Remotely Monitor Facebook with TheOneSpy

Monitor Facebook! But for what! Yeah, it is common these days to spy on someone Facebook account remotely. The developers, black hat hackers, and third-party apps have been the focusing point these days that are capable of doing surveillance on someone’s Facebook social media app. No matter what are the reasons for spying on the instant messenger, but there are few seems reasonable for the activity such as parenting to protect young kids and teens from social media hazards and the FB is one of the largest social platforms these days that taking part to spread plenty of social issues.

Furthermore, in the corporate sector where employees are used to wasting time within the working hours on Facebook account on company’s owned gadgets and devices. Moreover, the rise in the rise of free communication in terms of text messages, audio and video calls, and shared media files has lead people to have hookups and the people who are already in the relationship cannot be ignored because they are fully indulged in cyber-infidelity. So, no one wants to be cheated form their GF/BF or from their spouse or partner.

Facebook Monitoring Remotely

Is there a right way to breach someone’s privacy, without using the developers, hackers and third-party malicious apps that can damage the user’s personal device. Yeah! Obviously, everyone has two paths; one is a proper way to monitor someone’s cell phone having consent or authority and the second way to break the law and to breach someone’s privacy without having consent by using free time wasting methods that can really break down your personal and target devices and gadgets.

Use TheOneSpy cell phone spy app

All you need to do is to use TheOneSpy Facebook spy app for tracking anyone’s FB account in order to know the activities along with the complete time stamp. First and foremost you have to subscribe to the mobile spy app by getting your hands on officials website of the cell phone spy app. Then you will get the credentials through an email. Now you can install the cell phone surveillance software on your target cell phone device having a physical access to it. The moment you have done with it, you just need to activate the spyware for cell phone device. At that time, you will have options to use it secretly or not. Make your best-desired option and get activate the phone tracking spyware on the target phone.

Use the Credentials

Use the passcode and ID that you have got at the time of subscription. However, you can further install TOS Desk on your personal phone to get access into the online control panel to avoid putting the credentials back and forth and for having the complete guidance of using the TheOneSpy web portal. Now visit the features and get your eyes on Facebook monitoring tools such as screenshot, Facebook Live screen recording, Keyloggers, TOS spy 360 live screen sharing and IM’s social media. All these tools of TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app are the best ones to monitor someone’s FB social app but in different ways.

Let’s use all above mentioned Facebook tracking tools introduced by TheOneSpy.

IM’s social media

A user can use it and can get access to the Facebook logs remotely, text conversations, and text messages shared media files as photos and videos and sent or received Voice messages. What else has left if you are able to monitor all these activities happen on the messenger?

Facebook Live screen Recording

You can use FB Live Screen recording and can make short videos back to the back of the screen and can remotely view live activities happen on the phone at the time when Facebook is being activated.

TOS spy 360 live screen recording

Further, you can hack the screen of your target cell phone of Android, IOS, and blackberries and can broadcast it live to the online control panel and the access you already have got it. You can view live broadcasting of cell phone screen and can remotely view the target phone Facebook activities in real-time.


Don’t go for time-wasting activities having free fake tools that claim to hack someone’s Facebook account. Use TheOneSpy Facebook spy app for parenting, employees monitoring and for spouse tracking.

Written by Arnaud Gilbert
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