Demand for watching online content is still increasing these days. People are more comfortable watching content online on their smartphones over TV. Rarbg or Rargb is one of the most well-known sites with interesting films, videos, TV shows, tracks, and other files.

But Rarbg is banned by the government due to copyright issues. So, you can unblock the Rarbg site with certain tips and tricks. Apart from that, you can also try some proxy sites to watch online content. In this blog, we will discuss the Rargb site, its history, features, and process of working, ways to unblock it, alternatives, and proxy sites.

Why RARBG is Blocked?

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Why RARBG is blocked

Rarbg is blocked in many countries of the world due to piracy and copyright infringement issues. In some countries, the site was blocked as it was sharing illegal content.

Alternative Ways to Unblock RARBG

You can unblock the Rarbg website in several ways such as:

1. TOR Browser

TOR is a group of networks that helps users to communicate easily. You can unblock a geo-restricted website with the help of the TOR browser in any part of the globe.

2. VPN

The safest way to unblock the Rarbg website is Virtual Private Network. A VPN works by extending a privately controlled network over a public network. Then it is simple to watch any online content without restrictions.

What is Rarbg Proxy?

Rarbg proxy is a website similar to Rarbg with online movies, TV shows, ebooks, software, apps, music videos, and games. A proxy has similar features to the Rarbg website.

Rarbg Proxy Sites List For 2023 – 100% Working

Rarbg Proxy List

Note: We do not promote any nature of piracy & we also do not advise our viewers to download any copyrighted stuff. We advise all our TGs to use these listed websites responsibly.

Rarbg Proxy List Country Speed Status
https://rarbgmirror.org/ United Arab Emirates Very Fast Online
https://rarbgto.org/ United Arab Emirates Very Fast Online
https://rarbgunblock.com/ United Kingdom Very Fast Online
https://rarbgaccess.org/ United Kingdom Very Fast Online
https://rarbgget.org/ United Kingdom Very Fast Online
https://rarbgunblock.com/ United States Very Fast Online
https://rarbgaccess.org/ United States Very Fast Online
https://rarbgprx.org/ Hungary Very Fast Online
https://rarbgaccess.org/ United Arab Emirates Very Fast Online
https://rarbgproxy.org/ United States Very Fast Online
https://rarbgmirror.com/ United States Very Fast Online
https://rarbgaccess.org/ Philippines Very Fast Online
https://rarbg.unblockninja.com/ Hungary Fast Online
https://rarbg.torrentsbay.org/ Philippines Fast Online
RARBG Proxy 15 Australia Fast Online
RARBG Proxy 16 Australia Fast Online
RARBG Proxy 17 Australia Fast Online
RARGB Proxy 18 Singapore Fast Online
RARGB Proxy 19 Singapore Fast Online
RARGB Proxy 20 Singapore Fast Online
https://www1.rarbggo.to/ United Arab Emirates Fast Online
https://rargb.me/ United Arab Emirates Fast Online
https://www.rarbgproxy.to/ Philippines Fast Online
https://rarbg.unblocker.cc/ Hungary Very Slow Online
https://rarbg.unblocked.red/ Singapore Very Slow Online
https://rarbg.unblocked.bet/ United States Very Slow Online
https://rarbg.unblockmy.link/ United Kingdom Very Slow Online

15+ Best Rarbg Alternatives With Features (Tested)

Some of the best alternatives for the Rarbg website are listed as under:

1. 1337x Directory of magnet links

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1337X is a popular website like rarbg that contains an amazing collection of torrent files. It contains magnet links that help to share files via the BitTorrent protocol. Fresh movies and TV shows are updated every time on the 1337X site to provide unlimited joy to the users. Moreover, the site contains torrent files of new movies, music videos, software, apps, games, and TV shows.

Types of Content

    • This torrent website contains movies, music files, anime, TV series, and games.

Best for

    • Magnet links for file sharing on peer to peer basis
    • Latest movies and TV shows

Key Features of 1337X

    • BitTorrent protocol for sharing torrent files
    • Simple user interface
    • Easy to use
Pros Cons
Content placed in various categories Some links contain old information
Contains various formats Few torrent links are not working after the download
Shows trending content  
P2P file-sharing facility  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://1337x.to/, https://1337x.st/, https://x1337x.eu/

2. YTS Helps to download online content speedily

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The next option on the list of best rarbg alternatives is YTS. It shows online content in 3D quality and other formats such as 720p and 1080p. Apart from that, the website also provides content in different languages. You can download the movie image in the smallest size. It also shows the genre, rating, and reviews of any movie and TV show.

Types of content

    • YTS shows movies of different genres with trailers and synopsis.

Best for

    • Shows content in various formats
    • Speedy download

Key features

    • Clean user interface with nice features
    • Large library of TV shows, movies, and games
    • Easy-to-use website
Pros Cons
Includes old and new movies and TV shows No wide library of movies
Watched by many movie lovers  
Shows content in HD format  
Better sound quality  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://yts.movie/, https://yts.unblockit.ink/, https://yts.torrentbay.to/

3. The Pirate Bay Contains premium quality torrent files

Similar: Pirate Bay Alternatives & The Pirate Bay Proxy List

Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a site like rarbg that you can select for enjoying online content. It includes magnet links for peer-to-peer file sharing. You can share multiple torrent files of movies, TV shows, apps, games, and software. It has an attractive user interface with rich features and primary filters.

Types of Content

    • The Pirate Bay serves content such as TV series, music files, movies, software, and games.

Best for

    • Magnet links to download online torrent files
    • Well-developed user interface for easy use

Key features

    • Simple to use website
    • Proper arrangement of content in several categories
    • Authentic torrent links
Pros Cons
Oldest site for watching online content Places illegal content without informing the users
Includes movies, shows, music files, software, games, and apps Downloading some files is tough
Easy to unblock with VPN service  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://tpb.skynetcloud.site/, https://pirateproxy247.com/, https://thepiratetorpia.xyz/

4. Kickass Torrents Contains fresh content

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The next option on the list is Kickass Torrents. It is a well-known website with new and old torrent files. This website has a simple user interface and comes with an amazing collection of movies, software, anime, games, and TV series. Content gets updated every day on this website. It is easy to navigate the website to search for any type of online content.

Types of content

    • Kickass Torrents provide content such as apps, TV series, movies, music files, and games.

Best For

    • Good and simple user interface with nice features
    • Contains all the different categories of torrent files
    • Secure database

Key Features

    • Simple to navigate on the website
    • Contains the latest torrent files of games, apps, software, movies, and TV shows
    • Content is updated regularly
Pros Cons
Content placed in different categories Tough to download patches and cracks
Contains various sections like intervals, categories, and sub-categories Uses 3rd party cookies
Bets for movie and TV show lovers May contain links to malware

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://kickasstorrents.cr/, https://kickass.torrentsbay.org/, https://kickass2.fun/

5. RuTracker Good quality content – Currently Down

Website: https://rutracker.org/


RuTracker is an alternative to the rarbg website that has more than 14 million registered users. It has a superb user interface that helps to find online content easily. You can get all the new movies, TV shows, music videos, and software. It is easy to watch and download content on your smartphone from the RuTracker website.

Types of content

    • This website provides movies, TV series, PDFs, apps, software, and games for free of charge.

Best for

    • Movies, Ebooks, apps, games, and TV series
    • Includes different formats for showing online content

Key features

    • Good for latest TV shows, movies, eBooks, software and apps
    • Free download of torrent files
    • Works with VPN service
Pros Cons
Content is updated regularly Certain users cannot view the content because of the block
Easy to use website Banned in many countries
Best quality movies and TV shows  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: http://rutracker.net/, https://rutracker.nl/, http://rutracker.mrunblock.best/

6. EZTV No ads or popups

Similar: EZTV Proxy List


EZTV is one of the best websites like rarbg that contains all the latest movies and TV shows. It has no popups and ads and helps to find the content in the search bar. Apart from that, it is also very easy to watch and download content for free from this website. It also has a nice user interface that helps to find online content quickly.

Types of content

    • This website gives a huge library of TV shows, movies, PDFs, music files, and software.

Best For

    • Newly released movies and TV shows
    • Content available in various formats
    • High-quality videos and speedy downloads

Key Features

    • Simple to use website with huge data base
    • Works with every compatible device
    • Huge selection of movies and TV shows
Pros Cons
Offers information of all the torrent files Old-looking user interface
Displays top trending movies and TV shows  
Downloading torrent files in 720p and 1080p  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://eztv.unblockit.pet/, https://eztvtorrent.co/, https://eztv.online/

7. IPTorrentsSpeedy downloads


IPTorrents is another powerful website with thousands of torrent files of online content. You will get all the new movies, TV shows, music videos, anime, and other files. It is a private torrent tracker that has an easy registration process for users. You will get a lot of new and old movies, TV series, music videos, and anime clips. It is one of the best websites with interesting content.

Types of content

    • IPTorrents offers music files, movies, TV series, videos and software.

Best for

    • Fresh and new torrent files of music files, movies, and TV shows
    • Powerful user interface for ease of use
    • High-quality videos and music files
    • Downloading is easy for everyone

Key features

    • Huge database with several torrent links of movies, TV series, PDFs and music files
    • Variety of torrent files
    • HD mode available
    • Displays content in different formats
Pros Cons
Safe site to use Long registration process
Easy user interface Might contain some outdated links
Free downloads  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://www.iptorrents.com/, https://ip.workisboring.net/, https://iptorrents.eu

8. Nyaa Good collection of anime and games

Similar: Nyaa Torrents Proxy List


If you are a fan of anime, choose the Nyaa website. It contains a lot of anime torrent files and videos. This is the best free rarbg alternative that you can try for anime, apps, audio, manga books, and games. It is easy to search any torrent file by typing the name in the search bar. You can watch or download content for free on this website.

Types of content

    • Nyaa is a famous website to get anime, manga books, audio and games.

Best For

    • Clean looking user interface
    • Nice features and formats
    • Hiding your IP address

Key features

    • Contains anime of different genres
    • Long index of torrent files
    • Contains audios, manga books and games
Pros Cons
Best quality anime Subtitles available only in English
Huge database Not a private tracker
Manga books, audios and games  
Easy to use and stream online content  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://nyaa.iss.ink/, https://ny.iss.one/, https://ww16.nyaa.is/

9. LimeTorrents Shows the upload time of torrent files

Similar: LimeTorrents Alternatives


LimeTorrents is a good website on which you get all the torrent files with one click. It contains all the latest movies, TV shows, music videos, games, ebooks, and tracks. It is very simple to find the content by writing the name in the search bar. You can download the content on your mobile phones and tablets without paying any charge.

Types of content

    • This website contains the latest films, TV shows, music files, software, apps and games.

Best For

    • Comes with content of different genres
    • Nice user interface with rich features
    • High quality movies and music files
    • Speedy downloads

Key Features

    • Verified torrent links of movies, shows, music files, software and apps
    • Helps to download content in different formats
    • Good for new releases
    • Helps to find the content speedily
Pros Cons
Easy to use interface Huge library of online content
Contains movies of all genres  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://ww1.limetorrents.icu/home, https://limetorrents.nocensor.lol/, https://limetorrent.ws/

10. Torrentz2Easy user interface

Similar: Torrentz2 Proxy List


Torrentz2 is a fantastic website with an amazing library of TV shows and the best movies. It has a lot of video game torrents that game lovers can download or play online. The website also has a beautiful user interface with new movies, TV shows, and music videos. It also has several formats in which you can download torrent files.

Types of content

    • You will get latest movies, TV shows, music files, games, audio, software and apps.

Best For

    • Different torrent files of various genres
    • Attractive user interface and useful features
    • Huge collection of movies and TV shows
    • Movies, TV shows, software and games

Key Features

    • User-friendly layout with different categories of content
    • Easy to find torrent files by writing the name
    • High-quality videos
Pros Cons
Works with the help of VPN service It contains malware risks
Hides IP address Some legal concerns
Speedy downloads of torrent files Vulnerable to cyber attacks

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://torrentz2.pics/, https://torrentz2.unblockninja.com/, https://torrentz2.proxyninja.net/

11. TorrentDownloads Good flick downloads


As the name suggests, TorrentDownloads is a website with a rich collection of films, TV shows, music files, tracks, apps, software, and games. Navigation of this website is simple and you can find the content easily. The content of the website is updated regularly updated with new movies, shows, tracks, and apps.

Types of content

    • TorrentDownloads offers good movies, music videos, TV shows, software, apps and games.

Best for

    • Beautiful interface
    • Different categories for online content
    • Free Indie TV shows and movies
    • Open-source platform

Key features

    • Proper arrangement of online content
    • Huge database with different niche searches
    • Easy to use website
Pros Cons
Contains free Indie movies and Indie shows Small community
Includes banners for information of the torrent files Slow downloading speeds
Easy to navigate website  
Content is updated regularly  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://torrentdownloads.proxybit.lol/, https://torrentdownloads.123unblock.us/, https://torrentdownloads.unblocknow.art/

12. Demonoid No registration process

Similar: Demonoid Proxy List


Demonoid is the best alternative to rarbg torrent that includes special features such as discussion forums. It has a large index of torrent files of films, TV series, music videos, tracks, apps, software, and games. You can watch content in various formats and even download it on your mobile phone. It has a special feature of peer-to-peer file sharing and search engines.

Types of content

    • This website provides movies, TV series, software, games and apps.

Best For

    • File sharing purpose
    • Huge library of different torrent files
    • Good user interface

Key Features

    • Contains RSS for every torrent category and sub-category
    • Large index of torrent files that are easy to find
    • Discussion community for users
Pros Cons
No adult content or malicious software Slow downloading speed
Easy to use website  
Attractive layout  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://www.dnoid.to/, https://www.demonoid.is/, https://demonoid.unblockit.ink/

13. ExtraTorrent A huge collection of music and films


The next on the list is the ExtraTorrents website. It has a collection of nice movies, TV shows, music files, apps, software, and games. The app provides some of the best torrent files that you can enjoy in your free time. It is a free website to use and download content on your mobile phone.

Types of content

    • The website contains the Latest movies, songs, games, apps, and software.

Best For

    • Simple database and nice features
    • Works on the web and internet
    • Fast downloads of torrent files
    • High-quality torrent files

Key Features

    • Helps to watch online content in various formats like 720p and 1080p
    • Gives updated information on movies and TV shows
    • Downloading content free of cost
Pros Cons
Includes peer-to-peer file-sharing feature Small community
Works on P2P database  
Secure website for watching online content  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://extratorrent.st/, https://extranet.torrentbay.to/, https://extratorrent.proxyninja.net/

14. Library Genesis Vast library of online content

Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a good website to get different ebooks. You can use this website to read ebooks of various genres. This website also contains short articles and special edition publications.

Types of content

    • Library Genesis gives academic books, images, audiobooks, journal articles and comics.

Best for

    • Academic books and journals
    • Free access to content
    • Large database of items collected from public sources

Key features

    • Gives access to copyrighted materials
    • Free content of ebooks, journals and other academic content
    • Contains fiction and non-fiction books
Pros Cons
Free downloads of books and PDFs  
Contains audiobooks, general-interest books, journal articles and images  
Works on every compatible device and platform  
Safe site to download books  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://libgen.li/, http://libgen.st/, https://libgen.ee/

15. Sci-Hub Feature of direct download


Sci-Hub is one of the best websites with interesting content. This website has many torrent files that you can watch online or download on your PC or mobile phone. It mainly contains science-related torrent files. This website is good for engineering students.

Types of content

    • Sci-Hub contains research papers, medical books, journals and other PDFs.

Best For

    • File sharing feature
    • Millions of books and research papers
    • Unrestricted access to journals and books

Key features

    • Best website for journalists, professionals and medical students
    • Includes thousands of research papers and journals
    • Contains safe books and journals
Pros Cons
Gives knowledge to journalists and medical professionals Does not give money to the publisher
Free journals and books Vulnerable to hijackers
Easy to access research papers and journals  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://sci-hub.cat/, https://sci-hub.wf/, https://sci-hubtw.hkvisa.net/

16. IsoHunt Shares comments and ratings of content

Similar: IsoHunt Proxy List


IsoHunt is a perfect rarbg alternative that offers high-quality content such as TV series, games, anime, ebooks, and games. You can enjoy watching movies and shows in HD mode on the Isohunt website. The simple layout of the website helps to use it easily while watching any online content. It is a better alternative to rarbg that you can pick to get unlimited torrent files.

Types of content

    • This website offers content such as movies, PDFs, TV shows, music files, software, apps, and games.

Best for

    • Premium-grade online content
    • Torrent files of different genres
    • Easy user interface with rich features

Key Features

    • Contains millions of torrent files of different genres
    • Safe site to view online content
    • Helps to find content quickly
Pros Cons
Content updated regularly Blocked in several countries of the world
Easy to find content by typing the name in the search bar Contains some illegal torrent files
Compatible with different platforms  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://isohunt.app/, https://isohunt.fun/, https://isohunt.nz/

17. TorrentFunk Speedy downloads


TorrentFunk is a good rarbg torrent website with a large collection of movies, music videos, anime, software, ebooks, and games. You can navigate the website easily and search for online content by writing the name in the search bar. You can use this rarbg proxy UK to get ebooks of different genres such as sci-fi, fiction, history, and so on.

Types of content

    • This website provides new and old movies, TV shows, PDFs, eBooks, music files, and software.

Best for

    • Variety of torrent files such as movies, TV shows, music files, games, and software
    • Simple user interface and rich features
    • Speedy downloads of torrent files

Key features

    • Large selection of movies, shows, and music files
    • Works on all devices
    • Mobile friendly website
Pros Cons
Verified torrent links No app version
Beautiful layout and design  
The updated content of movies and TV shows  

New & Working Proxies/Mirrors: https://www.torrentfunk2.com/,  https://torrentfunk.uproxy2.org/, https://torrentfunk.unblockit.app/


Rarbg was launched in the year 2008 as Bulgarian BitTorrent Tracker. It became popular in the year 2020 due to the pandemic lockdown. Many users chose this site to watch online content such as movies, TV shows, and videos from their smart devices.

History of RARBG

Rarbg is a site started as Bulgarian BitTorrent Tracker in 2008. It got popular after 2014 and became one of the most visited torrent sites in the world. According to the survey of 2021, this website is the 5th best torrent website on the list of top torrent websites.

General Censorships and Blocks on RARBG

The Rargb website is blocked in different countries of the globe. The main reason for blocking this website is a copyright issue. The site was closed in the year 2008 due to force by BREIN. It was also filtered out of Google search results.

In addition, a lawsuit was filed against ISP Hurricane Electric by film studios. As per this lawsuit, the RARBG site was blocked.

What Are the Advantages (Features) Of RARBG?

  • The site provides updated content to the users
  • You will get movies, TV shows, video clips, music videos, and software for free of cost
  • It can be used with the help of a VPN service
  • The site offers all the latest games to the users
  • It has a simple user interface that helps to locate files
  • Rarbg site gives speedy downloading of torrent files
  • It works on Android, Windows, and Mac

How Does Rargb Works?

Rarbg works over the BitTorrent network and gives torrent files and magnetic files for file sharing. It has a simple user interface that helps to find movies, TV shows, and files easily. Although the Rarbg site does not work, you can still try some of the sites Like rarbg to watch and download online content.

To use the Rarbg website, you do not have to pay any fees. All you need is a mobile phone or PC and a speedy internet connection. You can also use VPN to bypass content in several countries.

How to Use RARBG?

It is easy to use the Rarbg website after downloading a torrent client. A torrent client helps to convert torrent files from unreadable content to readable data. You can use uTorrent and BitTorrent to use

Rarbg on your smartphone or PC. Then you have to follow the below steps:

  • The first step is to download a VPN on a PC
  • Then click on any Rarbg mirror website if the main site does not work in your country
  • Now, choose a preferred category to download torrent files after searching them on the search bar.
  • The next step is to choose a music video or movie and click on the selected content.
  • Finally, click on the file to start downloading it on your PC. After downloading the file, you can open the file with a torrent client and watch it online!

RARGB/RARBG Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is RARBG still Working in 2023?

Ans. No, RARBG is not working in 2023 as it is blocked in many countries of the world.

Ans. No, the RARBG website is not safe as it may lead to malicious sites and pages with viruses. However, you can use a VPN.

Ans. Rarbg was discovered in the year 2008 as a Bulgarian BitTorrent Tracker.

Ans. TOR Browser is compatible with Rarbg.

Ans. Rarbg is a torrent website containing torrent files of movies, TV shows, music videos, and apps.

Ans. You have to first download uTorrent. Then you have to enable VPN on your PC. You have to further click on any Rarbg proxy sites. Then you have to choose a category to download torrent files that you want to use.

The next step is to choose the movie and click on it. Finally, you have to click on the appropriate file to download and open it with uTorrent.

Ans. PSA was a better option than the Rarbg website as it contains various formats to watch online content.

Ans. Rarbg is a safer website than The Pirate Bay. On the other hand, The Pirate Bay contains links with malware.

Ans. Rarbg has strict quality standards and contains better-seeded torrents. This is the reason why you get movies with the best qualities on the Rarbg website.

Ans. Yes, using RARBG in certain countries where it is banned might land you in trouble.

Ans. Rarbg is a website that includes torrent files of movies, TV shows, music videos, and software.

Ans. Some of the best Rarbg Torrent alternatives of 2023 are LimeTorrents, the Pirate Bay, Library Genesis, 1337x, Zooqle, Yify Torrents, Extra Torrent, and Torrents.io.

Ans. Rarbg is down right now but you can use it with the help of VPN services.

Ans. The list of countries where rarbg does not work is:

  • India
  • UAE
  • Pakistan
  • Ireland
  • Indonesia
  • Australia
  • Greece
  • Bulgaria

Ans. Rarbg proxy site is a site that has similar features to Rarbg. A proxy site helps to unblock torrent files.

Ans. VPN or Virtual Private Network is the safest method to unblock rarbg games and movies.

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