Top 10 Books for Writers

There is no denying that writing is a wonderful art and being able to tell stories through words requires a special kind of talent. This talent is something that not many people possess hence why it is one of the most respected industries in the world. As a writer, one is required to produce content all the time, but there comes a time when ideas are not flowing as they should.

Hitting a brick wall does happen to even some of the best writers in the world, but where do they get their inspiration from again? This is where reading good-quality books come in. Every year, some of the most talented writers in the world release amazing books that are universally loved.

These books through words can get some people through different situations such as depression, stress, sadness, and more. Reading is a wonderful pastime and is appreciated by many people who want to expand their knowledge as well as know the views of other people. Llook at the top 10 books for college or university students recommended by academic experts from a professional essay writer service.

On Writing by Stephen King

Without a doubt, Stephen King is one of the best writers of all time and this book is up there with some of his best work. Even though he is known to be a great storyteller, this is one of the best books many online essay service writers and college or university students have read when it comes to writing content.

The title of the book itself is self-explanatory and anyone who decides to read this book knows what they will get. It is very inspirational, filled with amazing advice, and educates one on the ins and as well as the outs of the art of writing. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to have a career as a writer because everything is explained in clever detail by the genius that is Stephen King.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Second, on this list is this beautifully written book by Elizabeth Gilbert. She is an amazing writer and her talent shines through every page in this book and in a truly magical way just like the title. This book excels because it highlights the power of good storytelling on top of offering advice and giving aspiring writers the belief they need to succeed. Chapters such as divinity, trust, permission, courage, persistence, and enchantment all set the tone of what this book is about. It is very light-hearted but does a great job acting as a guide into the world of writing.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

This is one book that many professional essay writers say they read at least every year for inspiration. Coming up with new ideas while writing can be tricky for some writers and this book does a great job acting like a compass, showing people the direction they need to take for inspiration. This book also recommends various exercises to enhance a person’s creativity. For anyone that is suffering from writer’s block or feeling burnt out, this is the best book on the market to buy.

The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield

It doesn’t matter what field one is in, this book will keep those creative juices flowing with wonderful words of inspiration. Some of the examples that are used by the author to tell his story come from examples of other writers. This instantly makes the book as well as the characters instantly relatable to anyone.

The author of this book comes across as the wise old uncle passing on all their knowledge, pushing the writer to not give up no matter the obstacles in the way. Not many books can get their message across as smoothly as Steven Pressfield does.

A Writer’s Diary by Virginia Woolf

Many pro academic writing services have said in recent years that good female writers are emerging, and the world has seen a good number of them in recent years. Virginia Woolf is one of those writers and she came on many people’s radar with this book. She is very controversial and people either love her books or hate them.

This book reflects on the soul searching, hard work, determination, and graft that goes into producing an amazing book. Someone reading the struggles that other people go through can be the extra motivation they need to complete their work.

Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman

This is also a well-illustrated book and is on this list for that reason. This book is different from the rest on this list because of the approach the author takes. The short story collections are a delight to read with wonderful storytelling and myths. Some speeches found in this book are about the power of good storytelling, reading, and writing jobs on people.

Bird By Bird by Anne Lammott

This book is an absolute gem because it talks about how badly many people’s first draft is. It lets readers know that no one is perfect and there’s always time to go back and perfect the written content. This book has everything one needs to know about character development, plot twist, setting the tone, and more.

Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg

According to legitimate professional writing services, anyone who wants to get into writing needs to read this book because it is extremely fabulous. Just like the book above, it does a great job explaining everything about coming up with an initial draft, first attempts at writing a book, and more.

This is also a great book for those who are dealing with loss in the family and don’t have the inspiration to write. It encourages documenting the experiences one is going through as they grieve the loss of the loved one and not use that as a way to feel down, but use the loss as a fuel to carry on in life and finish what they’ve started.

Shut Up And Write by Judy Bridges

Looking at the title itself one can pretty much tell the tone of the book as it holds nothing back. This book tells a story of a freelancer from India who has a successful writing career. Anyone that has aspirations of making money online producing content people love reading should have this book on their radar.

Successful Self-Publishing by Joanna Penn

Last on the list is this book by Joanne Pen which gives writers all the information they need on how to make money publishing their content. This author has so many books under her together with a podcast on independent publishing. Many people think they know all there is to know about publishing without educating themselves in things like agents, publishers, getting work quicker, getting paid, and more.

Final Thoughts

Top-rated online writing services say there are so many books that have been published over the last 30 years that cater to writers but as of 2022, these are the ones that many writers should have on their list. The good thing about these books is one does have to read them once and then put them away. These can be read any time during the years, especially during times when one needs motivation or looking for inspiration to write their work.

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