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Web hosting, Every website needs proper hosting which guarantees fast loading of the website along with the features that it encapsulates. This is very essential in today’s business world. This today you will find many web hosting providing companies in the field with a dedicated internet access. The pricing is based on the features provided to the client’s website.

1. Godaddy

It is a prominent hosting service provider which has the largest number of domain registrations in the world. It gives you unlimited transfer, emails, unlimited domain, space, 99% uptime and 1 free domain at $3.96.

It also provides some great services like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS services.

2. Hostgator

Along with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, installation of templates, guaranteed uptime, easy website management, it gives an affordable plan of $3.96/mo.

It is a pretty good and useful host for starter businesses which can avail low-end plans. The company also offers bigger discounts for the users signing up for a longer duration of time.

3. Dreamhost

The company offers shared plans as well as dedicated hosting service plans. Its dedicated server plans are ideal for large bandwidths and other high end hosting features with huge capacities. It keeps your personal information in a secure and hidden way without charging any extra costs upon you. DreamObjects is a cloud storage service whereby you can store as well as back up your data from time to time.

It regularly adds features for the ease of customers. Such features include one-click installs for gallery software and blogging software so as to run the websites faster with smoothness. Besides it also provides plans for unlimited email accounts, bandwidths, support for Google apps, unlimited database and many more come up if browsed more. DreamCompute allows you to control your personal cloud server through scalable resources.

4. Hostpapa

It also provides you with offers consisting of unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts and websites at $12.95 per month(reduced). It is best for websites with complex designs.

It is apt for online business whereby the user can call for the basic hosting service at reduced $2.95 per month along with 100GB disc space, 100 email accounts, and 200+ free apps. It ensures complete security, marketing, and excellent customer services in all of its plans.

5. Bluehost

It is the apt option for small business or startups with limited resources. With an affordable package, you can have access to excellent offers like unlimited file transfer, bandwidth, disk space, free domain registration, unlimited email etc.

Also, the company’s basic plan gives you unlimited domains, e-commerce features, domain parking, one-click WordPress installs, and database. Weekly provided an editor with wonderful features packed within for easy editing. The design of editing space is non-intrusive and the site can be viewed in mobile view helping you to optimize the site in this platform.

6. 123.reg

This is the best option if you are looking for affordable web hosting with lots of features embedded in the plan. The company offers fast speed, vast storage, unlimited bandwidth, and also lets you run as e-commerce galleries, WordPress and many more such applications.

The plan that the company provides costs around £2.49 per month with offers like database size of 500MB, web space of 10GB. It has a different and costlier plan for bigger businesses and Premium hosting.

7. Rackspace

It claims to be powerful enough to be a perfectly smooth messaging or email application. In addition, it also features collaboration apps to help your business grow and develop effectively. It has a 100% uptime guarantee and backs its uptime with an industry-leading SLA. Ensures full security with the guarantee of no scanning of hosted exchange mail.

It allows the customer to host directly with its services or through its other partners Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

8. Amazon

Business groups of all scales can very well go for this flexible hosting service. It has established its reputation in a well carved out manner by providing a unique Cloud service provider. It provides web hosting solutions, offers a wide range of options for web hosting from marketing, rich media to e-commerce applications. With AWS you can use CMS software like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla.

Its main features include Elastic Block Store, elastic IP address, Virtual Private Cloud, Autoscaling high-performance computing technologies. AWS can grow and shrink according to the trafficking that your website needs to effectively work with enhanced results. It is best for websites developed on popular development stacks like the LAMP, LEMP, MEAN, Node.Js.

9. 000webhost

It is one of the oldest free web hosting companies dedicated to working for the betterment of the companies. It is the best option for the users who want to begin an online journey with minimal or zero investment.

Its plan includes 1GB disc space, 10GB Bandwidth, 2 MySQL Databases, free domain hosting, and a free website builder.


It offers its customers an excellent plan unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited MySQL Databases.

These features are available at a cost of around $12.99 for a year and in this offer itself you are allowed to host unlimited websites.

You need to be specific about the resources available and then go for the right hosting company to meet your needs to prevent pickups. But you when choosing one, you can be rest assured that they will do their part of the work in an efficient way, and thus listed among the best web hosting companies.


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