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Tamilrockers is a public website designed for users to enjoy copyrighted entertainment content in regional languages. Users can visit the website and then either download the content to view it or view content through live streaming.

Tamilrockers was established in 2011, Since it provided content which was pirated the founders of the websites were arrested and Amazon prime intervened to get the website blocked in the year 2020. Tamilrockers website became popular in a very short span of time due to issues with a legal license the domain of the website was blocked.

The Tamilrockers website gained popularity since it dubbed both Indian and International content into regional South Indian languages. It made file sharing easy and convenient for its users.

Best Way to Access Tamilrockers website:

The user can access Tamilrockers website in the following way:

  • An Internet browser can be opened on the system.
  • You can now enter the Tamilrockers proxy website URL into your web browser.
  • When the website appears, you will need to enter the new link of Tamilrockers.
  • The user can now access entertainment content listed on the Tamilrockers site.

These steps assist users to access the active Tamilrockers new link which can be used for the purpose of downloading.

Customers can also use Tamilrockers new link to download content on devices which have advanced features. The steps for the same are given below:

  • To view the content first download the VPN service on your device.
  • Once the VPN service is installed on your device you can view the content from the Tamilrockers proxy site.
  • Users can now use the designated URL and enjoy the movies, web series, and other entertainment content on their preferred device.

Tamilrockers Proxy & Mirror Sites List – February 2022 (Updated)

Check out these Tamilrockers proxy sites, these all proxies are working and 100% safe but before using these Tamil rockers proxy sites use the VPN.

S. No.
Tamilrockers Proxy List
1 tamilmv.nocensor.biz Very Fast On Online
1 1tamilmv.email Very Fast On Online
1 tamilmv.g3g.fun Very Fast On Online
2 1tamilmv.vip Very Fast On Online
3 tamilmv.proxybit.sbs Very Fast On Online
4 tamilmv.mrunblock.bar Very Fast On Online
5 tamilmv.mrunblock.casa Very Fast On Online
6 1tamilmv.guru Very Fast On Online
7 tamilmv.proxybit.me Very Fast On Online
8 freeproxy.io/tamilrockers Very Fast On Online
9 filesdownloader.com/tamilrockers Very Fast On Online
10 sitenable.ch/tamilrockers Very Fast On Online
11 tamilmv.g3g.monster Fast On Offline
12 tamilblasters.123unblock.me Fast On Offline
13 tamilrockers.u4m.space Fast Off Offline

Best Ways to Unblock Tamilrockers:

A User can unblock the website called Tamilrockers in the following ways.

  • Tamilrockers can be unblocked by installing a VPN service on your device.
  • You can open Tamilrockers with a proxy server, these servers are used to safeguard your original servers and provide complete data protection.
  • Users can use a Tor browser which assists in directing the web traffic in an anonymous manner.
  • OperaVPN is the best choice of VPN service for tech savvy users.
  • You can modify your DNS servers so that they can assist you to access the restricted websites. This setting assists users to surpass the blocking algorithms free of cost.
  • You can access Tamilrockers from countries which have not blocked the site.
    You can change the internet setting and use the server address as and this will help you unblock the Tamilrockers algorithms.
  • Alternative websites are identical to Tamilrockers so that users get the same services at their convenience.
  • The easiest way to unblock Tamilrockers is via VPN service.
  • Open the URL for downloading the VPN service.
  • Once the installation of VPN is complete now open the browser via the VPN access.
  • You can type the URL for the Tamilrockers website link, this will assist you to access the blocked or restricted website without any kind of hassle.

Best Way to Download Movies via Tamilrockers:

Tamilrockers movie download can be done in the easiest and convenient way by following the below steps.

  • Users can use the Tamilrockers movie download facility to download movies in regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada etc.
  • Users need to login to the Tamilrockers proxy website such as Tamilrockers.org to download the movies either in chronological order of years, or the movie genre wise, or in Alphabetical order.
  • The Dual Sound movies can be downloaded for the user’s convenience.
  • The users are encouraged by supporters on Fan pages to join the Telegram channel of the website that permits users not only access latest movies but also facilitates them to download it.

Alternative Websites for Tamilrockers:

Tamilrokers is one of the movie piracy sites. Here most people come to this site to watch the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, and Tamil movies. This site is also counted as one of the popular torrent sites in the whole world. Here the people can get the HD print. There are so many torrent sites but no one can compete with Tamilrokers. This site is banned in many countries for uploading any copyrighted content. Below are some of the tamilrockers alternatives that will help you to watch movies.

1. Fmovies

It is one of the downloading and torrenting brands of the website that comes up with a lot of shows. There is no need of paying any subscription or payment to get to see your favorite shows. It is a torrent site and the content that is offered on this site is mainly user-generated. This even means that some other users put the movie or other content on the site so that others can download it.

  • Best features: can download all types of content for free without paying any entry or subscription fees.
  • Type of contents: Movies, TV shows, and other media.
  • Availability: Banned in Australia, Denmark, Sweden, and India.

2. Gomovies

It is one of the biggest online portals and even a most popular site for downloading all the movies, and series for free. This site helps the users to download a vast resource of the site for free soon when the movie is out in the market or sometime before releasing.

  • Best features: you can even download the latest movies, series, and you can even stream it from different streaming points.
  • Type of contents: latest Movies, latest TV series, and latest episodes.
  • Availability: Banned in Australia, USA, and India.

3. Moviesflix

This website offers different OTT series and various movies. It is mainly a piracy/torrent website that comes up with a large collection of web or TV shows and Hollywood movies. This is one of the best alternatives to tamilrockers.

  • Best features: You can easily download Hollywood movies, tv shows, and series.
  • Type of contents: Latest Hollywood Movies, TV shows, and series.
  • Availability: Banned USA, and India.

4. Uwatchfree

It is one of the most famous movies downloading for free. Mainly you will find the entire online movie distribution platform that comes up with the latest movies and you can even get free access to it. The domain of this website is mainly located in Pakistan.

  • Best Features: Comes with all the latest movies that can be downloaded easily in a different language.
  • Type of contents: Various types of content are available on this site, such as the latest free TV shows and movies in different languages like Hindi, Tamil, English, etc.
  • Availability: Banned in India due to copyright issues.

5. Katmoviehd

It is mainly an illegal site that comes up with the latest movies that can be downloaded for free. This even one of the most visited sites for downloading Hollywood, and Bollywood movies or web series. Here you can find English, Bollywood, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu movies for free in high quality.

  • Best features: High-definition movies in 720p, 1080p, and even HD are available. You can download the movie for free.
  • Type of contents: movies, tv-series
  • Availability: Banned in UK, India, and Australia

6. 3movierulz

It is mainly an online webpage that comes up with Bollywood movies that are available for download. Some so many people use this site in downloading Bollywood movies online and here you will even find a wide selection of Telugu films.

  • Best features: No advertisements, and popups.
  • Type of contents: Bollywood, Hollywood movies, and web series
  • Availability: Blocked in India.

7. Movierulz

It is a public torrent website that provides all the latest movies online. Comes up with the pirated version of Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, English, Malayalam, and other language movies on their site. This site is properly updates and a wide range of content is available

  • Best Features: Lightning fast streaming and good downloading speed. 24/7 live chat was available.
  • Type of contents: Bollywood, Hollywood movies, and web series
  • Availability: Blocked in India.

8. Memovies

This service is mainly operated by Vietnam that comes up with free services so that people can watch movies. Here you can download all the movies that you want to see with your friends and family and there is no advertisement or pop-ups that will come in between.

  • Best features: No popups and advertisement
  • Type of contents: Movies and TV shows
  • Availability: Blocked in India, UK, Australia, and Ireland

9. Putlockers

This site was originated in the United Kingdom. You can download all the movies, TV series for free and there is no limitation. There is no need of submitting any large amount of money or subscription to get the full advantage of this site.

  • Best features: Free unlimited movies and can watch movies anytime and anywhere. The best quality of movies is available and the site is reliable and safe.
  • Type of contents: Movies of all range
  • Availability: Blocked in India, and Ireland


It is also one of the pirated websites where you can download all the shows and movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, etc. in a different language and you even don’t have to pay anything for downloading or using the website. There is no login system so that your personal information is safe. These types of sites are illegal and banned in a lot of countries.

  • Best Features: High quality movies are available and the site is reliable and safe. No need to login and put money
  • Type of Contents: Movies of different languages and high-quality content.
  • Availability: Blocked in India

11. Solarmovie

The site comes up with an endless list of films, reality shows, and series that can easily be downloaded in just some taps. This website not only helps the users to download the content for free but even helps the users to stream the movies or services from different streaming points. This is one of the alternatives for tamilrockers where you can get the best quality movies to watch with your friends and family.

  • Best Features: The interface is easy to use, no need for subscription fees
  • Type of Contents: all the shows that are present in the best distribution that includes HBO, Hulu, Netflix, etc is available here.
  • Availability: Blocked in India

12. Ssrmovies

You can download unlimited movies for free from this site of high quality. Their different movie quality is available here from low to HD movies. This mainly depends on the internet strength which movie quality you want in your device. In 300MB you can even get HD quality movies.

  • Best Features: You can get HD quality movies in 300MB. There is no advertisement or popup in between the movies.
  • Type of Contents: all the shows and show that is latest in the market.
  • Availability: Blocked in India, US.

13. Isaimini

It is one of the piracy websites that provides the audience with an enormous collection of Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali movies online for free of cost. The website comes up with the latest, newest and previous movies. It is an unlawful website that offers top-quality HD videos to 360p to 720p.

  • Best features: Comes with a user-friendly interface in nature, high-quality HD movies.
  • Type of Contents: Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and other langue movies and TV series.
  • Availability: Blocked in India

One thing you need to keep in mind while using torrent is using VPN and good quality antivirus. As in most of the sites, the operated by users and the source is not verified then it can even cause problems to your device. There are so many viruses that are available only that can easily destroy your device all you need to make sure that you have a proper antivirus.

Essential Facts About Tamilrockers:

  • Tamilrockers was established in the year 2011.
  • It provides entertainment content in all regional languages of South India.
  • It gained popularity as it provides dubbed Tamil movies and television shows.
  • Due to the copyrighted content issue, it had to cease its operation in October 2020.
  • It offers pirated content and the latest movies and shows are showcased on the proxy website of Tamilrockers such as Tamilrockers.org and Tamilrockers.net etc.
  • It is a public torrent website which offers dubbed Tamil movies and other regional languages of South India.
  • It allows downloading Tamil HD movies in a high definition print which enhances the TV watching experience.

How does Tamilrockers Procure Movies on the Website?

  • When a movie producer arranges a film screening, the agents of Tamilrockers approach the screening agents.
  • By using this method, they get access to local theatres for recording the movies.
  • Each agent receives a commission depending upon the number of times the movie print is downloaded.
  • Due to advancement in technology advance levels of prints are uploaded on the website these are high definition digital prints.
  • Many times producers have also been caught circulating movies to piracy websites to earn extra money under the table.

Tamilrockers Dubbed Movies:

Tamilrockers offers Tamil HD movies, Malayalam Hd Movies, Telugu HD movies, and Kannada HD movies which are actually dubbed in these regional languages for example blockbuster movies such as Dangal, Lagaan, Kabir Singh, English Vinglish all are dubbed in regional languages. The original language of the release is Hindi.

How to Find a New Link for Tamil rockers:

You can find the new link for Tamil rockers on google. All new active links for Tamil rockers are updated on google as Tamilrockers proxy websites. If one link fails, there is a new link for Tamil rockers to access the content.

Tamilrockers URL & Server Details:

The original Tamilrockers is banned however viewers can use any Tamil rockers proxy website such as Tamilrockers.org, Tamilrockers.net, Tamilrockers.cc, and many others the users can open these sites search for the desired movie, and click on download. Though the websites are illegal in nature, people can still download movies and shows and view them later.

Tamilrockers Hold a Legal License:

Tamilrockers website link is a popular public website, actively used by users to download content through magnetic links. However, since it offers copyrighted content it does not hold a legal license or permission to do so hence after the intervention of Amazon prime it was blocked. Tamilrockers website link is used in countries where very pirated content is freely available and accessible.

Can Viewers Watch newly Released Movies on Tamilrockers?

Viewers can stream newly released movies in regional languages of southern India. They can also download these movies from the Tamilrockers proxy sites created for the website. Due to the issue related to piracy, it is recommended that viewers download these movies via the VPN service.

Viewers Prefer Isaimini over Tamilrockers:

Isaimini is a similar website to Tamilrockers, viewers are preferring Isaimini due to the simple and convenient user interface that allows people to download the latest Tamil movies in HD quality without too many sponsored ads like Tamilrockers.

Hence people have gradually shifted from Tamilrockers to Isamini as a preferred site to download content for entertainment in regional South Indian languages.

As far as ads are concerned they too have a specific place on the Isaimini website. User navigation to download entertainment content becomes very easy and convenient.

Does Tamilrockers Permit Watching Movies on the Website:

Tamilrockers permits viewers to watch movies and other entertainment content free of cost on the website through the live streaming feature. Viewers can either choose to download the same or view it online. It focuses on enhancing the cinematic experience of viewers who want to sit back and enjoy a movie or a television show in their native language.

Tamilrockers claims to replicate the theatrical experience of watching movies in regional languages of Southern India.

Does Tamilrockers Allow Viewers to Download Movies?

The viewers can download movies from Tamilrockers free of cost. However it is an illegal website, leading tech researchers do not recommend viewers to download this kind of content from the blocked and restricted websites such as Tamilrockers.

Movies that were Leaked on Tamilrockers:

The online newspaper report issued by a leading news website commented that the following movies were leaked on Tamilrockers within a few hours before their scheduled release.

Some of the popular movies that were leaked are given below:

De De Pyaar De
Student of the Year 2
Scared Games 2
Darbar featuring Rajnikant
Super 30
Vada Chennai Majhili Vishwasam
My name is Raja

These were some of the popular movies leaked by Tamilrockers official website and thus piracy was promoted to a large extent.

The impact creates by Tamilrockers on revenues of the film industry:

When movies and television shows are available online free of cost and accessible through multiple online platforms. This adversely affects the revenue collections done by films when they release in theatres worldwide. Illegally leaked movies cause a massive decline in the revenue cycles of the film industry. Each year approximately 2.8 billion dollars are lost when movies are leaked by Tamilrockers website link.

Measures Were Taken by Central Government to Stop Piracy:

  • The government recommends the removal of incentives for consumers. Digital content for entertainment can be offered to users at an economical price not free of cost. This hurts the revenue cycle of the entertainment industry.
  • Use Public relations as an exercise to inform customers about the negative impact of piracy.
  • Economize the rates of movie tickets so that more people are drawn to theatres when a new film releases.
  • Instruct service providers to block access to restricted sites.
  • People have become more tech savvy hence now entertainment content is easily available to them via different entertainment, nowadays entertainment companies also have live streaming partners such as Netflix, Prime Video etc. these are legal streaming partners which release movies with a nominal subscription of 30 to 60 days after the release of the movie.
  • All illegal streaming websites are blocked by the government and legal actions should be taken when content is leaked this way.

Therefore, the bottom line here is piracy requires it to be stopped completely. Once piracy is stopped in ethical ways it will be good for both viewers and the entertainment industry.

Conclusion: To conclude the article, we would like to state that Tamilrockers is a popular public website which believes in enhancing customer experience by offering content in native languages. Customers use this website excessively to enjoy the rich entertainment content in one place within a few clicks.

Tamilrockers is a very user friendly portal and does not need too much prior knowledge to access the same. There is an ample amount of YouTube tutorials available to understand the way the website functions. This website is solely designed to provide easy and convenient access to entertainment content to users in their native language.

The Tamilrockers website gained popularity due to the dubbed movie content and offering latest entertainment content free of cost. However, these sites can cause serious damage to your systems since there is no protection used against viruses. Clicking on ads also may put you into serious trouble; it may erase important information from your system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans. The user can open the Google Chrome web browser on his system. The user can now type the URL of the website i.e. Tamilrockers will open the website for the user’s use. Even if the user types Tamil rockers on the google search bar the URL of the website will open.
Ans. Users can visit a Tamil rockers website and download the latest Tamil movies of their choice through the website. The website Tamilrockers allows a user to choose the latest Tamil movies and TV shows from an extensive list of movies and programs.
Ans. The Tamil rockers website may not open on a person’s smartphone because the phone may have a lot of cache files and cookies, the user can clear the cache files and cookies from the browser of the phone. There is also a possibility that the site has been blocked by the service provider being used in a particular phone.
Ans. Tamilrockers is a website which offers web series, movies, TV shows, etc in different languages of South India. The website aims to offer entertainment media in Drama, Comedy, old movies, thrillers, suspense, action, etc. It is a very user friendly site which is popular among users across south India.
Ans. The user can open the U torrent website on the laptop, now the user can click on the menu bar and select the desired movie name, now click on the save option. Once the movie is saved on the website. Press OK when you're done. Once the file is added to U torrent the downloading process starts on its own.
Ans. A user can open the website on his system, once the website is open the user can visit the Genre section of the website and select old movies which have been popular in their time. They can click on the movie and then click the download option to download movies free of cost.
Ans. Yes, the Tamilrockers has an official application which can be downloaded on your smartphone and tablet to enjoy movies, shows and other entertainment media in your preferred South Indian language.
Ans. Tamil rockers is an official website most preferred by users because it gives an extensive range of entertainment media to choose from. The users can live stream the media online through this website which enhances the overall entertainment experience for users.
Ans. The tamilrockers website offers internationally acclaimed English and Bollywood films dubbed in regional languages for users to watch in their own native language. This is why Tamilrockers website is most popular among South Indian population of the country.
Ans. The mission of Tamil rockers website is the digitalization of customer’s entertainment experience. Thus, it has become the most popular public website for pirated content in regional languages in the world.
Ans. This website allows users to view copyrighted content, they can download movies, shows and web series in regional languages, the website believes is digitalization of entertainment experience.
Ans. The Tamil rockers website has few alternatives such as prime video, hotstar.com, Netflix, Zee5 entertainment, Sony Liv all these applications also provide alternate entertainment experience to customers in regional languages as well.
Ans. Tamilrockers allows viewers to download content however it is not safe to do so since the website is an illegal one. In foreign countries downloading pirated content is a serious offence and offenders can be fined and jailed. Content can be accessed by the viewers through the VPN service only. Otherwise many service providers block and restrict this website. In October 2020 the website was shut due to issues in copyrighted content.
Ans. The Tamilrockers is a file sharing public website which permits passengers to download entertainment content for personal use. This media can be viewed at any point of time without any hassle.

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