Privacy Policy

When you’re accessing content on this website, you have to make sure that you’re not violating the terms and conditions written by the website owner. The Creativepixelmag is here to provide quality content on everything about tech and how technology works in the industry. Users are prohibited not to violate the privacy of the website, and you’re not allowed to change, transmit, transform or post any information on the website. The privacy rules should be followed, and they shouldn’t violate the website’s privacy. The privacy policy of CPM is about all the data we collect and record on the website.

Privacy is all the online activities carried out by Creativepixelmag and how it’s recorded for control. It’s also to be accountable for the data we collect from our users. All the online activities done by a user on our website have been recorded, and other offline activities aren’t included. The Creativepixelmag takes total responsibility for the data provided on the website for any action you do. The details of the exercise you do on the website and the specific information you enter for any service provided by the website are collected by the website’s owner.

The information you’ll provide on this website and when we’ll ask to provide it should be navigated, and you’ll get an understanding of why we’re asking for your email, phone no and other basic details. These details are only valuable to notify you about the new services we introduce and how you can enroll in different benefits provided on the website


As the specific website provides various products and services, we try to keep your given details secure and safe while using our website. Creativepixelmag will protect the data entered by you for accessing the website. The other content on the website, like the software and services controlled by a website, can’t be displayed, and all the intellectual property is in control and shouldn’t be violated.

We keep the data and intellectual property safe of a specific application displayed on the website or the software maker to make sure that we’re keeping their intellectual property safe. Any software or application on the website, its assets, and its names are secure. The Software or application developer’s identity and content are secure with our website. The details and data user-provided are used to improve the services provided. The crucial data is used to help users get more convenience using our website.

The details are safe, and users can quickly get used to the services we provide on the website. We’re not responsible for the data you provide as we ultimately agree to the privacy policies; we are free to use your entered details for website improvement. We can’t be sued, and you should further understand and acknowledge it’s not our fault if you get into trouble by accessing our website.

We aren’t misusing or violating your data as it will be only used for the good of our website. You’re free to provide additional information to the website, and we’re more likely to get other information if you provide it.

Use of Your Details

The details you provide are pretty basic, and we’ll use them only for improvement.

  • To provide, operate and control the content, your details are used.
  • To understand and expand our website, we use your crucial feedback information.
  • Try to work on our products for better convenience.
  • Understand what you need on our website and how we improve it for your convenience.
  • To inform you about new products or services we introduced and as a means of communication.


Creativepixelmag uses cookies just like other websites to understand the specific preference of a visitor and what web pages a user visits on our website. The cookies help to store the information about the user preference and what actions users take on the website.

The cookies allow us to get an understanding of people’s experiences on our website, which eventually helps us to enhance the website. You’ll also get Google dart cookies from the third-party vendor, Google, which you can stop visiting the Google policies.

These cookies are sent to your browsers, and you’re free to deny them as you’ll not be able to use all the services provided on the website. These cookies are sent to your browser from a website, and it’s a unique identifier which helps us to understand your preference. These cookies are used to run ads on websites. By accepting the cache and cookies on the website, the user’s data will be stored.

Links to Other Sites

We provide links to the third-party website for a better understanding of our content, but it doesn’t mean we take any responsibility for your action done on the third-party website. You must check the privacy and policy of a specific website before you take any action on the website. We don’t hold any control over the third-party website; we’re not responsible for that.

Log Data

When a user uses a specific service on our website, we collect the data provided by the browser called log data. This data gets recorded, which includes IP address, browser name and its version, date and time when you visited and the time you spent. The log data doesn’t contain any detailed information, and it’s safe. The information is further used to identify and analyze trends, collect crucial data and use further.


The ads run on our website are presented by advertising partners who may set cookies for your device. These cookies help the ad server to recognise your device and show you specific ads. This information allows an ad network to present target ads to the user. The privacy policy of Creativepixelmag isn’t responsible for the use of cookies by any advertisers.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Creativepixelmag are more likely to update the privacy policies to inform users about using their precious data and how their information is safe with us. Users are requested to constantly check the privacy policy to ensure that they’re updated and agree to the privacy statements made by CPM.