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4 Technology Trends That Will Dominate

Technology Trends that will dominate, Every year at the beginning of the year several technology companies and specialized research consultants devote their efforts to anticipate the main trends that will dominate the year. The big analysis firms are publishing their predictions about the emerging trends that will dominate the technological sector, especially in the field of “digital transformation”. The technologies that will dominate 2019 are:

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing

The cloud plays an increasingly important role in the global economy and, as the European Commission pointed out earlier this year in its report on cloud computing, the cloud is “a key driver of growth”. In fact, the forecast is that by 2025 the size of the cloud has multiplied tenfold and that, as predicted by IDC, in the next three years 90% of large companies already use multiple platforms and services in the cloud.

The promotion of multi-cloud environment management solutions, therefore, will be key in the next year because, according to the consultancy, 70% of companies will be working with at least two suppliers. The consolidation of the cloud industry has, however, led to the concentration of suppliers of these services, with the consequent danger of establishing de facto rules that limit the freedom of the market.

The Technology trends for 2019 should go through open and multi-cloud environments. To continue contributing to innovation, the cloud sector must necessarily be interoperable and reversible.

“That is, the cloud of the future will have to leave users free to choose both their own providers and the way they want to distribute their applications and with what solutions, as well as in what location their data will be, thus avoiding dependencies.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence– Technology Trends:

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence is one of the engines of the digital transformation of enterprises, but it is only the first step in a revolution that has just begun and whose evolution is difficult to predict. However, some of these transformations are already a reality.

This is the case of the transport sector, with autonomous vehicles, which will be perfected thanks to deep learning. The retail, which will tend to offer 360º experiences -in all shopping channels-, finance or medicine, where artificial intelligence will help improve treatments and diagnosis, are other fields in which IA and big data will be very present.

All these advances, however, will be a great challenge for infrastructures, since there is an explosion of data worldwide – more than 2.5 Exabytes of data per day. The technologies of AI, machine learning or deep learning require a huge storage capacity, and the calculations they require are intensive, so the use of specialized processors and flexible environments that allow the scalability and convergence of systems will be key to advance in the maturity of the data processing.

In 2019 we will see, for example, the first European cloud solution for deep learning and artificial intelligence with the NVIDIA DGX-1 and the Tesla V100 accelerator GPUs, which OVH will offer as “Infrastructure as a Service”.

Blockchain- Technology Trends:

Blockchain Technology

The technology of trust, the new paradigm that will change many business models as we know them today. A risk for intermediation, security for transactions and the traceability of any process. Blockchain innovation and digital currencies will dominate 2019 in some way. The quantum register is perhaps the biggest concern that begins at this moment.

The quantum register is the next sensible development in the field of innovation. It takes into account faster counts and unparalleled handling power. Meanwhile, this innovation also raises concerns about open-key cryptography. A technology that continues and will continue to advance in 2019.

Internet of Things– Technology Trends:


The connected world sensors, devices, applications etc. The ability to analyze the information sent by sensors to automate and efficiently manage innumerable processes is a challenge. In 2019, innovation will continue trying to achieve predictive models, efficient systems that manage their capacity based on their use.

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  1. Appreciate it for sharing your ideas. I think most probably on 2020 all of the technology mentioned above will play a great role in development of infrastructure. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

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