Share the Internet Connection of a Smartphone

How to Share the Internet Connection of a Smartphone? Here is a simple solution for connecting a PC to a place where there is no fixed Internet connection. Whether you use Android or iOS, just switch your mobile modem and make a 3G / 4G sharing to enjoy mobile data WiFi.

Are you traveling with your laptop and you do not have access to Internet access? Your uncle has a desktop PC, but no connection? In short, you wonder how to share the connection of the PC with the smartphone?

It is very simple to turn your smartphone into a modem. It is sufficient to make a connection sharing in order to benefit the computer connected to the mobile network. And it works for Android as well as for iOS and Windows Phone.

Android Login Sharing

-> Enable 3G / 4G: First, start by activating the mobile data on your smartphone if it is not already done. Go to “Settings”, “More” and “Mobile Networks”. Activate “Data enabled”. You can also activate mobile data directly via the Home drop-down menu, which can be accessed by sliding your finger vertically from the top of the screen.

-> Connection sharing: Always in “Settings” and “More”, go to “Connection Sharing”. There are two choices: you can connect your computer and your smartphone via a USB cable or opt for a Wi-Fi connection.

-> By USB: If you choose to connect via USB, first connect the phone to the PC and activate the option. The procedure may take a little time, especially if this is the first time you do this. A device installation can take place, for example

-> Over Wi-Fi: Enable the “Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot” option. On the computer, you want to connect to the Internet, look for the name of the network you want to connect to. If you do not know it, look at your mobile setup in “Set up Wi-Fi hotspot”. The name of the Wi-Fi network will be given as well as the password that will have to be entered if it is requested.

Sharing Connection on iOS

Sharing Connection on iOS

-> Activate 3G / 4G: Beforehand, make sure that the 3G or 4G connection of your iPhone is activated.

Connection sharing: Then go to the settings of your iPhone, then in “Connection sharing”. Then check the appropriate option. Several possibilities are available to you: you can connect via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

-> By USB: First connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Your PC will normally detect the iPhone as a USB modem and will automatically switch to it for connection. Otherwise, choose the iPhone from the list of network services for your settings.

-> By Wi-Fi: On the computer, choose your iPhone. It must appear in the list of networks within range. Enter the Wi-Fi password when prompted. This one is in your iPhone, under “Connection Sharing”.

-> By Bluetooth: The third solution is to go through the Bluetooth connection by pairing the iPhone with the computer. On iPhone, touch “Pair” or enter the code displayed on the PC. Then, connect to the iPhone from the computer.

Sharing Connection on Windows 10 Mobile

-> Activate 3G / 4G: Beforehand, make sure that the 3G or 4G connection of your phone is activated.

-> Connection Sharing: First go to the Windows 10 Mobile settings and select “Network and Wireless”. Then select “Mobile Wireless Access Point”. You can then configure this access point by setting a name and password for the network. This step is optional.

-> Over Wi-Fi: If you want to connect your PC and your device to Wi-Fi, select Wi-Fi in “Mobile Wireless Access Point”, and then on the computer, choose your device network from the list. Networks that are detected. Enter the password if it is requested. It is indicated in the settings of the device with Windows 10 Mobile.

-> By Bluetooth: You can also opt for a Bluetooth connection. Choose the appropriate option. If you make this choice, be aware that Windows 10 Mobile offers to allow another device to activate the wireless access point, provided that the Bluetooth feature is enabled on both paired devices. This function allows, for example, to avoid taking out your phone to activate remote sharing while working on a Surface tablet (or any PC running Windows 10 with Bluetooth). Just go to the list of Wi-Fi networks and select the correct terminal. The rest of the setting is automatic: the order is given to the terminal by the tablet to activate the connection and then connect to it.

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