designing a website in photoshop

Design a Website in Photoshop

Different designers, coders, and other professionals opt for Photoshop to get their website designing done as it has a lot of variety in layouts, patterns, and designs as well. There are plenty of courses and ways available by which you can learn how to design a website by paying, but there are the best tutorials which can be used to design a website for free and one by one you can use them to practice designing, and it is assured that you will learn many new things and ideas to design website by using Photoshop. Some of the tricks and techniques are mentioned below to design a website:

1. Creating an identifiable textured layout by using Photoshop:

To make your website more appealing and attractive bold typography, background with soft textures and different colored backgrounds with accurate font size and placing them at their right places can be used.

2. One page retro designing in Photoshop:

To showcase various products and services offered by that particular website one-page retro web design is used on a usual basis. This design is normally used for the homepage of the website. There are some tools introduced by Photoshop which can be utilized in order to design an amazing, customized website layout as required by the client.

3. Designing a family of websites:

By using different tools offered in Photoshop, simple yet professional website design can be created. You can use simple tricks and techniques such as the addition of message on the right side corner, adding shades and many other Photoshop tricks. These tricks are simple but very effective to make a customized website layout.

4. Designing a fabric structures layout in Photoshop:

This technique in Photoshop is used for designing a subtle structure and which enables you to make the best portfolio site. Also, it can be used to add an image slider in the website design.

5. Designing a Professional Web 2.0 layout:

In Photoshop, there are easy to use and small tools which can be used to design professional website designs in just some time. These websites are simple to designs with these tools and professional as well. It is just that one needs to follow the steps properly to avoid flaws.

6. Designing a landing page for the iPhone and iPad by utilizing Photoshop:

Apart from just making typical websites, there are times, when you need to make website layouts for various applications. In Photoshop, amazing landing pages can be designed It is just that required to add boxes and images that are similar in structures.

7. How to design a Coming soon page in Photoshop:

In Photoshop, it is very easy to design the “coming soon” page. It enables a designer to create a countdown timer for any website.

8. Designing a trendy Portfolio design of the website in Photoshop:

Trendy and stylish portfolios designs can be used to design websites those are related to travel blogs and adventures. Another use for designing stylish portfolio can be used for designing a website which specifies photography and its related stuff. As the name suggests, a stylish portfolio describes the things which need to be done in an attractive and unique manner.

9. Add elegance to the portfolio by using Photoshop:

You can use a unique header in order to design a stylish portfolio for the website. In this, you need to add thumbnail images and creation of boxed is included. Addition of various logo images and grunge effect, inner shadows can be added by using related techniques in Photoshop.

10. Utilize Photoshop to design the best Photography website:

There are various websites related to photography which have kept simple to grab the viewer’s attention just on photos. These websites are purposely designed in an easier manner in order to keep photos on the first priority. There are various techniques such as designing a slider which is unique, making a drop-down menu, and other simple yet effective techniques are offered in Photoshop.

11. Designing an iPhone App Site in Photoshop for Promotional Purposes:

Photoshop helps a designer to create different layered styles and also helps to learn to make websites with similar layout and designs. For promotional purposes, Photoshop can be used to make an iPhone Application website, which showcases various events and other important information.

12. Designing a colorful and simple web layout:

Photoshop enables a designer to design a website layout with a unique background, utilizing several features, various layers, making a content area differently, designing a navigation bar by using various techniques offered in Photoshop.

13. Designing a background which is inspired by nature:

Photoshop has simple and effective features which let the designer create a background which showcases the nature and related layouts. Watercolor brushes can be used in order to paint a fabulous background.

14. Making a clean portfolio layout structure:

A designing offered in Photoshop is clean and simple styles, so it can be used for several website designs. In order to make a website designing perfect and accurate, one must try his hands in designing a clean portfolio layout. It enables a designer to create a gallery slider which is absolutely unique, designing a logo using easy fonts with the customization as per suggested by the client.

15. Designing a gaming layout in Photoshop:

You can make different designs in the background by using the dark-colored scheme to design a sports-related website layout. This type of website layout can also be utilized for various entertainment-related blogs and websites. By using each and every step described in the tutorial, one can easily make a website design layout in a simple yet in an effective manner.

16. Designing a layout, magazine-style:

Photoshop helps a designer in making a website layout which is more of content rather than other related designing stuffs. By taking help from Photoshop tutorials, one can easily try to design a magazine-styled blog layout.

Final Words: These techniques are some of the various different techniques, those are said to be highly useful in designing a website more attractive and amazing to grab viewer’s attention.


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