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With half of 2022 already gone by, people are not yet ready to move into the rest of the year. But this time, even technology is waiting for no man. It is no easy feat to develop technology and software that shines in an age of technology. But this year, there are many trends that companies and software developers are following. The expectations of people have become clear. And companies are trying their best to meet these expectations.

Mobile phones are a part of this trend going around. More than computer applications, mobile applications are gaining more recognition. Following this, software developers are also focusing more on the development of mobile apps. Trending apps or technology is not a new concept. However, it is one that we are all familiar with. This year, 2022, there are several mobile app development trends that we can keep in mind and follow to find out new developments.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

There is no other trend that has captured 2022. AR and VR are not only developing, but they are also becoming prevalent. People are no longer avoiding them as they did when they first emerged.

AR is becoming more and more used as people are starting to use Google Assistant for searching for any information. VR is also on the rise as its quality is improving daily. People are also becoming more interested in exploring its advantages and features.

AR and VR may seem like new concepts even in 2022, but they have been around for a while. They are only being explored and used now, making them seem new.

Ecommerce and E-wallets

Gpay is a word we all know. It is an app that many people in 2022 rely on to get their payments done. With it, we also have Paytm and PayPal, that is being used more than ever in 2022. Mobile wallets are emerging in 2022 as one of the most useful mobile apps. And they are still being developed to make them better than they already are.

Ecommerce is another reason we have mobile wallets. With the pandemic, we have been relying on online shopping. Shopping apps or e-commerce apps are also, therefore, on the rise. And for this, it requires mobile wallets.

Ecommerce and mobile or E-wallets are on the rise in 2022 as we move into a society with more manageable payments for everyone. Although many think these apps have too many disadvantages, they are still being developed to have better services and solve all doubts.


This is a system we may be familiar with, but we do not come across it often enough to know it exactly. IoT, or the Internet of Things, is a system that uses mobile apps for more than just the phone.
IoT enables people to control their house electronics with just one mobile app. Using the internet to interconnect every electronic item in the place, IoT can manage these items through a mobile app with no physical effort to do the work.


Another technology that has taken control of 2022 is smartwatches. As a result, many software companies are trying to develop apps that can be used on smartwatches.

With a smartwatch, a person can make a call, search the internet, or do any other action that was possible only on mobile phones. Because of this increase in the use of smartwatches, companies are also hopping on the trend. They are trying to develop apps that can function well on smartwatches without crashing the entire OS of the watch.

Security on Apps

With all these developments, we should not forget the importance of privacy in our lives. It is easy to forget and take it for granted in this technological world. But security is essential in mobile apps. And companies know that.

Even the smallest software company will have to be able to guarantee proper security on their mobile apps in order to be able to grow. Mobile apps are sometimes not the safest, but with people becoming aware and safety becoming the “trend” of 2022, software companies have been forced into it. They are trying their best to develop their security on mobile apps.

Mobile Learning

On the topic of people becoming aware, they are also becoming aware of the advantages of the internet and mobile apps. There were a few apps that people could use for learning.

But now, people are looking for more apps to help them learn and develop themselves. Mobile learning is becoming a trend, and people are gladly getting into the trend with everyone else since it is beneficial. Software and app developers are also developing more mobile apps that can help people with learning and grow more.

5G over 4G

5G has tried to grow in the past years but did not meet with any success. So instead, people opted for the more common 4G connections in mobile apps.

This year, people are seeing the benefits of 5G and how apps are functioning better with 5G connections. Software developers, too, are creating apps that can run better on 5G OS-connected mobile phones. 5G is simply a faster connection for all purposes. Be it for running apps or sending files from one device to another, it is quicker, and the quality is also better than other connections.

Software companies are realising this as well, and they are trying to bring their customers into the trend as well in order to grow 5G more than 4G in 2022.


2022 is a year of trends; we mostly see trends going back a few decades for inspiration. But in the case of mobile apps, the trends are following people who are learning how to be more aware of technology and its advantages. Mobile apps are still developing, and more are being created even as you read this. It’s encouraging to see the development of healthier mobile apps in 2022.

Even if we made mistakes in the past year with the pandemic, 2022 is becoming a year of healthy and promising developments. This trend is visible in mobile apps as well.

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