Why DevSecOps is Essential to Boost Business Innovation

Application security is of paramount importance as a result of the proliferation of application environments. This is how the new DevSecOps structure was born, which is responsible for extending security at all steps. The non-hazardous development approach reduces potential hazards without slowing down productivity. Combining Development – Dev, Security – Sec, and Ops – Operations is becoming the benchmark for enterprise IT operations. The demand for devsecops as a service is rapidly increasing. In this article, we will look at what is needed to ensure safe application development, as well as how you can improve the quality and reliability of the code in DevOps ideas.

The Importance of Sec in DevOps

DevSecOps is an evolving area, but because it is precious, it is used only by large organizations with great capabilities. According to IBM, it is a natural and necessary evolution in the way development organizations approach security. However, it will slowly and correctly crawl down to the most common services. At the moment, for small projects, especially startups, DevSecOps is not a huge selling story. They have other tasks: to keep the product afloat, however, until the moment when security difficulties seem in principle. However, in the second step of investment, the financiers themselves begin to carefully ask security questions. Since then the protection becomes one of the circumstances why their funds may not return.

By implementing a DevSecOps approach, companies will be able to:

● Identify vulnerabilities early on,
● Manage risks,
● Confidently use open source components
● Save on fixing vulnerabilities in the code,
● Properly manage the company’s resources,
● Perfectly prioritize the vulnerabilities found,
● Lower legal liability.

The relevance of DevSecOps: the right mood during programming saves time. In this case, developers should focus on security – in the future, this will reduce the time spent on catching and fixing bugs.

DevSecOps Workflow

The Importance of Sec in DevOps

Companies need to keep developers on top of information security best practices and increase employee competence and awareness to dramatically speed development and improve product security. DevSecOps workflow. DevSecOps identifies any security flaws that could degrade the quality of your code. In a specialized environment, the process of automating the execution of tests to evaluate a recently deployed application is performed. After passing the automation test, the application is deployed to a production environment. And then the environment is intensively monitored for security threats.

The DevSecOps Workflow Consists of 4 Main Stages:

The first defines the basic tools and software applications for development and operation.
Next comes the threat analysis. It defines the stages at which security breaches are most likely to occur. In the third step, vulnerabilities are localized where security measures can be applied. In conclusion, it is necessary to determine the list of tools with the help of which security management will occur and apply them to vulnerable points.

DevSecOps Practices

DevSecOps Practices

1 – Practice of safe code

Let it be of course, but this is the only way to write good code that is protected from compromise. Yes, most likely this will create additional delay and waste, but it will prevent information security issues. Such as – data leaks and service disruptions. The creation of benchmarks will facilitate the development process.

2 – Automation

As with DevOps, automation is a core feature of DevSecOps. To keep the pace of security auditing with the pace of development, automation must be applied first, especially in large companies.

3 – Early Testing

A testing technique where security checks are built into the development from the very beginning, without waiting for the supply chain. The trivial benefit is that difficulties are immediately noticed and the work to fix them ends much earlier. Moreover, the earlier a bug is noticed, the cheaper it is to fix it.

How to Successfully Implement DevSecOps?

The system of a continuous and safe development process can be developed only in the case of interest and initiatives of the employees themselves, who can use convenient tools. Developers need to be interested in products so that they are comfortable with these solutions and are easy to use. At the same time, it is important that security checks, for example, a code scanner, do not prevent programmers from developing features, but make it possible to work in parallel with the main build processes and stop the release in case of detection of vulnerable code.


DevSecOps provides fast feedback loop through the coding process so creators can remove insecurity and learn about best practices in the workplace. By laying the groundwork with advanced DevSecOps, companies will be better equipped to deal with security breaches in their own products.

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