Trends in Software Development

What may seem like a good practice in software development might not be. The rapid digitization trend which began in 2020 will continue into 2023. There is more investment in automating repetitive processes and providing multichannel customer experiences, a stronger focus on privacy and greater adoption of new technologies across all industries.

Business owners need to be informed about the industry’s current state and plan accordingly when building a digital solution. Business owners should be aware of these top software development trends for 2023 when planning for a new product.

Here’s a List of Software Development Trends for 2023

The Outsourcing Market Will Continue to Grow

By 2023, the global software industry will be worth $536.24 millions. The offshore software development services market is growing at an 11.72% CAGR.

Many businesses are realizing that they do not have the necessary resources to keep up in industry changes. Companies turn to offshore software developers to hire IT professionals with high-skilled skills, no matter where they live.

Outsourced teams can perform a wide range of tasks, including testing, coding, and product management. They can also be proficient in many programming languages. Software development is increasingly being delegated to IT professionals.

Companies’ desire to adopt new technologies quickly and economically is the increasing demandfor IT outsourcing.

Outsourcing helps companies not only meet these needs but also allows them to access the best-skilled specialists while remaining focused on their core competencies.

Creating a productive workflow and relationships between employees in-house or outsourced is easier than ever.

IoT-Based Solutions

With the rapid growth of smart devices, everything will soon be part of IoT. Gartner reports that 61% of businesses are at a high-level IoT maturity, and the hype surrounding it is not slowing down. IoT is a popular technology for software development.

IoT has many benefits for businesses: predictive equipment maintenance, vehicle and cargo tracking, real-time patient monitoring, enhanced property security and smart energy consumption. This technology is most prominent in the following industries: healthcare, logistics and, public sector manufacturing, hospitality.

IoT isn’t huge; it is more like a collection of small things that can significantly impact businesses and give them a competitive edge in a very short time. This technology is one the most promising and exciting, and will only be fully utilized in the future.

Centralization by design using GitOps

GitOps, which uses DevOps best practices to guide the provisioning process, can help automate the infrastructure provisioning process. Teams store declaration files in a Git repository. The central location of the system’s state allows for greater control. GitOps makes deployments more efficient, reliable and faster since developers don’t have to waste time searching through cloud provider consoles. With the support of major players such as AWS and MS Azure, we can expect a GitOps boom in 2023.

Higher transparency regarding software

Clients and customers increasingly demand information about how software companies develop their products. Software development is more transparent because of this increased demand. Tech companies must answer questions about how they created the software and how long it will be maintained. Product roadmaps will be more easily accessible to the public, and clients will have direct input on the developed features. Our product roadmap is already available at Codacy. You can also submit your ideas and feedback to our development team.

User Experience

UX (user experience) has been integral to software development since its inception, and it is now more important than ever as users demand more. As organizations recognize the importance of client retention, user experience design will likely take centre stage over the next few years.

Programmers must focus on creating an intuitive, engaging UI and ensuring that it is error-free and seamless. To create a great user experience, developers must understand human psychology and how people interact with digital products.

Businesses will continue to pay more attention to user experience in the future as they strive to provide a superior customer experience and differentiate themselves from their competition.


Blockchain is widely considered the most secure technology for software development, which is why governments and corporations are always looking into it. Blockchain is expected to grow in popularity by 2023. Blockchain is a peer-to-peer technology that allows for decentralization, greater transparency, increased flexibility and improved cybersecurity. It also offers a distributed record.

Blockchain could bring significant value to the supply chain, identity authentication, advanced statistics, and other industries. Blockchain also allows businesses to create decentralized apps that challenge traditional business structures.

E-Commerce Software is on the Rise

Although many businesses were experiencing difficult economic times in 2021, most e-commerce flourished due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies have switched to online retail and delivery because it was safest way to shop during lockdowns.

The e-commerce industry will still grow after the pandemic, and Statista says businesses will continue to follow the trend. By 2023, the e-commerce market should grow by 22% compared to 14.1% in 2019.

E-commerce has provided a significant boost in customer experience and a push to automate business processes during the pandemic. Companies that implement ecommerce digital solutions will attract customers more.

PWA is Gaining Popularity

Because of their native app-like user interface, progressive web apps have been around since the beginning of time. PWAs are accessible from any browser and can run on any device, and PWAs are light and easy to access web pages.

PWAs are a cost-effective way for organizations to create cross-platform mobile applications. PWA is an excellent option for apps that only have basic functionality. However, it can also test more complex app ideas as an MVP (minimum viable products).

Statista estimates that 9% of ecommerce businesses will invest in PWAs in 2021. A further 8% of ecommerce businesses have adopted PWA.

More Emphasis on Software Quality Standards

Software solutions are becoming more embedded in our daily lives and on most of our devices. Software must adhere to quality standards such as those proposed by ISO. Two examples are the ISO/IEC 25010 standard for software quality and the ISO/IEC 27001 standard for information technology. ISO certification is gaining popularity among companies due to its benefits such as improved quality, a better reputation and client satisfaction.

Security is a bigger concern with DevSecOps

Over the last few years, security has been a major concern. In 2023, it will be a key focus for all companies. It is not surprising that DevSecOps will see an increase in adoption. DevSecOps is an important step in ensuring high-security standards. Every commit and pull request must be secured.

This allows companies to quickly detect and mitigate potential threats and integrate security into their entire product and application lifecycles.

A Pragmatic Focus on Coding Standards

Companies and teams develop guidelines and rules for writing code as they grow. This includes style consistency and language conventions. A clear standard is useful for current developers and can also help new developers get onboarded. We expect more companies to see the benefits of coding standards in 2023. This is not due to growing pains but because they understand its importance from the beginning.


It’s been a long time, but I hope you found the software trend 2023 useful. I tried to be flexible and summarise the most important areas of our company so you can see the changes that could affect your work and so you are aware of the movements and trends in the world so you can stay ahead.

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