EZTV Proxy and Mirror Sites to Unblock EZTV (100% Working)

EZTV Proxy

Everyone who is a fan of the television show torrent is having an idea about the EZTV. EZTV is basically a site of the torrent. The starting of this site took place in the year 2005 and disappeared in the year 2015. This can be said to be one of the best sites of the torrent for downloading all the TV episodes which are new. For all the new shows which appear on TV then people visit this site for downloading them. The website came under suffering due to a hostile takeover in the year 2015. After the shutdown of EZTV, it re-emerged and is still there. However, it is better to keep in mind that some issues are there with this site’s operators. If you cant access EZTV then the EZTV proxy will be there for using the main site.

EZTV Proxy & Mirror Sites List – February 2022 (Updated)

There are many people who are looking for the best EZTV proxy for Feb. 2022, and here are some of the EZTV working mirror & proxy sites

EZTV Proxy List
https://eztv.unblockit.how/OnlineVery FastYesYes
https://eztv.proxyninja.org/OnlineVery FastYesYes
https://eztv.torrentsbay.org/OnlineVery FastYesYes
https://eztv.proxybit.sbs/OnlineVery FastYesYes
https://eztv.123unblock.world/OnlineVery FastYesYes
https://eztvtorrent.co/OnlineVery FastYesYes
https://eztv.unblockit.chOnlineVery FastYesYes
https://eztv.123unblock.workOnlineVery FastYesYes
https://eztv.unblockninja.comOnlineVery FastYesYes
https://eztv.unblocknow.surf/OnlineVery FastYesYes
https://sitenable.ch/eztv-proxyOnlineVery FastYesYes
https://sitenable.pw/eztv-proxyOnlineVery FastYesYes
https://sitenable.top/eztv-proxyOnlineVery FastYesYes
https://sitenable.info/eztv-proxyOnlineVery FastYesYes
https://sitenable.com/eztv-proxyOnlineVery FastYesYes
https://eztv.re/OnlineVery FastYesYes
https://eztv.yt/OnlineVery FastYesYes

This EZTV Proxy & mirror list will help you with what you have been looking through. These will help you to unblock the EZTV site without any kind of effort. The host of these sites will contain magnet links as well as torrent files.

How to use EZTV Proxy and knowledge about proxy servers

EZTV torrent bears its own website along with a hosting service. So the file which is to be download is having their own access and security links. EZTV plays a major role in uploading the files in servers and creating links that will help to download the files on your device. The thing which you have to d to download the file is that you have to add it to the software. Torrent downloadable is the software like the uTorrent. After adding you will have to save it in the same location. Enable the software of uTorrent for displaying and filling the contents. This is basically a default action. Many people are there who share the content with others. This is the main principle behind the working of EZTV.

Proxy servers are there which basically acts as the medium between EZTV and people. EZTV Proxy servers have a different level of safety, security, and performance. All these things depend on the company policy, requirements, and also configuration. If you use the EZTV proxy mirror then the traffic is passing through the proxy server through the path of the required address. After passing the traffic one receives the response via the same server of proxy. In the last, the proxy server plays an important role which is to direct the obtained data to you from the webpage.

Why it’s hard to reach EZTV?

There are a few reasons why people may not be able to access the EZTV while you are wishing for downloading some kinds of stuff. Being a website the potential is that it may not be under operation when you are looking for EZTV. This may be because of the moving of the servers that is changing its location. The access can also get blocked by the ISP you are using because of the place where you are staying. Many countries ban this site because of the policies.

There are some strict laws by the jurisdiction regarding copyright infringement. It may be possible that you are breaking the laws by downloading the copyright files if you are staying in a certain location as per the law. For conserving bandwidth your ISP may also play a role in blocking you. This blocking is due to the knowledge of ISP about the stuff you will be performing when you’re establishing a connection with the EZTV. So the EZTV proxy portal is always essential.

Is EZTV legal?

Question about the legalization of the EZTV is one of the most common questions which people ask. Some points are there which everyone should understand well. If a person is downloading content that is having copyright then it is not at all legal and comes under the consideration of illegal activity. In fact, the copyright holder will be having the legal right to take proper action against you. This comes under the consideration of piracy. Torrenting is completely legal if people are using non-copyrighted contents. So be aware of the situations and think wisely.

Ways of accessing EZTV when it is blocked

Some places are there like the United Kingdom, Australia, Argentina, the United States, Argentina, Spain, Canada, and Portugal where blocking of the EZTV is there. Many officials are also there who block the main website of EZTV as well as the proxy and mirror sites. However, no need of worrying as there are many sites of EZTV proxy UK, EZTV proxy Australia is there.

There are many EZTV mirrors or proxy sites. You can always take advantage of using those sites. These sites will be available when you make a Google search. It is very easy to get the EZTV mirror or EZTV proxy sites. There are EZTV proxy links that will provide the EZTV proxy sites having the same content as the original site is having. Be free to use these sites as the ISP which you are having will not have any kind of idea about the IP address and it will also not come under the zone which is geo-blocked.

Using a VPN can also come under another way of using the EZTV. This VPN basically plays a role in spoofing the location you are having. It will allow you to access the site by spoofing to another country which is not having the prohibit using this site. For masking the IP address many people use VPN while accessing the site of the torrent. This also helps in keeping your activity anonymous. One of the benefits of using a VPN is that you may get better speed while you are downloading your favorite content. So these sites of proxy for EZTV and VPN come under the easiest way of downloading your favorite TV shows which are new and just been introduced.

How to Access EZTV with VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is basically a private network. The spreading of this private network takes across public networks. Receiving data or sending data by using VPN makes people feel like he is using a network that is private. No one else is able to see your activities while using a VPN. However, there is no guarantee of 100 percent safety when you are using EZTV sites which is not blocked.

Best EZTV Alternatives


Pirate Bay

One of the most popular alternatives for EZTV is Pirate Bay. This is a BitTorrent tracker site that plays a role in impressing people. This site is having a good interface which is very easy to use for the users. One can receive the latest content from this site in 4K resolution.


Next in the series comes the 1337x which is also an alternative for EZTV. The launch of this site took place in the year 2007. It is a community-based where people play a role in sharing the torrent file from where others can download it freely. One can download anime, TV shows, movies easily from this site.

Kickass Torrents

Having its origin in the year 2005 this site serves as a great alternative. This site has 9 categories along with various subdivisions for facilitating easy access. All torrent sites use the index system for ranking the shows, this site uses the system of voting. This site is available in a total of 45 languages all around the world and is pretty popular among people.


This is a trustworthy site like the other sites. However, to get access to this website one will have to create an account. For creating an account it is essential to give the password and the username. This is also for managing a subscription to 30,000 movies and 13000 TV shows.

Lime Torrents

If you are a gamer and looking for the best site for downloading games then this stands above the rest. It is a good alternative mirror site as it is having a good base of varieties of torrents. If the download is unhealthy then this site will provide that information to the user. So this will save a lot of time along with a lot of data for the users.


Everyone knows this site as the mother of all torrents as it plays a role in the accumulation of all torrents from major torrent sites. One can say this site is the storehouse of the torrent sites. From 96 million domains, 61 million torrents are there.


All these were some of the basic tips for accessing your favorite EZTV with the help of EZTV Proxy & Mirror Sites if one is not able to because of blocking. Many ways are also there with explanations in the above paragraph which will help you in all respect. Access it, enjoy it, and be safe from the illegal content that is the one with copyright. Follow the above ways and download as much as you like. You will be needing only an internet connection and enjoy your shows while you’re at home.


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