Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Consultant

Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Consultant

Consider the following scenario. You’ve recently been employed as a content marketing consultant, and you’ve been tasked with conducting all of your website’s SEO research. You’re a novice to SEO (and you already got a lot on your plate), but your crew recognizes the requirement for assistance and approves the hiring of an outside SEO expert.

So you enlist the help of your fantastic content marketing coworkers to compile a slate of nominees. Still, you’re faced with a significant dilemma: how do you know if an SEO consultant truly understands what they are writing about?

Begin with these questions to determine whether or not your SEO consultant is genuinely knowledgeable.

How Are You Going To Boost My Ranking?

How Are You Going To Boost My Ranking

It is by far the most crucial question to pose to your SEO firm. You need to observe genuine outcomes if you’re engaging in SEO marketing, and any effective SEO service must be transparent regarding their approaches.

The finest SEO firms would have a well-defined approach and be prepared to describe their services in clear English. Avoid anybody who keeps their products under wraps, attempts to disguise their procedures behind jargon, or claims it’s “too hard” to explain.

Here are a few particular items you might anticipate from a reputable SEO firm:

Audit of SEO/website

Your SEO company must examine your website for problems that could be affecting your search engine rankings. It could involve broken links, sluggish loading times, or pages that aren’t mobile responsive.

Researching keywords

You don’t need to rank for just any keywords; you would like to rank for words and topics related to your company. Your SEO firm must conduct research and produce a listing of selected keywords that will assist in attracting the correct visitors to your website.

On-Page Optimization

Your SEO company would most probably uncover faults on your website after a technical SEO assessment. They must also have a procedure in place for upgrading and optimizing your website’s pages.

Creating Links

Backlinks are one of Google’s most essential ranking indicators, and they are heavily reliant on high-quality content. Any reputable SEO company must have a plan in place for generating high-quality content and backlinks. Just be wary of companies that advertise a vast number of low-cost links.

What changes would you make to that plan to fit our brand, business, sector, or niche?

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and your SEO consultant must have certain notions about how your sector, business strategy, and objectives necessitate a customized plan. Local SEO for a small business looking to acquire consumers from a dozen zip codes is significantly distinct from SEO for a massive company with a world market.

It’s an advantage if you have industry experience, but it’s not required. The ability of the SEO service to communicate how they would tweak the simple concept to adapt significantly to your specialty is more crucial. Ascertain that the organization can identify particular areas where the overall strategy would differ.

How Do You go Regarding Building Links?

How Do You go Regarding Building Links

External inbound backlinks are an essential component of any online marketing strategy. It will be challenging to rank better than your competition without useful links linking to your website.

Not all link, though, is good backlink. If you choose the incorrect SEO firm and create unethical links that violate Google’s criteria, you might well punish your website, and you might never reach your objectives.

You must ask the following questions to help you develop links:

  • What sort of links would you create, and how would you do it?
  • How many new links should we anticipate each month? Keep in mind that an actual answer is unimaginable to provide. Expect to be given an estimate.
  • Do you have a database of appropriate job openings?
  • What are your thoughts on Google Penguin, and what constitutes a high-quality backlink?
  • Should you be making any technological adjustments?

Before you sign an SEO agreement, be sure you understand who is in charge of each assignment. Certain agencies/freelancers are imprecise in their ideas, which might lead to a rude awakening later on when you require a developer to execute the improvements they suggest.

What Criteria do You Use to Describe “Success”?

Success in seo

It is a little bit of a ruse. While SEO firms might arrive at the session with broad objectives, their performance metrics must be based on your definition of success. No SEO business could promise first-page rankings and those who could most certainly employ black-hat tactics. These approaches might temporarily increase traffic, but they will eventually result in a fine, as well as dramatically lower traffic and ranks.

Legitimate SEO experts could tailor their strategies to meet your objectives. If you want more visitors, they might focus on keyword optimization or content production. They might suggest improving your local business accounts on directory and review sites if you’re seeking additional local visitors. The achievement criteria of a Seo company must be closely related to your company’s objectives, so search for firms that ask you to answer this question.

How Long do You Think it Will Take us to See Outcomes?

How Long do You Think it Will Take us to See Outcomes in seo

Although successful SEO takes time, an expert company must provide you with a timeline for outcomes. In general, benefits from credible SEO strategies should be visible within six months of starting.

The health of your website determines the speed with which you can see outcomes. Correcting technological mistakes and oversights, for example, could result in significant SEO gains in a short period. However, if your website is already well-structured and devoid of technological faults, you would have to wait longer to see meaningful results.

If your SEO firm offers fast outcomes, find out why. It’s great to point out technical issues that have to be addressed. If not, be cautious—they could be employing antiquated, spammy tactics that would possibly result in your website being punished.

Do You Need To Alter THE Layout Of My Website?

On-page optimization is a critical component of SEO marketing, particularly in the early stages. As a result, as part of their SEO procedure, any reputable SEO agency would wish to make adjustments to your website. If an SEO consultant refuses to discuss website adjustments, it’s a clear sign that they’re not the ideal fit for you.

On-page modifications establish the tone for a good SEO campaign, which is why they should be implemented early on. These adjustments assist in resolving any technical difficulties that might be hurting your page and bringing it up to Google’s requirements. You could additionally anticipate keyword optimization, content strategy, and even strategies to enhance your user experience recommendations.

Before you offer your SEO company critical details like website logins, please don’t hesitate to question the company regarding the adjustments they intend to implement and how they plan to convey those adjustments to you. Somebody who isn’t familiar with backend updates or code could cause significant problems for your website. You’re entrusting them with the keys to your digital kingdom, so ensure they’re a business you could rely on.

Can I View Testimonials, Case Studies, And Certification?

Can I View Testimonials, Case Studies, And Certification for seo

Now, since we’re on the subject of trust, it’s time to demand confirmation of their assertions. You would never recruit a new worker without checking their credentials and recommendations. The same holds for your company. Begin by inquiring regarding credentials. You desire to engage with a skilled specialist who constantly learns new things. SEO firms who take the time to keep up with business certifications are usually up to date on the latest search trends. Search for a Google Analytics and AdWords accredited SEO firm that is also a Google Partner.

Your SEO company should also offer various instructional content, case studies, and testimonials to back up their job. Case studies are crucial because data doesn’t lie in most circumstances. You could certainly appreciate the SEO business’s worth when you witness genuine customers with actual traffic and ranking increases.

And what more excellent approach to learning the facts regarding a business than through its customers? Testimonials, reviews, and references would provide you with unbiased information regarding the business’s SEO services and how they performed. The simplest method to discover if something functions, like with most stuff, is to ask someone who has utilized it before.

Aside from case studies, recommendations, testimonials, and evaluations are the most significant ways to learn about many businesses from the perspective of a past customer. While a corporation might make an excellent impression by selecting the best case study, their customers will be truthful.


Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term commitment. It will take several months for the outcomes, or lack thereof, to become evident. One of the main reasons why unethical SEO firms are still in the company is that they aren’t discovered for months.

Several of the questions I’ve posed in this essay are intended to assist you in sifting out the dodgy SEO companies and individuals. The other questions might help you determine whether or not a specific SEO company is worth engaging for your organization. Use as many or as few of these questions as you need to discover reliable SEO assistance.

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