NBA Stream Reddit

NBA Stream Reddit

Reddit NBA streams, On June 19, due to repeated violations of Reddit’s copyright infringement policy, the subreddit r/nbastreams was officially shut down. The policy reads:

  Our policy is to close the accounts of users, in appropriate circumstances, who have repeatedly been charged with copyright infringement. Sometimes a repeat infringement problem is limited to one user and we close just that user’s account. Other times, the problem pervades a whole subreddit community and we close the subreddit.

The subreddit was popular among basketball fans who could easily find a live stream of every NBA game, regardless of their location or device. In the lead up to the finals, the subreddit r/nbastreams had become one of the most popular television service providers in the entire country. Let’s dive deep into the story of how such a beloved subreddit of the NBA community vanished and also look at the alternatives to watch NBA games online for free.

What is the Reddit NBA Stream?

Reddit NBA Stream

Reddit NBA Stream was one of the most popular destinations for NBA fans on the internet and “Find streams in one place for every NBA game”, as mentioned in the subreddits About tab. Before the start of the 2016-17 season, the subreddit was reportedly had nearly 400,000 subscribers. Even people with League Pass, the subscription to the NBA’s streaming service, looked to catch the live action at the Reddit NBA streams. It was so popular that it outweighs all other established competitors such as CBA, Netflix, or even going to your friend’s house to watch their cable.

How did the NBA Streams subreddit work?

A separate thread was created for each NBA game and it usually went live about an hour before tip-off. Then, the users would start posting the links to live streams of that particular game in the comment section for the thread while following strict guidelines. It had 25 rules which covered everything from the use of bold to highlighting for HD streams to the need to specify whether the stream is compatible with mobile.

The subreddit’s moderators remove nonactive links and also deleted threats after the completion of each game. The strict moderation and attention to detail made the Reddit NBA stream an appealing destination for those who were looking for NBA streams subreddit replacement.

Why Reddit NBA streams website was so popular?

NBA Reditt Tranding

There are three major points for the success of pirated streaming of NBA games; strong brand identity, maximum customer satisfaction, and stealing content to give it away for free. The increase of viewership has also urged the advertisers to look for ways to reach and engage the audience of an illegal sports stream. The subreddit was popular because of its ease of access and reliability.

Some of its qualities as reported by the users include the centralized location for all games, no requirement for a cable subscription, and the availability of respectable quality. The whole free aspect would stand out for many individuals, especially college students who had little to no disposable income but still wanted to watch the games.

Is streaming NBA Reddit legal?

Most basketball fans will pay a monthly fee to get NBA League Pass and watch their favorite team play. But, if you have used the Reddit NBA stream before, you might be wondering whether it is legal or not. Unlike other pirating activities, the now banned streaming NBA Reddit lies in a gray area. While watching any NBA game, you may have heard that reproduction, republishing, uploading, posting, and transmitting of any NBA footage is prohibited, unless you have the league’s approval.

However, unlike downloading, streaming of copyrighted content is challenging for copyright holders to control, especially due to the use of VPNs or virtual private networks which can mask the IP address of users. This can make it hard to monitor the individuals responsible for streaming the copyrighted content.

Why did the NBA take so long to shut down the subreddit?

Historically, Reddit has been known to be cautious when it comes to taking down subreddits due to concerns of free speech. Although it has made some shift in recent years regarding policy implementation. Even then, online forums like Reddit NBA streams create a game of whack-a-mole for copyright holders. For instance, if you get successful in shutting down a forum, or you get an individual to take down any specific live stream, soon multiple stream or forum will pop up in its place.

Which teams are the most trending on Reddit’s NBA Live Stream?

To find out the teams and matchups attracting the most attention online, we took a deep dive into the activity on streams of Reddit NBA basketball during the 2017-18 season. We found that overall the Cleveland Cavaliers had the highest pirate-streaming rating during the regular season. In addition, their team had more streams per game and their playoff games were among the most pirated as well.

Some of the other popular teams were defending champions Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, and the Toronto Raptors. Although smaller-market teams tend to have a lower number of streams per game, unsurprisingly, the Milwaukee Bucks and Oklahoma City Thunder were on the top tier of popularity for regular-season games.

What’s next for copyright enforcer of NBA TV Live Stream?

Adam Silver, the present National Basketball Association commissioner (NBA) had said in 2015 that fans should pay for the full premium broadcasts of games. The league by issuing a statement had confirmed its involvement in the Reddit NBA streams shut down.

  “We work with our vendors to identify and protect against pirated live streams of our games. Platforms shutting down repeat infringers is critical to this process.”

The league was also aware of the subreddit for a long time and had filed takedown requests during special events such as All-Star Game and playoffs. After the start of this season, with the community getting more popular than ever, it decided to push Reddit more aggressively. Other streaming subreddits also had met a similar fate, with r/soccerstreams being eliminated in January and r/mmastreams being shut down in May.

The goal for enforcers is to disrupt the trend of pirated streams and encourage consumers to go legit. Although the EPL has learned its lesson after taking down r/soccerstreams which was replaced by new communities on Reddit and chat platform Discord. Basketball fans can take a similar route and dive into illegal streaming networks.

What are the alternatives for the Reddit NBA streams subreddit?

NBA Streams Alternatives

NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass

It is one of the best ways to watch the NBA including live and on-replay is to get NBA League Pass. You can watch games in your own way, with live and on-demand, mobile streaming, or even following the game in a condensed format. With the annual league pass, you can stream games of every team along with other exclusive features. It’s accessible on several platforms including Apple TV, Samsung smart TVs, Roku, iOS, Android devices, and more. There are in total three variations of League Pass in the United Pass: NBA League Pass TV, NBA League Pass Broadband, and NBA League Pass Mobile. In addition, there is also NBA International League Pass which enables steam Reddit NBA for users outside of the United States.

Discord channel


Discord is a chat platform available for both computer and mobile devices. You can even use the web app on any device which at least supports a web browser. The Reddit NBA Stream team had started this discord channel before the league could ban the subreddit. Here you’ll find the direct links to game streams with the quality up to 1080p. The discord channel allows you to share text message, images, videos, links, and other multimedia content in real-time. When entering the streams reddit nba discord channel, you might see a welcome message after which you can keep track of each basketball match.

Hulu Live TV

hulu live tv

Although it does not offer a way to watch NBA TV, it allows you to watch NBA games online. In addition, its subscription also unlocks the Hulu’s catalog of movies and TV shows. This means with every subscription you also get access to its on-demand library to catch up on your favorite shows. It does not have any hidden fees while also providing you with the ability to cancel at any time. You can opt for a trial period during which you can watch 60+ live and on-demand TV channels for a week for free. It provides full seasons of TV shows, movies, originals, and special kids collection.

YouTube TV

youtube tv

Similar to Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV also offers one package of channels. With the stacked lineup of sports, you get everything you need to stream each NBA game. In addition to that, YouTube TV offers FS1, SEC Network, Ten Network, and CBS Sports Network. One of its game-changing features is that you can add up to six accounts per household. What’s more: each one of those accounts gets unlimited cloud DVR storage with the ability to fast-forward through ads on recorded programs. Although you will have to check its welcome page to see the availability of channels in your locality, you will definitely find local networks and regional sports channels. This might also prove to be the best way to stream TV without the requirement of any cable box.


It is one of the popular free Sports streaming sites. Any web browser can be used with this. This streaming website provides categories that include MMA, Boxing, Basketball, Football, and more.

NHL Streams

It is mainly a subscription sports streaming product that is available in the NHL app and the You can live stream, from over 500 national and even out of the market NHL games on your devices such as laptop, smartphone, tablet, and many more. The streaming services that are sport-centric feature NHL, NBCSN, NBC network along with comprehensive access to Fox RSNs and NBC that are regional. This is not provided by many of its rivals.

MMA Streams

There is a separate fan base for the MMA (mixed martial arts) in the increasing time it is very much popular among the viewers. Your favorite show can be streamed for free on any device. This website is mainly dedicated to the higher quality of free ufc streaming.


Sports is one of the things that can bring the whole world together. Live sports streaming is very popular nowadays as people don’t have to invest in cable. Many sports can be found on this site, and all you have to do is select the sports you’re interested in and then you’ll be able to search for any schedules. This makes the life of the sports lover easier.

Conclusion: No matter on which platform or website you Reddit stream NBA basketball games, you want to make sure that you are enjoying it. Also, to stay updated with the scores, stats, schedules, recaps, and the latest news, you can get the official NBA app for your mobile device.

Reddit NBA Streams FAQs

NBAStream is counted as illegal in practice. Just after the subreddit page of cricket streams, SoccerStreams, and MmaStreams was deleted the popular NBA communities have even taken down under the URL/r/nbastreams.
NBA Streams are considered as any other pirating service and it also exists in the gray area. If you are a great fan of this game then during any game, republishing, reproduction, posting, uploading, transmitting, etc. putting any NBA footage without any legal permission is strictly prohibited.
Below are some of the alternatives of Reddit NBA streams where you can even enjoy NBA Streams:
  • Crackstreams
  • NHL streams
  • MMA streams
  • Buffstreamz
Watching the illegal streams are not illegal as for that you need to download Peer Peer viewing or you need to pull the streaming up and show them then as a public performance all of these is a copyright violation. If you are not downloading the stream then there is no problem.
Above are some of the sites where you can watch online NBA games for free. You can find the alternatives to watch NBA games as the Reddit NBA streams are gone.
Nba4free is legit and safe for consumers to access. This site has existed for several years. The website even looks safe to use.
Streaming is unlicensed content and it is a misdemeanor offense. The law doesn’t consider it as a sweep in normal practices as per the online service providers, noncommercial activities, good faith business disputes, or any way to impact individuals who stream unauthorized copies of copyrights works.
In an NBA match, halftime breaks are 15 minutes long.
Yes, You can even watch NBA games without cable too. you can stream the NBA online with the help of one of these online streaming and live TV services.
Leagues Pass comes up with easy access with just some clicks. On some websites you acne ven get the daily dose of NBA all in free.
Yes, the YouTube TV subscribers can even shine up for the NBA league pass with the hel[p of this service. This even helps in unblocking access to the live games. The subscribers can even catch the live games and stream on YouTube TV.
There is no need for a cable subscription to subscribe to the NBA League Pass with the Prime Video channels. When you subscribe to the NBA League Pass then this will even give you access to watch the regular season games on any device that supports Amazon Prime.
NBA TV is mainly an official channel for the NBA. This comes up with live games such as regular, exhibitions, and playoffs which provide post-game coverage, and even exclusive NBA programming.
It is essential for all basketball fans to purchase NBA League Pass. This helps in providing access to the out-of-the-market games not on national TV. If you want to follow one team then you can even get a team passes for that for just $199.99.


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