched in the year 2012 for offering movies, web series, and online shows free of cost to movie enthusiasts. It gained popularity by gaining annual subscribers to 90, 000 users online in a month’s time.
Ans. The original Putlocker website has been blocked worldwide, You can only access the mirror sites or the copied sites of Putlocker.com to view the content on the site.
Ans. There is a high risk of viruses that can affect your devices, at the same time Putlocker.com is banned in many countries due to the promotion of pirated content online for free of cost. If you plan to use Putlocker please use certain safety measures. These measures are using a VPN for the site which encrypts your IP address and at the same time use an antivirus software to use Putlocker.com.

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