Computer Maintenance Tips to Prolong Its Life

These days almost every individual works on the computer because of which they want it working all the time. But if this system suddenly stops working, you will surely scream, especially when you have to do some urgent work. Usually, the overall lifespan of a computer is around 6 to 8 years if you maintain it properly. However, this lifespan will decrease if the owner doesn’t take some proactive steps to protect the computer.

In short, if you want your system to constantly work without any issues, ensure to maintain it properly. Keeping it maintained means going for regular cleaning, virus prevention, hard drive updates, and many more. Doing so will surely prolong the computer’s lifespan, and you can do your work without any issues. Now the question is how to maintain the computer so that it will work efficiently.

So, to get this answer let’s talk about some of the best tips by which you can protect your device or computer. Let’s get started: –

Don’t Smoke or Eat Around Your System

Most people have a habit of drinking, eating, or smoking near the computer. When by mistake, liquid gets spilled or smoke residue on the computer, it will create devastating results which need expensive repair.

Computers have different parts, but if you talk about computers, all the components are set under the keyboard, which can damage the expensive motherboard.

Also food debris can also get stuck inside the keyboard, which causes keys to become unusable. The cost of repairing this kind of damage is prohibitive, and sometimes, you have to replace the whole system. So, ensure not to eat, drink or smoke near the system.

Dust the Keyboard

Are you aware that most people’s computer keyboards and desktops are dirtier than a toilet seat? If not, you must be aware and dust the keyboard at least every week with the help of compressed air. This step will reduce the health risks, and you can live a healthy life.

Take a damp cloth that should be lint-free and wipe off the keyboard regularly. However, the harder-reach areas must be cleaned with compressed air.

Always Create a Backup of all the Essential Files and System

As the system owner, your primary responsibility is to keep all the data and information safe. So, backup all the critical things from the hard drive on any other device for future use. This is one of the crucial tips regarding maintaining a computer as a hard drive can fail anytime without any intimation.

Apart from that, the system can also crash, come across severe viruses due to which all the data cannot be backed up, and many more things.

However, if you don’t know how to do this, ensure to contact a professional technician for help.

Power Down and Reboot Your Device on a Regular Basis

When you finish your work at night, ensure to reboot your system regularly for the best result. The reason to reboot is it will help refresh all the system resources. Apart from that, if you are working on any of the older computers, ensure to power down the unit properly after finishing the work so that it will not overheat.

Moreover, if the device is new, then consider rebooting it regularly.

Make Sure to Organize all Your Installation Disks

Before you attempt computer maintenance or any repairs, keep all the software, driver disks, and peripherals at one location, incredibly close to the system. The reason is you can come across any of these things in the middle of a troubleshooting session.

Uninstall Those Programs That are Not in Use

When you are using a computer, you come across various types of applications that you download for your use. But after some time, those applications take the computer space, and you forget to uninstall those apps. According to experts, these programs or applications slow down the system with time as they take disk space.

Apart from that, some of them run in the background and eat system resources. So, if you want your system to work efficiently without any issues, make sure to uninstall them immediately.

Don’t Shut Down the Computer too Often

The system gets heated when it is in use but cools down when it gets shut down. In order to extend the overall life of your system, ensure to do the above things less frequently. Here we are not saying to leave your system on 24/7; instead, make a balance so that the unit remains in good condition.

Moreover, ensure to shut down the system either from the start button or by pressing the power button. However, please don’t hold the power button for a longer time as it is forced to shut down, which can damage the system. I am not saying you cannot do this when the system is unresponsive.

Clean the System Disk

As time passes, the computer disk is filled with a large amount of useless information—for example, web pages, thumbnails, temporary files, and many more. If you don’t clean the disk space regularly, the system will slow down, making it difficult for you to work.

Cleaning the disk is one of the best maintenance tips to extend its overall life.

Install Important Computer Updates

If you want every vital application of the system to run efficiently and safely, you must check for computer updates every month. These computer updates are very much essential for the health of the system as they patch up serious security issues and remove all unnecessary features.  If you forget to install updates, adjust the setting accordingly so that it will happen automatically.

The Bottom Line

After reading this post, you might get an idea of how to maintain your system regularly to run smoothly. But ensure to do it safely and securely, and if you are confused about how to do it, call the professional right away for help.

We hope through this post you can easily clean your system and extend its overall life!

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