Data Protection

Every day quintillion bytes of new data join the web. It is a much higher number than the number of stars in our Milky Way galaxy, which is around 300 billion! This staggering fact shows why data protection is so critical in current times – especially nowadays, with so many employees working remotely.

Keeping our private information away from hackers and other cyber threats remains one of the biggest challenges we have to face. Although hard, it is not impossible to achieve. In this article, you will find five helpful tips regarding data protection. If you wish to create a sound and effective data protection strategy, read on.

Know Every Application Used on Your Company’s Servers and Devices

As experts from Bulletproof say, in any business, it is vital to understand the full range of applications deployed on servers and devices. It helps you to understand which data is considered critical.

If there are some applications that your company uses but it doesn’t contain any important data or information and are not crucial for your company’s success, you don’t have to include them in the data protection strategy, as you will needlessly consume your company’s time and resources.

Thoroughly Implement a Data Protection Strategy Over Other Topics

You need to implement a comprehensive data protection strategy from top to bottom of your company. However, don’t do it at once, as it will hamper your ability to handle other issues.

Let say that you have agreed upon five business areas requiring immediate attention. Start with those over which you have a lot of control or authority, i.e., those where employees are directly under your authority or editing your operations (for example, accounting system).

Just remember that after accomplishing this part of work, it is still vitally important to keep working on other tasks equally important for the future of your company (for example: deploying a data protection policy across all platforms and software). The order in which particular areas should be addressed depends on the resources available and urgent needs at any given point in time.

Allocate Each Particular Database to a Specific Department

Whenever you build a data protection strategy, it is vital to designate each database (or a specific department) to its own task. Don’t let any of your databases get overwhelmed with other responsibilities.

This will ensure that every database has all the resources required for its unique and specific tasks. Moreover, it will allow you to take full advantage of a data protection strategy that is tailored just for you. It also ensures that no one gets the short end of the stick when it comes to handling your company’s data protection needs.

The best thing about this is that it can increase productivity while lowering costs. It is easy to follow and can be implemented at any point in time. Even if you are facing a lot of pressure while configuring the details of your data protection strategy, do not neglect this tip! It will keep things simple and straightforward, allowing you to fine-tune both your company’s needs and budget.

Encrypt All Data That Migrates Out from Your Company’s Network or Server

Make sure that all digital or electronic information being sent and received from servers or devices by your employees is encrypted along all digital pathways. This also applies to any cloud-based services or on-site software solutions. You must encrypt anything sent by employees traveling outside your corporate network. To ensure this happens, implement multi-factor authentication for all accounts where sensitive information is stored or transmitted.

Another good idea is to set up high-security standards for devices used to access proprietary information or applications outside work premises considered confidential! Be careful to lock down access as much as possible! There should be as little chance as possible that someone outside your company can gain access to the system via their device or computer, or even account.

Implement a Method for Monitoring Whether Information Transmitted Outside Your Company is Being Properly Encrypted

If you rely on third-party or outsourced security services to handle your company’s data protection needs, make sure that you always have an independent verification that sensitive data is truly protected from unauthorized access. Do not trust them blindly. If you do, it will be hard to determine if your information is being properly encrypted when it leaves the premises of your company or office.

Remember that those responsible for protecting the network and servers are often in no direct charge of the encryption of information when it travels outside the premises of a company. That is why business owners must be willing to maintain strong business relationships with outside vendors, making sure that they don’t fail in complying with federal and state laws regarding data protection. Make sure that the proper safeguards are in place to avoid any potential illegal activity.

It all rests on two major points: 1) adequate supervision of third-party vendors; 2) having an independent verification process over compliance with state and federal regulations. Not doing so can lead to severe legal troubles for vulnerable companies who believed things would be taken care of while maintaining minimal cost.

The Bottom Line

Companies often implement data protection strategies due to fear of possible attacks or industrial espionage cases. To better protect your business, you need to prevent unauthorized access from outsiders attempting to steal sensitive data by intercepting it as soon as possible! This means that you must take firm action and minimize possible gaps or pathways through which hackers can gain access to your computer system.

Business owners must ensure this by ensuring that employees have access only to the data they absolutely need in order to achieve their daily tasks at work. What’s more, having employees who know they are properly protected from outside threats are happier and more productive at work than those who don’t have such knowledge, and, as we all know, happy and productive workers lead to higher profitability.

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