Best Mobile App Creating Platforms Without Coding Skills

Coding is a computer language. If you are a software developer or someone having computer knowledge, you know what coding means. But, if you are an outsider who only hears about the word coding, you may think that it is some kind of a magic spell the software workers perform. But it is a big “NO”, as coding generally defines all the functions of the computer and the communication between the computers, as the machine does not recognize our language.

Coding is the foundation for an application. The apps we use have unique coding methodologies connecting with each feature. In a word, the codes define the function of the apps and the way it performs. It depends on the person who designs it. The running industries and growing business competition in this corporate world make it crucial for each sector to have its mobile application to function both commercially and virtually.

Application Without Coding

As much as coding is really important for an application to breed, it can be done without including it too in today’s technology. No-coding platform allows anyone who has no idea about coding but is in the creative line to build an application of their own.

With the increasing demand for a personal application for every company, it is easy for them to build an app without coding. As much as coding impacts, it demands some investment to build an efficient application. But if you are not a coder but want an application, some platforms can help you build an app without much cost.

Some of the best platforms are:

    • Andromo
    • Appy Pie
    • Appsheet
    • Bubble
    • BettyBlocks
    • ClickUp
    • Ninox
    • Quixey

1. Andromo

Andromo is one of the simplest platforms on the internet using which you can build your application without much difficulty. Andromo is a business platform that works by building the client’s requested applications without using coding technology. It is easy to use. The Andromo platform builds an app in only three steps.
All you need to do is, you have to produce your app’s model project first, then you have to add additional content like images and graphic features, and finally, you have to submit it.

But unfortunately, as much as the platform is easygoing, it has several drawbacks as well. You cannot find Andromo- mediated apps in any general application store like Google play. And you cannot preview your application model. You can only analyse the app after the completion of the building.

2. Appy Pie

Appy Pie is also one of the best non-coding app creation platforms. It provides different features for you to choose for your preferred app design. There are many custom templates and colours for you to choose from. Appy Pie is structured for building all types of apps, including shopping, gaming, dating, or other commercial apps.

You can easily transfer the data from your website to the app corner to review or change anything. Also, it has some drawbacks, like some website bugs that may disturb the smooth functioning. Otherwise, it is one of the easiest websites to build your application.

3. Appsheet

Appsheet is known for its appealing features that others fail to provide. It is one of the non-coding app creation platforms where you can build full-service applications in a few days. Appsheet provides features to access locations, log, send an email, scan QR codes, generate reports, etc. They provide introduction videos and guides for you to understand how the app works.

However, the only drawback of Appsheet is that there are too many to learn before operating it.

4. Bubble

The bubble is the best-known no-coding app builder. It is user-friendly and provides easy access to all features. Bubble does not need a web server to access it. You first have to build a prototype for the application. Then after allowing you to socialise with your customers and analysing the drawbacks, you can approve the product.

5. BettyBlocks

BettyBlocks is also a well-known app-building platform without involving codes. You can build interfaces with the help of a user interface builder. Then you can combine it with the frameworks to blend it into a complete product. Citizens’ development is what they call themselves. The apps they build can be automatically updated when needed. And it can provide duplicatable features.

6. ClickUp

ClickUp is a full-time platform that works to provide limitless services. They have features of documents, project management, reports among others, and thus, it proves to be a limitless virtual platform to build your application.
You can drag and drop your preferences and combine them with the editor to comply with your requests. There are several templates for the user to choose from and it is user-friendly. But you cannot build a facing app efficiently with these features.

7. Ninox

Ninox apps help you to improve your business greatly. Ninox is one platform that provides unbeatable services worldwide to all types of businesses ranging from software to real estate. They provide clean services and have useful features. You don’t need a constant internet connection to work with.

Depending upon the occasion, such as parties, discussions, meetings, etc., different templates can be chosen. It can be accessed from any device. However, the only limitation of this mobile app is that you cannot build a facing app using this platform.

8. Quixey

You don’t need designing tools for building your app in Quixey. It can provide apps of great quality with limited resources and designing tools. You can build any app with the help of this platform. There are many options, including QR scanning, face recognition, audio and video options, etc.

Benefits of Building the App with no-coding Technology

The aforementioned subheading itself clarifies that you don’t need coding to build a successful app for your business. Even a normal technician can build an awesome app with the help of no-coding platforms. It has some benefits, like:

    • You can provide the best collections.
    • You don’t need much investment.
    • It works faster and is reliable.
    • It is easy to use and access.
    • A little knowledge can do wonders.
    • You can incorporate your preferences freely.


No-coding seems easy, but it demands hard work and full concentration while working. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, there are various reasons as discussed above as to why we should choose no-coding technology to build our apps.

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