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Rdxhd is a piracy website which lets its user download movies in “HD” which is why it has an edge over other websites they provide the same service. Here Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, English movies and movies dubbed in Hindi are found for free. It also has a collection for web series, serials, TV shows etc. It is interesting to see that RDXhd website provides different video qualities as well. The interface of this website has good interface and design suitable for PC and mobile both.

But it is important to know that since this website provides pirated movies it is an illegal platform!
Wondering why this illegal website has not been shut down yet? Or people behind this website have still not been caught?

Well, it’s because people from unidentified places are covering site services. Also, since it is endowed with copyright issues goggle has blocked the primary domain of this website yet, one has an advantage of visiting its multiple RDXhd proxy sites where users choose from groups that feature different genre/taste movies and download whichever movie they want to watch.

In case a person only wants to stream the movie, the user will have to access the web by entering a domain name specifically after which they can watch the movie online.

Features of rdxhd 2021:

1) Multiple languages:

The content of rdxhd is available in multiple languages ranging from English, Hindi to Tamil , Telugu , Malayalam etc. Even the movies of different language might be found in dubbing of other languages

2) Format:

The movies and shows are available in various formats which allows users to either stream or download in the format they prefer.

3) Vast collection:

The rdxhd website has a vast collection of viewer’s content ranging from movies, web series, TV shows, award functions, documentaries, news and short films etc.

4) Categorization:

Content here is categorized on several basis like year of release, their genre, language etc.

5) Additional information:

With every type of content, the website flashes a piece of information about the theatrical release date , the genre , the plot of the movie to help its viewers build a mindset before watching the movie.

6) User-friendly interface:

The interface of rdxhd is a user friendly interface compact with the PC, laptop and mobile phones.

7) Fast downloading:

The one feature which is most wanted is fast downloading since many websites take a lot of time in downloading the content which in turn frustrates the viewer well, rdxhd got this shortcoming covered by providing fast download service . With a steady internet connection the user can acquire content really quick.

8) Different qualities of content:

A user can stream or download the content in different video qualities made available by rdxhd.

Categories of Rdxhd:

With a huge collection of content, the rdxhd also has a noteworthy organization of its content to help users easily choose between different genres, movies, languages etc. The different categories available are:

Bollywood movies
Gujarat movies
Punjabi movies
Hollywood movies
South Indian movies
Hollywood dubbed movies
South Indian dubbed movies
Hollywood series
Hollywood Hindi dubbed series
Hollywood English TV shows
Hindi TV and web series
Indian TV serials
Indian TV shows

What are the latest movies and shows available on rdxhd 2021?

Rdxhd has a huge library of online entertainment content illegally copied from Netflix, Amazon prime, hotstar, Sony liv etc. Some pf the trending movies and shows available are:

Indoo ki jawani (2021)
Myrah (2021)
Dulhan aur aik raat (2021)
Main mulayam singh yadav (2021)
Lahore confidential (2021)
The White tiger (2021)
The holiday
Dangerous lies
The last kingdom
Bad boys for life
Thappad etc.

How soon does rdxhd release new content?

Rdxhd is a pool of entertainment content and provides the content real quick after it has been released officially. Once the movie is available in theatres the service providers of this website do piracy of that movie and it becomes available for its users. Since piracy is a major threat for the makers of content as well as for society also thus piracy in any form is not advisable

How to access the rdxhd website:

Although accessing the content from rdxhd is illegal and leads to crime , we don’t suggest watching piracy content yet if one wants to explore the website the following procedure can guide.

First: It is important to have a VPN downloaded in your system in order to avoid your IP address from being tracked or noticed and bypass any restrictions.
Second: After installing VPN apps, open VPN software and select the IP IP address of a country where this website is not banned or illegal.
Third: Stream or download the content you want to watch! It’s ready!

Is it safe to download movies from rdxhd website?

Since it is an illegal platform and against the laws in many areas also the people behind this website are unknown and have no authentication thus it might transfer virus into your device while streaming or downloading thus it is always advisable to install antivirus software to protect your device(s) from being affected drastically.

Rdxhd’s proxy websites list:

Since we already mentioned that due to the ban on website from Google it has its proxy websites to access the content from. Here are the websites that you can use to access rdxhd proxy directly.

RdxHD Movie
RdxHD1 shop

How popular is rdxhd?

There are analytics websites that rate the popularity of website based upon traffic and and analytics. One such website is Alexa.com.

According to Alexa.com, rdxhd is ranked 303,832 among global websites.
Google trends shows that there is a rise in search of rdxhd every time a new movie is released !

Alternatives of Rdxhd websites:


It is a torrented piracy website. As the name suggests it has stock of south Indian movies ( Tamil, telugu, Malayalam, kannada, etc) . They’re pirated various Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

The popular Bahubali and Robot 2 were pirated by Tamil rockers. Though the government has banned their website but due to the high end technical expertise of this website their location couldn’t be tracked.

123 movies:

Originated in Vietnam, 123 movies is a video streaming website. Although it has been shut down but before that it was named as the most popular illegal website. Its content is now available in other clone websites.


Emerged in UK putlocker lets a user find Hollywood movies, TV shows, web series on their website . It has been shut down by government yet the user can search for their clone sites. Remember! Piracy leads to the loss not just for makers of content but for the society too thus it is never favorable to follow the sites which are banned and activates which are illegal.


This site also let’s its users access content through generation of magnetic links. This makes it different from other sites. But such sites pose a threat to malware risks, viruses and hacking. User’s entire privacy is a matter of being looked at by hackers. Thus use of proxy service and vpn can be a helpful source for visiting these sites.


Launched in 2007, this piracy website has a directory of magnet links and torrent files for file sharing. This piracy website has extended its businesses to other illegal activities as well be it gaming, software or music. It is the third most famous site (of 2021). The site is banned by google. It has a worldwide reach. Registration on this website is optional.


Like other piracy websites, movieflix also has a huge content base which is easy to access and watch. Since illegal, this website is banned in some parts of India but is operational through other domain names. Well not only the website but using it too is an illegal website. But it is hampering the entertainment market which is spending money to create content thus they’re trying to shut down such sites. This website displays content from Hollywood, dubbed movies, Asian movies, tv shows, dubbed movies, adult movies and web series. It has Alexa rank of 21,999 across the globe.


A very well organized website, UWatchFree is a site to watch movies online or download for free and in HD quality. The organization of the website is quite satisfactory as it involves different genres, language. On the right top corner menu option is displayed which shows categories such as featured, tv series, Hindi, telugu , dubbed, genres, request if any. Also is a search bar for easy content access. After the content is released in about a day to get uploaded on site.


This piracy site has content available in HD and UHD quality with easy navigation. There is a collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies, tv shows, series, South Indian movies, etc. On the left side, there is a menu tab which displays 18 + adult content, Hollywood movies, tv shows, animated content, dubbed movies, and WWE. Also on the home page, several movies are displayed including Korean series and shows as well. Famous movies like the power (2021) etc. are available as well.


The homepage of the site is pretty with a colorful vase of blue and white and easy to understand the organization of tabs. On the home page itself, several movies are displayed to choose from or the user can search from the menu on the top right corner. Users also have an option to sign up for the latest updates but since it is an illegal site, we recommend to not use such platforms as they might transfer viruses or hack your privacy. It is just like other piracy websites with content to stream or download in good quality with access to different genres and languages.


Fmovies have a pretty simple interface made attractive with the color combination. With a big search bar in the Centre to search from. It is launched in 2021 only and thus asks you to share your own social media. Waupun scrolling down there are a lot of genres to choose from! Before being banned by Google and governments, it was assumed to be a top piracy site for entertainment content. It also had to face a lawsuit which it lost and was fined a very heavy amount. Though its nonoperational but might have other domain names as well to access.


Memovies is yet another piracy website which had easy access to movies and shows. With easy to navigate interface users could enjoy the content, but some of it was a piracy website illegal to use thus it has now been shut down. But before that users could find a lot to watch from! An extremely successful website operated from Vietnam.


With Go movies, users can stream the movies without having it downloaded. It shows different video qualities to watch with. As soon as a user visits their website there is a search bar to search movies and content. Beneath the search bar is a tab ” use go movies all access” that heads to another page. On the top left corner is the menu tab displaying tv shows and movies categories.


It is another torrent piracy website. To watch the content, registration is not necessary. It provides for links to watch content and provides for free download as well. Users have an option to watch Action, Mystery, Musical, Mythological, Sci-Fi, Animation, War, Romance, Thriller, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Biography, and Documentaries on SolarMovie. But since it is a piracy website it is an illegal platform which the entertainment market is trying you shut down


Quite an infamous website that shows pirated content copyrighted under other houses of production. It shows the content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, viu, jio, zee5, Eros now, Sony liv, and many more. Their main emphasis is on video quality. There are south Indian movies as well along the Hollywood and Bollywood movies and web series.

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